Nine thoughts on differences between Public Procurement and PPPs N0 2

A typical public procurement for works for example, may present a design and bills of quantities for private parties to bid to build the already designed facility. Thus in a procurement activity, emphases is on specification of inputs, eg bills of quantities, to enable bidders offer prizes of items and daily or hourly rates for man hours and exertion of skills, and sometimes a bulk fee for delivering a service. However with PPPs the focus is on service outputs, and costs to citizens or government of resulting services. Indeed a PPP is the process of procuring a defined service output regarding a public infrastructure and service. The private party once contracted may have to design, often  if not always finance, build and operate to provide a specified service for a given period, in some cases, it may be to renovate, improve and operate or equip and operate to provide service etc, however there more focus on the service output,rather than on project inputs.


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