89% Nigerian internet users boom Africa’s ecommerce eco system – Survey

culled from DailyTrust,


Nigerian Consumers have been identified as booming forces on Africa’s continent electronic commerce eco system with 89% of the country’s internet users shopping online or expect to do so in the future, findings by Ipsos have revealed.
The study conducted in Nigeria by Ipsos, a global market research company, on behalf of PayPal shows an expectation by Nigerian consumers to conduct more shopping online.

The report shows that out of the approximately 50 million internet users in Nigeria, 65% of users already shop online and another 24% of users expect to do so in the future.
There are several key drivers that would encourage even more ecommerce in Nigeria. Of the online shoppers surveyed, 53% of Nigerians who have shopped online in the past said faster delivery of goods would encourage them to shop online more often, 40% indicated that safer ways to pay was a key driver, and 31% indicated lower product costs as a driver to do more shopping online.
But respondents said security of online payment and delivery costs are their main concerns.
31% of those who have not shopped online give concerns about security of payments as a reason for not currently shopping online, and 27% say that the cost of delivery is a reason for not currently shopping online.
“Online security matters. This is why PayPal provides a simpler, easier and more secure way to shop and pay on millions of websites around the world,” says Efi Dahan, Regional Director for Africa and Israel at PayPal. “The fact that PayPal does not share financial information with the seller when authorizing a transaction keeps the consumers’ financial details more secure”


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