Challenges with implementation of advertisement and qualification requirements

What are the major challenges in implementing the statutory requirement for qualification to tender and advertisement of  tenders at state and federal levels in Nigeria?  Some will identify reluctance amongst officials to improve transparency as required and the desire to limit opportunities to a select few, others will point to the push to introduce local content at state and in some cases at the federal levels,  some will point to poor record keeping practices that frustrate related due diligence or  high cost of advertisements. Despite these complaints we can see that more tenders are advertised today, than at any other time in our countries history. However the greater challenge may lie in the content of some of the advertisements and the conditions specified for qualification, which sometimes miss critical competence conditions. Also the extent of their  eventual application in selection decisions, even when adequately specified is sometimes a challenge. In  some cases conditions specified are only statutory or so general that it is no longer easy to weed the wheat from the chaff, in fewer cases, there are claims that a few  processes may be skewed against and in favor of someone, which of these for you may the greater challenge?


2 thoughts on “Challenges with implementation of advertisement and qualification requirements

  1. For me I think that the challenge lies in the generic nature of some of the conditions which may indirectly point to a lack of competence on the part of the officer or team handling the process. Sometimes the team or person(s) involved that have advertised a tender on a proposed project do not fully understand the importance of project, it is only a ready source of income for the cartel that has handled similar projects where everyone involved benefits, so they cannot be expected to appreciate the level of competence and qualifications required thereby being able to outline a process that can weed the wheat from the chaff.


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