Procurement experts deplore lack of professionalism in govt deals


culled from DailyTrust Newspaper.


The Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply Management of Nigeria (CIPSMN) have expressed regret over non-engagement of professionals in government’s procurement deals. The institute expressed its dismay at a press briefing addressed by its new president, Alhaji Diekola Oyewo, in Lagos.

According to Oyewo, the non-engagement of professionals in government’s purchasing and supply deals has been having serious impact on governance process. He said the first place of interest should be the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP).
“In management, there are three levels of focus and these include strategic, tactical and operational levels. The president and his ministers operate on tactical level, the professionals like us deploy tactics at tactical level while our recommendations to those at strategic level are ratified and made operational at operational level.
“Many of us are professionals and we know that some of the challenges we are facing today, especially as they pertain to economics, emanate from poor procurement and supply chain. So, we are advocating that a government establishment such as the BPP is allowed to be run by professionals,” Oyewo said.
The CIPSMN president further added that the institute has already put in place enough strategies to aid professionalism. He listed as part of such measures to include composition of Education and Certification Committee and Think Tank Committee.
Also speaking, the immediate past president of the Institute, Alhaji M.J Aliyu, said the establishment of BPP is not enough, without having in place a regulatory body.
“The establishment of BPP is not enough. A council that will be monitoring its works should be put in place. It is like having a child without parents. Until the country is able to put in place a regulatory body that will regulate BPP, we may continue to have the same challenge in procurement and supply,” Aliyu said.


2 thoughts on “Procurement experts deplore lack of professionalism in govt deals

  1. A strong viewpoint which is is quite commendable.But how do we regulate the regulator. Is he saying that what is being done by civil society organisations isn’t enough?


    1. I guess the article is referring to the National Procurement Council provided for by the Public Procurement Act 2007, which has not been established. The Council ought to oversight the Bureau. Also I think at the time of establishing the Bureau, leaders of the institute had campaigned for the leadership of the BPP to come from their fold. Government however chose otherwise. It appears this may not have gone down well with them. They still believe they should produce the leadership. However there are others with opposing views. Incidentally in Nigeria there is often a history behind most agitations that otherwise appear altruistic, unfortunately sometimes that history takes away from the value of even credible agitations.


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