Challenges in Implementing Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects in Nigeria

High Political Risks in the form of low confidence in smooth government transition through elections, tendency of new governments to fail to comply to agreements entered into by previous governments is a challenge that is commonly cited for low appetite to engage PPP projects at the Federal Government level, but even more so at the State and Local Government levels. Do you think the current smooth transition at the Federal level and in most states in Nigeria will result in increased appetite for investors and if not why?


One thought on “Challenges in Implementing Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects in Nigeria

  1. There is no doubt smooth transition of power from one government to another increases investor confidence,and this should be the case with Nigeria. However one challenge is that remains to be fully examined is the issue of sanctity of contracts. To what extent will the new administration uphold contracts entered into by the previous. What will be the case, if some contracts are tainted by illegality ? Will repudiation of contracts for example tainted by corruption have negative impact on investor confidence or give impetus for investor confidence? Often these questions do not have easy answers, however the direction of public opinion, the process for determination of which contracts are tainted and which are not, the sincerity and openness of the procedure for such determination and the individuals involved in that determination, whether or not those involved in wrongdoing are brought to book or a few are selectively indicted, whether or not the courts fairly and quickly dispense related cases all will contribute in determining the impact on investor confidence in a situation like this. Only time and the policies of the Buhari government will tell the ultimate answers


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