Justice delayed is justice denied, Can we make the case of Kalejaiye SAN count?


One of the many challenges facing corruption trials has been the long and repeated adjournment of cases leading to most politically sensitive or corruption trials involving the rich and mighty remaining in courts for many years and in some cases ending in a slap on the wrist rather than a real sentence. As we herald the arrival of a new government elected primarily to fight corruption, it is worth thinking about how this government can work to ensure speedy trial of corruption cases. These delays sometimes arise from a pluthora of interlocutory applications and appeals by lawyers, sometimes also they arise from poor investigation and readiness by the prosecuting agencies. In the Ibori case,in England one of his lawyers was subsequent to his plea bargain convicted and sentenced to seven years in imprisonment for his behavior during the trial. In the last few days the Nigerian Bar Association gave us…

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2 thoughts on “Justice delayed is justice denied, Can we make the case of Kalejaiye SAN count?

  1. Truly, I am at a loss how Kunle Kalejaiye was found guilty of professional mis-conduct. Kunle Kalejaiye SAN, took his plea before Justice Eri then as Chairman of LPDC, I was then the Legal Adviser of NBA.when I looked into the file, I saw a call log print out said to be call log of Kunle’s MTN line, but surprisingly, I also discovered thatMTN disowned that call log. That was the state of the file to the extent that I saw until we left office in 2012. I think, the indictment of the judge who was accused of having intimate discussion with Kunle Kalejaiye SAN by NJC must have tied the hand of NBA and Body of Benchers. I also read that he has gone on appeal to the Supreme Court. Please let the world know that an appeal on the direction of Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee by a party to the Supreme Court, is automatic stay of the Direction of LPDC. So, the name of Kunle will remain in the roll of Legal Practitioners until the decision of the S. C. goes against him. Even at that, he may in future re-apply to have his name re-instated if he purges him self of the misconduct.


  2. My post did not address whether or not Kalejaiye SAN should or should not be debarred or whether the proceedings. I presume that if there are gaps in the procedure or case against Kalejaiye SAN he will know what to do. The real issue is how do we sanitize the bar? How do we ensure consistently and efficient enforcement of professional rules for lawyers and other professions? How do we improve integrity within the our profession and indeed other professions in Nigeria? Where and where do we need to improve the rules and where do we need to improve enforcement? seeing as we do that most corruption offences involve unethical conduct that if prevented will save the day. Is there something the new government can do?


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