FIFA and Nigeria what is the difference

The name is Chuck Blazer, what a jazzy name. The guy is truly blazing the trail which is rocking FIFA’s boat currently. A few days back we saw the victorious FIFA Zar Sep Blatter celebrating his electoral victory with a vivacious Let’s GO FIFA, Lets GO FIFA chant. He did not appear perturbed just  like Nigerian compatriots when accused of corruption. He contested and won the said elections despite arrests of his henchmen and over 25 years rumors and allegations of corruption in FIFA, that sounds familiar, dont you think so?.  The sleeze traveled accross borders. South Africa, to the US, Russia,France etc, and offcourse to Switzerlad where FIFA is based. No wonder the US and Swiss are taking it personal. But you wonder what the voters in FIFA like their Nigerian compatriots  think when they vote despite mounting evidence of corruption. I haven’t forgotten the apparent Buhari exception. In Nigeria we like to give the excuse that the votes are rigged, and that the looters do no infact win. But sometimes it would seem many if not most people are on the take. If it is not so, how come this has gone on in FIFA for so many years without a whistle blower. Its like it goes from the top to the bottom. There is still a strong spirit to protect the establishment in utterances of many within the FIFA secretive family till now. You will ask me if ordinary people are on the take in Nigeria, my answer will be, what are the bags of rise and money shared out during elections for? The jobs given to incompetent lackeys and relatives. Lets not even talk of the big men who also share in the loot or the praise singers who are maintained perpetually by the looters, or the press and lawyers who manage their image and protect their freedom. Perhaps that is where the similarity stops with FIFA.

Consider whether a Chuck Blazer would have such fear or abi respect for the Nigerian Police,EFCC or ICPC to sing as he did and additionally to wear wire taps to get others inn. If the Police,EFCC or ICPC refuse to take their cut, he will ask to be charged to court, where my big colleagues and friendly judges may ensure that the case is never concluded or that he goes free. He can even appear in court like a big shut he is, with a litany of police escorts and siren. It is not that the west is not corrupt. It is just that the system makes it a little more difficult to be, a little more easier to be caught, but that is not all.  There is a primary law that guides them all in the West. Don’t Get caught, because if you do you are on your own.  In Nigeria however, you will not be on your own, your church, mosque, Imam or pastor will be on your side remembering your good gifts, your community and state of origin will remember your cash donations and the un-merited projects you brought home, your friends in the press will turn the story upside down, and your well paid lawyer friends will pull the rug under the feet of the ICPC,Police and EFCC, sometimes even the court. There might just be a friendly Judge out there, and off course there is no consequence for EFCC, ICPC or the Judge. That really is the difference.


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