The Bauchi Car Stealing Business

In the last week the news print and social media  has been inundated by the news of recovery of 22 vehicles from Former Governor Isa Yuguda’s Wives, and that several others are unaccounted for. The news reports a Bauchi State official declaring  “we have so far, recovered a total of 22 cars from the wives of the former Governor, Isa Yuguda. We recovered 11 cars from his first wife, seven from the second wife, and four from the third wife.  We are yet to recover the remaining cars from his fourth wife who is currently out of the country.” the remaining cars from his fourth wife who is currently out of the country.”

This does show how low our political rulers can go. But one wonders, if these people could steal these number of cars, who knows how much money and other things they may have stolen? Whilst it is good news some items are being recovered, one wonders what assurance the good people of Bauchi will get, not only that other items and monies stolen if any will be recovered, but about what will happen to what is recovered? If we say it as  is,  these are acts of stealing, our laws have penal sanctions for stealing. Will these laws be applied?

 We have seen these kinds of news banners before regarding several former public officers. We know that  soon after the news the Imams, Pastors and Chiefs will move inn and advice caution and reprieve. Often nothing may be heard again. Will this be the case?  Will the APC led government act differently? Only time will tell…..

Let us all be vigilant ……


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