procurement adverts

West Atlantic Petroleum and Shipping Company Ltd 

Invitation to Bid 

Invitation for Technical and Commercial Bids for the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) of a 145,000 cubic meters of clean bulk liquid petroleum products storage and jetty facilities in Lagos East Atlantic Coast (Lekki Axis)

In riding the wave of a new dawn in Nigeria and from our company’s strong belief that innovation will determine the success of taking Nigeria to the next level of economic development, West Atlantic Petroleum and Shipping Company Limited (WAPSCO) is pioneering the installation of a Petroleum Products Storage Depot and an Open Sea Jetty at Okunlape village, Lekki LCDA, Lagos State.

In realising this goal, WAPSCO hereby invite local and international EPC companies to formally submit an Expression of Interest followed by a short-listing and subsequently the Technical and Commercial (priced & unpriced) bids for consideration and eventual award of contract.

WAPSCO intends to construct A Storage Depot and Open Sea Jetty for the unloading of 38,000 DWT (Max) petroleum products vessels and loading 5,000 DWT (Min.) with all relevant facilities for loading and unloading white products from and to the new Depot to be located onshore in the Jetty near vicinity.

The Depot is comprised of 3 X 27,000 m3 holding tanks, 4 X 16,000 m3 loading tanks, 10 loading gantries and all other necessary ancillary facilities and utilities to run an efficient modern petroleum products distribution terminal. In addition to the storage and loading facilities is the civil works, off sites and buildings, comprising; offices/administration, operation and maintenance buildings, operator shelters and construction of a circa 2 kilometer access and internal roads for smooth operation of the terminal.

Tender Documents

Interested companies are to address their desire to participate in the tender in part; (Open Sea Jetty), (Storage and Loading Facilities) or in full (AND/OR Civil Works, Offsites and Buildings) to . WAPSCO is not compelled to issue tender document to every enquirer. Enquiries should therefore contain detailed information about the company intending to participate and the telephone number of an authorized representative who can be contacted for more information.

Closing Date for the Issue of Tender Documents

Enquiries for the issue of tender documents shall be entertained up till midnight Central European Time (CET)on or before 30th September 2015.

Closing Date for the Submission of Bid Documents

Submission of bid documents shall seize to be accepted and entertained by 6:00pm Central European time (CET) on or before 31st October 2015.

All other information about Tender

All other information necessary for a successful Tender exercise shall be found in the tender information document that will be given to all enquirers who are considered capable to participate on the tender.

Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation

NNPC Towers, Herbert Macaulay Way, Central Business District,

P.M.B. 190, Garki, Abuja – Nigeria.


Invitation for Pre-Qualification/Expression of Interest for the Rehabilitation of NNPC – Abuja International Diagnostic centre (AIDC)

(1)   Introduction

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) intends to rehabilitate its newly acquired purpose built-hospital – The Abuja International Diagnostic Centre (AIDC) located in Utako District, Abuja to a functional and operational state.

In compliance with the Public Procurement Act 2007 and the Bureau of Public Procurement guidelines, NNPC invites interested competent and reputable Contractors /Companies to submit pre-qualification documentation for the procurement of the Phase 1 Rehabilitation “Works” as described in section 2 below.

(2)   Brief Description of the Project

(Scope of Work)

The “Works” to be executed in Phase l include but not limited to the following;

(2.1)    Cleaning and clearing of the facility;

(2.2)    Construction of a perimeter fence,

(2.3)    Installation of transformer and generator,

(2.4)    Provision of borehole, water treatment system and overhead storage facility,

(2.5)    Provision of additional car park and landscaping,

(2.6)    Renovation of blocks A, B and F (the scope, covering civil, electrical and mechanical works etc.) and Provision of IT infrastructure, etc.

(3)   Pre-Qualification Requirements

NNPC in Compliance with the provisions of Public Procurement Prospective Act 2007 and Bureau for procurement guidelines request interested companies to submit the detailed requirements listed below in their pre-qualification bid documents:

(3.1)    Full details of company profile with Certificate of Incorporation in Nigeria, certified true copies of                                   memorandum and article of Association of the company and CAC form C02 and C07 (Particular of Directors).

(3.2)   Company Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years (2012, 2013 and 2014).

(3.3)   Evidence of VAT registration and Remittance.

(3.4)   Evidence of compliance with part IV, 16(6d) of the Public Procurement Act 2007 as it relates to PENSION                   (Certificate or exemption from PENCOM) and section 1(2) Pension Reform Act 2004.

(3.5)   Evidence of compliance with the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Amendment Act 2011 by inclusion of copy of               Compliance Certificate from the Industrial Training Fund.

(3.6)   Audited account for the past three (3) years (2012, 2013 & 2014).

(3.7)   Nigerian Content plan that demonstrate full utilization of Nigerian Labour and services with detailed                              description of role, work scope and man-hours in order to achieve minimum target as set out in the                                 requirements of the NOFICD Act 2010.

(3.8)  Current and in-place organizational structure with detailed experience and skill of key management                               personnel with names. Provide evidence (personnel list and position organizational chart) percentage of                        management that are Nigerian nationals and the percentage of the total workforce that are Nigerians.

(3.9)  Detail past/present commitment to staff training and development of Nigerian personnel.

(3.10) Evidence of financial capability/Bank reference

(3.11)  Evidence of relevant verifiable work experience on similar service in Nigeria over the past five (5) years.                         Please attach reference letters.

(3.12) List of verifiable similar service detailing companies that the service rendered to. Company full contact                          address (Not P.O. Box), Functional phone numbers and e-mail address.

(3.13) Confirm willingness to commence with the execution of this service on the basis of a letter of intent (LOI)

(3.14) Company’s CASHES and QA/QC Policy & Details of safety records for accidents, incidents, injuries and                         damages for the past three years e.g. Lost time incident, Down-Time etc.

(3.15) Evidence of registration with Corporate Affair Commission (CAC).

(3.16) Any additional information that will enhance the potentials of the company.

NOTE; Failure to meet any of 4.1 – 4.6 above is a “FATAL FLAW”.

(4)   Submission of Expression of Interest

All prospective companies wishing to express their interest to tender for the procurement of the works described in 2.0 above shall submit relevant documentation for pre-qualification as stipulated in 3.0 above. The requested information and any supporting documents in respect of these requirements should be submitted in ONE original plus TWO hard copies and two electronic copies (CD ROM). The documents which should be in separate packages shall be sealed and clearly marked “PRE-QUALIFICATION FOR NNPC – ABUJA INTERNATIONAL DIAGNOSTIC CENTRE (AIDC) AT UTAKO DISTRCT, ABUJA” to reach the address given below, not later than 11th September, 2015.

The Secretary,

E &T Dexcom Tenders Board,

NNPC, Block D, First (1st) Floor, Room 45B,

Herbert Macaulay Way,

NNPC Towers, Central Business District,

Abuja, FCT.

(5)   Important Information

It must be noted that;

(5.1)    Only shortlisted companies will be contacted.

(5.2)    Late submission shall be rejected.

(5.3)    Your registration on the NIPEX portal shall be an added advantage.

(5.4)    Your company shall provide NNPC with a letter of Authority to verify all claims made in your submissions.

(5.5)    Please note that this is not an invitation to tender. Only Companies adjudged qualified by NNPC under this                  pre-qualification procedure will be invited to participate in the competitive tender.

(5.6)    NNPC reserve the absolute discretion and right to either accept or reject any documents and it shall not be                    required to assign a reason for refusal to invite your company to participate in the bidding exercise or to enter              any correspondence concerning the selection of any contract for the services.

(5.7)     All claims must be adequately substantiated and verifiable. NNPC shall deal directly with only authorized                      officers of the interested companies and not through individuals or agents (ownership is therefore essential).

(5.8)     All costs incurred by your company as a result of this pre-qualification exercise and any subsequent request                 for information shall be to your account.

(5.9)   The pre-qualification and any related process neither creates any commitment by; NNPC nor establish any                   legal relationship.

Signed: Management

Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) for the Engagement of SIFMIS Consultant



GRANT NO:       TF018335

PROJECT ID:    P133045


This Request for Expression of Interest (REOI) follows the General Procurement Notice (GPIM) for this Project that appeared in the UN Development Business Publication of February 18th, 2015 and in three Nigerian Newspapers of the same date; (i) The Guardian, (ii) Thisday and (iii) Daily Trust.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has received a Grant from the International Development Association (IDA), acting as administrator of a trust fund from the European Union, towards the cost of State and Local Governance Reform Project. The State Government of Osun being one of the six beneficiary states of the grant, now intends to apply part of the proceed towards the engagement of a coordinator for the Integrated Financial Management Information System in the implementation of activities in the Integrated Financial Management Information System (SIFMIS) Sub Component of the project being implemented by the Accountant- General (OAGS).

The consulting services (” the Services”) include:

(i)      Conduct a thorough assessment of the nature and use of the existing packages in the Accountant-General’s Office and other PFM Institutions in the State. This also extends to identification of major structural and institutional requirements needed to support the successful implementation of the State Integrated Financial Management System (SIFMIS) including project governance arrangements, clarity in roles, responsibilities and ensure that a communications management strategy exists.

(ii)     Develop and maintain a Risk Management Strategy with clear and concise project tolerances and risk mitigation process.

(iii)    Taking into consideration the project deliverables and work with the SIFMIS Implementation Coordination Committee (SICT) to develop robust and appropriate bidding document using a turnkey approach(invitation for Bids (IFB) and the Supply, Installation, Integration, Testing and Commissioning of Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) Software, related Hardware and Network Infrastructure and Related Support Services bidding document) for the Consultancy Firm who will have the specific responsibility for the design, installation, training, customization and testing of the relevant SIFMIS software and related ICT infrastructure.

(iv)    Assist in the identification and selection of a suitable firm for the supply and implementation of SIFMIS by coordinating the bid evaluation which should include demonstration against Test Script prepared by the SICT.

(v)    Work with the SICT and the SIFMIS vendor to develop and maintain a comprehensive project plan taking into consideration other PFM reforms and ensuring activities are prioritized and planned in a logical manner with achievable milestone whilst minimizing disruption to the implementing agencies and other key stakeholders.

(vi)    Provide technical and functional support services prior to and throughout SIFMIS project implementation:

The Osun State and Local Governance Project (SLOGOR) now invites eligible Consulting Firms (Consultants) to indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested consulting firms are hereby requested to submit a statement of capability indicating relevant experience on similar assignments in Nigeria or elsewhere. This should include, but not limited to, summary of CVs of its key staff, provision of company brochures, description of similar assignments carried out in the last five years, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among key staff, etc.

The consulting firm will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers (January 2011). Please visit, setting forth the World Bank’s Policy on conflict of interest. In addition, please refer to specific information on conflict of interest related to this assignment as per paragraph 1.9 of Consultant Guidelines. Further information can be obtained at the address below, during office hours, from 9.00am to 4.00pm, Monday to Friday, except on public holidays.

Expression of interest in 4 copies must be delivered in a written form both in hard and soft copies to the address below not later than 1st October, 2015 from the date of this publication.

The Project Coordinator

Osun State and Local Governance Reform Project (SLOGOR)

State Project Coordinating Unit (SPCU)

3rd Floor, Finance Building, Ministry of Finance,

Abeere, Osogbo. State of Osun

Tel: +234 805-503-8499; +234 8035037859

E- Mail:

Society for Family Health (SFH), Nigeria

Expression of Interest (EOI) Invitation for Outdoor Advertising Services

Society for Family Health (SFH) was incorporated in 1985 and is one of the foremost Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), that provide support to the Nigerian government in key areas of public health: HIV & AIDS prevention, family planning and maternal & child health (malaria, water and sanitation, and diarrhoea control). SFH works with the media to promote behaviour change and healthy lifestyles.

Due to increased number of projects-and the attendant rise in mass media campaigns SFH runs annually, SFH now retains the services of an outdoor advertising agency that supplies and manages out of home sites on their behalf. To get the best services, SFH does periodic review of the process by requesting for EOIs from interested outdoor agencies.

SFH intends to engage the services of one (1) outdoor advertising agency. This retainership will be for two years with an option of one (1) year renewal based upon successful evaluation performance.

Objective of Service: To rent outdoor advertising sites for the increased number projects, mass media campaigns, that SFH runs annually.

Specific Activities:

  • Propose a creatively strategic outdoor advertising plan for each outdoor campaign with outstanding opportunities for exposure.
  • Post outdoor posters and provide maintenance of sites relevant to SFH Campaign.
  • Submit detailed reports which should include pictures and locations of billboard. The report should also contain information on the progress of all campaigns being exposed, challenges during the exposure of the campaigns, anecdotes and comments (if any) as well as any useful or interesting information concerning the

(A)    Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for consideration, interested organisations must provide the following details:

(a)     Profile of the organization, (including organization’s certificate of incorporation CAC 2 & CAC 7 documents), management organogram, ownership (including board membership), and Company’s contacts (physical address, telephone, and email).

(b)     Profile of management team and members of the Board.

(c)      Evidence of audited financial statements for the most recent 3 years- 2011, 2012, 2013).

(d)     Evidence of previous outdoor advertising services carried out (e.g. Advertising contracts).

(e)      Evidence of the availability of qualified personnel for carrying out the service (include Curriculum Vitae of personnel).

(f)      Evidence of VAT registration or tax exemption certificate. 

(B)     Evaluation and Selection of the outdoor advertising agency:

(a)     A technical panel will be constituted to review the EOI and shortlist applicants to proceed to the next stage of Request for Proposals based on the criteria listed above.

(b)     At this stage, a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ qualifier will be used to rate all the points above, and only organizations with a ‘yes’ response against all the points above will be considered.

(c)      All costs incurred by bidders as a result of this process and any subsequent requests for information shall be borne by the bidding organisations.

(d)     Only organisations that satisfy the Pre-qualification requirements will be contacted with the Requests for Proposal (RFP) and Request for Quotes (RFQ) documents.

(e)      This advertisement shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of SFH to appoint any organisation nor shall it entitle any organisation to claim any indemnity from SFH.

(f)      Interested bidders may obtain further information via the e-mail address: mmed_serv@sfhnigeria.orgsuch information should be requested not later than 27th August 2015.

Submission of Application/Closing Date

The completed Pre-qualification submissions must be provided in duplicate hard copies in a sealed envelope, and clearly marked “MED-CAM/OUT/SFH-15” on the top right corner of the envelope.

This sealed envelope containing two hard copies of the submission should be addressed to the following:

The Head, Procurement Division,

Society for Family Health (SFH)

8 Port-Harcourt Crescent

Off Gimbiya Street,

Area 11, Garki, Abuja

Note: The closing date for receiving the application is 2nd September, 2015. Any application received after the stipulated closing date will not be accepted.

Expression of Interest for Embedded Power Generation Project in Ikeja Electric

(1)     Purpose of the Request: Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company Plc (“IE”) invites Prospective Contractors to submit their Expression of Interest (“EOI”) for the Embedded Power Generation Project (“Project”). The purpose of the request for EOI is to shortlist eligible companies for Bidding. Only shortlisted companies will have the right to attend the Project Bidding. In addition to the EOI, Prospective Contractors shall submit required documents listed in Section 10 as part of the Proposal for each LOT.

(2)     Status of Power Supply in IE: IE is responsible for the distribution of electricity to approximately 650,000 consumers spread across eight Local Government areas in Lagos State. With a maximum demand of 1,251 MW and only 406MW Average Daily Power supplied to IE from the Grid, there is a gap of 845MW that IE needs to cover. In order to mitigate these challenges, IE seeks to enhance the efficiency of its Distribution Network in terms of quality of power and increased revenue earning through the Project.

This activity is part of IE’s ongoing transformation to an effective and efficient service-delivery oriented organization, driven by international best practices, to meet its’ corporate objectives.

(3)     Project Description: The Project will be first of its kind to be developed by IE and represents a further development in the power Sector to help satisfy the increasing demand for electricity. The Project will be located at 11 sites within IE (see “Section 7” for details) and will comprise, amongst other things, the following:

  • The development, financing, design, permitting, insurance, engineering, procurement, construction, completion, testing, commissioning, insurance, ownership, operation and maintenance of each new power plant and associated facilities.

The Project will be developed on a Build, Own, and Operate (“BOO”) basis by the Contractor. After construction of the Plant and associated facilities, from the Commercial Operation Date (“COD”), the Contractor will sell its entire power capacity and output to IE under a Power Purchase Agreement (“PPA”). The Contractor will source for the required Fuel, Gas or any other cost-efficient and environmental-friendly fuel, under a separate arrangement with Fuel providers. IE will be liable for the dispatch of electrical energy from the Plant to its customers.

(4)     Project Agreements: The Contractor will be obliged to enter into the following agreements:

  • Power Purchase Agreement: Contractor and IE
  • Shareholders’ Agreement: Contractor and other entities (where applicable)
  • Land Use Agreement; Contractor and Land owner
  • EPC Contract; Contractor and the EPC Company
  • O&M Contract: Contractor and O&M Company
  • Fuel supply arrangement: Contractor and Fuel supplier
  • Electricity Connection Agreement: Contractor and IE
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

(5)     Eligibility of Participants: A Prospective Contractor may be a private entity or a government-owned entity or any combination of such entities.

Each Prospective Contractor must propose an EPC Company that has completed the engineering, procurement and construction of at least three (3) power plants (gas or any other fuel), each with a similar capacity of the Project, that have been in successful operation for at least one (1) year. Each Prospective Contractor must propose an O&M Company that has executed at least two (2) contracts for the O&M of power plants, each with a similar capacity of the Project, that have been in successful operation for at least one (1) year.

In case the EPC Company or O&M Company is a consortium, the Company must satisfy the above references either collectively as a consortium or individually as consortium members.

(6)     Eligibility of Key Expert: Key Experts consisting of the project leader, generation expert (mechanical and electrical), substation expert, distribution expert, metering expert must have at least 10years experience in their respective fields.

(7)     Site Information: The Project has Eleven (11) LOTs. Details for each LOT are shown in Table 1 below to be used as a reference. Prospective Contractors should critically study these sites, the Distribution Network and use the information to prepare its Proposal.

S/N Location Gas Availability Proposed Capacity/Site (MW)
1 OGUDU, 3X15MVA Yes 20.40






3 Ogba, 2X15MVA & 1X30MVA




4 New Alausa (Radio), 3X15MVA




5 Secretariat 2 X 15MVA




6 Maryland. 3X1SMVA Yes


7 Vacant Land owned by IE beside Vitafoam, Oba Akran Avenue. Ikeja




8 Virgin Land Opp. LandCraft, Odongunyan, Ikorodu


Yes 20.00
9 Recreation Park Alausa, Land Ministry


Yes 10.08
10 Police Workshop Premises, Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way. Ikeja


Yes 7.33
11 Cocoa Industrial Road, Ogba, Ikeja.


Yes 18.10
Total 202.71

(8)     Clarification/Additional Information: Prospective Contractors requiring
clarification and additional information on this document should contact IE by e-mail through the following emails:

Engr. Adegbenro Olalemi, (Head of Network and Planning), IE. ;with a copy to KEPCO, Technical Consultant, IE. .

(9)     EOI Submission: Each Prospective Contractor must submit one original hard copy, two hard photocopies of its Proposal including one copy of the Proposal in a flash drive to the following address:

Embedded Power Generation Office,

C/o MD/CEO, Ikeja Electric,

Awolowo Way,

Opposite MITV,

Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos.

All EOI must be submitted at IE to the address specified above by 12:00 noon, 4th September 2015 (the “Submission Date”). IE may, at its sole discretion, extend this date by issuing a notice.

(10)   Proposal List for EOI: Each Prospective Contractor shall prepare a Proposal including a letter of EOI for each LOT.

General Section:

  • Information regarding, as applicable, the Prospective Contractor’s organization and each member of the consortium
  • Company profile
  • Auditors Report
  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Evidence of company registration in Nigeria
  • Track Record
  • Nominated Contact Person

 Technical Section:

  • Evidence of eligibility of EPC Company and O&M Company
  • CVs of Key Experts
  • Configuration of the Plant and associated facilities

Financial Section:

  • Financing Plan

(11)   Evaluation of the EOI: IE will evaluate each Prospective Contractor’s Proposal through its internal methodology. All items in the Proposal, general, technical and financial documents, will be thoroughly evaluated.

(12)   Notification of selection: IE reserves the absolute right to accept or reject any EOI at any time without any liability to any Prospective Contractor or any other party and without any obligation to inform any Prospective Contractor of the grounds for its action. IE may, at its sole discretion and without explanation to the Prospective Contractors, decide to annul this Project process, without obligation to such Prospective Contractors.

IE intends to shortlist and notify the contractors (the “Shortlisted Contractors”) after the completion of the evaluation on the EOI of each Prospective Contractor. These Shortlisted Contractors must acknowledge receipt of this notification, in writing, within one week of such notification.

Signed: Management


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