procurement adverts

The Presidency

Border Communities Development Agency (BCDA)

 Invitation to Tender

(1.0)  Preamble

In compliance with the requirement of the Public Procurement Act 2007 and extant regulations of Government on procurement of goods, works and services by Federal Government Ministries, Parastatals and Agencies, BCDA wishes to invite Tenders from suitable and qualified companies with proven experience to undertake the under listed 2015 Constituency Projects.


S/N Project Title


Constituency /State


1 Supply of Motor Cycles to Akure North/South Federal Constituency


Akure North/South Federal Constituency, Ondo


2 Supply of Motor Cycles to Akure North/SouthFederal Constituency.


Akure North/South Federal Constituency, Ondo
3 Supply of 100 No of Motor Cycles to Apomu, Isokan LGA.


Apomu, Isokan LGA, Osun.


4 Supply of Motor Cycles in Ikwerre/Emohua Federal Constituency, Rivers State.


Ikwerre /Emohua Federal Constituency, Rivers State.


5 Supply of Tricycle in Ikwerre/Emohua Federal Constituency, Rivers State


Ikwerre/Emohua Federal Constituency, Rivers State.


6 Supply of Laptops to Schools in Opobo and Ngo in the Opobo /Nkoro


Opobo/Nkoro and Andoni LGA’s of Rivers State.


7 Supply of Motorcycles to Onyeada in Andoni LGA’s of Rivers State.


Andoni LGA, Rivers State


8 Supply of Laptops to Schools in Abonnema in Akuku-Toru LGA of Rivers State.


Akuku-Toru LGA, Rivers State.


9 Supply of Motorcycles to Buguma in Asari-Toru LGA’s of Rivers State.


Asari-Toru LGA Rivers State


10 Supply Motorcycles for Youth Empowerment in Nkwerre/Isu/ Njuba/Nwangele Federal Constituency. Imo State.


11 Supply of Motorcycles Igabi Federal Constituency, Kaduna State.


Igabi Federal Constituency, Kaduna state.


12 Supply of Motorcycles At Jaba/Zango Kataf Federal Constituency Kaduna State


Jaba/Zanco Kataf Federal Constituency,Kaduna State.


13 Supply of Tricycles


Keffi, Kokona, and Karu Federal Constituency, Nassarawa State


14 Supply of Tricycles to Toro Federal Constituency, Bauchi State.


Toro Federal Constituency, Bauchi State.


15 Supply of Motorcycles Toro Federal Constituency, Bauchi State.


Toro Federal Constituency, Bauchi State.


16 Supply of Tricycles to Monguno LGA, Borno State


Monouno LGA, Borno State.


17 Supply of Motorcycles to Madagali/Michika Federal Constituency, Adamawa State.


Madagali/Michika Federal Constituency, Adamawa State.


18 Supply of Buses to Madagali/Michika Federal Constituency, Adamawa State.


Madagali/ Michika Federal Constituency, Adamawa.


19 Supply of Tricycles to Madagali/Michika Federal Constituency, Adamawa State.


Madagali/Michika Federal Constituency, Adamawa State.


20 Supply of Motorcycles to Mayo Belwa, Jada, Ganye and Toungo Federal Constituency Adamawa State.


Mayo, Belwa, Jada, Ganye and Toungo Federal Constituency, Adamawa State


21 Supply of Tricycles to Mayo, Belwa, Jada, Ganve, and Tounga Federal Constituency, Adamawa State.


Mayo, Belwa, Jada, Ganve and Tounga Federal Constituencym, Adamawa State


22 Supply of Motorcycles to Yola North, Yola South & Girei, Adamawa State.


Yola North, Yola South & Girei, Adamawa State.


23 Supply of Grinding Machines to Displaced Communities in Bagudo and Suru LGA Kebbi. Bagudo and Suru LGA, Kebbi State.


24 Border Security in Partnership with Local Communities Assisted Programme i.e. Supply of Equipments such as Motor Cycles, Touch Light, Rain Boots, Rain Coat ETC for Border Patrol in Majf, Bagudo LGA Kebbi Bagudo LGA Kebbi State


25 Supply of Tricycles to Ringim/Taura Federal Constituency of Jigawa State Ringim/Taura Federal Constituency of Jigawa Staff


26 Supply of Motorcycle for Kaitajibiya Federal Constituency of Katsina State.


Kaita/Jibiya Federal Constituency of Kastina State.


27 Provision of 17 No NISA Querte Walking Tractors in Zango/Baure LGA. Kastina State.


Zango/Baure LGA Kastina State


28 Supply of Motorcycles in Malumfashi/Kafur Federal Constituency, Kastina State Malumfashi Kafur Federal Constituency Kastina Staff.
29 Supply of Motorcycles for Kastina Central Federal Constituency of Kastina State. Kastina Central Federal Constituency of Kastina State.
30 Resettlement of Internally Displaced Persons in Zamfara Central Senatorial District.


Zamfara Central Senetoriai District, Zamfara State.


31 Construction of Six Classroom Public Primary School and Provision of Furnitures with Solar Powered Water Facility in Duhawasirka, Dutsi LGA Kastina North Senatorial District.


Dubawasirka, Dutsi LGA Kastina North Senatorial District, Kastina State.


32 Construction of 1 No. Standard Football Pitch with Concrete Stand of 250 Capacity at Public Primary School Shargalle, Dutsi LGA. Kastina North Senatorial District.


Shargalle, Dusti LGA, Kastina North Senatorial District, Kastina State


33 Procurement and Supply of 5 No 500 KVA/II Transformer, 4 Drums of wire and Installation Accessories to Boundary Community in Abia South Senatorial District. Abia South Senatorial District, Abia State.

(3.0)  Tender Documents and Requirements

(i)      Evidence of  registration with Corporate Affairs Commission form CO2 and CO7.

(ii)     Copy of current tax clearance certificate for the (3) years expiring December 2014

(iii)    Copy of VAT Registration Certificate

(iv)    Provide evidence of financial capability. (e.g. Statement of audited company’s account)

(v)     Evidence of payment of no – refundable tender fee of N20,000.00 only in favour of Border Communities Development Agency.

(vi)    Comprehensive Company Profile with C.V’s of key personnel including photocopies of relevant professional/ technical qualifications.

(vii)   Provide any other relevant information that may enhance the chances of the company.

(viii)  Verifiable evidence(s) of successful completion of similar works within the past 3 years and attached copies of letters of awards and certificate of successful completion.

(ix)    Evidence of compliance with the provisions of the Pension Reform Act, 3004.

(x)     Evidence of compliance with the provisions of the Amended Industrial Training Funds Act 2011.

(4.0)  Collection of Tender Documents

Complete tender documents should be collected from the Procurement Unit at the Agency’s Headquarters at the address below for a non-refundable fee of N20,000.00 (Twenty Thousand Naira Only) in Bank draft made payable to the Agency. Evidence of payment of Tender fee must be attached to the tender document at the time of submission.

(5.0)  Submission of Documents

The prospective bidders shall enclose the original and two copies of Technical and Financial bids in (2) separate envelopes clearly marked “Technical and Financial” and enclose the two (2) separate envelopes in one sealed large outer envelope which shall bear the Lots number and description, the name and address of the company and addressed to

The Executive Secretary,

Border Communities Development Agency,

Plot 2449, Limpopo Street, Maitama, Abuja, FCT.

The documents shall be submitted in the Bid Box at the reception of the Agency’s Headquarters not later than 13th November 2015.

(6.0)  Closing Date

Submission of Tenders closes at 12noon, 13th November, 2015.

(7.0)  Opening

All bids will be opened on the same day in the Conference Room. Representatives of bidding companies are invited to witness the opening.

Please Note:

(a)     Late submission of bids will be rejected.

(b)     Failure to comply with the above stated instructions will earn automatic disqualification

(c)      Nothing in this advertisement shall be construed to be commitment by BCDA to award any or all of the above listed projects.

(d)     Only companies/ firms that meet the above stated requirements would be contacted.

(e)      Pencom certificates will be verified if the need arises


Head Procurement Unit BCDA




A Chevron Company

Operator of the NNPC/Chevron Joint Venture

Tender Opportunity

Provision of World Class and Fully Integrated Reservoir

Studies (OFFSHORE)

NipeX Nos.: 0300295 and 0300296

(1)     Introduction,

Chevron Nigeria Limited invites interested and qualified companies for this tender opportunity for the Provision of World Class and Fully integrated Reservoir Studies offshore. The proposed contract term is 2 (two) years with an option of 1 (one) year extension.

(2)     Scope of Work:

Studies will typically consist of one of the following three types (Type and number of studies will be determined at commercial stage):

  • Type One; Green field (No production), few wells(≤ 10 typically),
  • Type Two: Brown field- up to 10 years of production, typically 10 to 20 wells.
  • Type Three; Mature brown field; More than 10 years of production, typically 20+ wells.

Scope of work has two main high level components that requires proper interaction and integration;

Earth modeling (Apply to study types l, 2 and3):

  • Data management and transfer
  • Detail data analysis and equality assurance and control
  • Build fit for purpose initial model using appropriate geostatistical techniques
  • Resolve a seals at which the model should be generated with a reservoir simulation engineer and guided by the appropriate ES&RS Mentor.
  • Quick iteration and cycle thru between static model and history matching
  • Define key uncertainty ranges and automated workflow for HCIP uncertainty assessment
  • Provide a range of final static models that capture the right level of connectivity and HCIP ranges for probabilistic simulation
  • Jointly with reservoir simulation engineer and ES&RS Mentor get a final buy-in from the

Asset Team.

Reservoir simulation;

For all study types (1, 2 and 3):

  • Participate in creating a record of available and used input data (MDT/RFT, PVT, ) with the appropriate Asset Team guided by the ES&RS Mentor and get it signed off by the Asset Team. Provide preliminary dynamic data validation with Asset Team guided by the ES&RS Mentor and get it signed off by the Asset Team. Run a series of mid case models at multiple scales provided by the earth scientist. Determine optimum scale guided by the ES&RS mentor.
  • Use analog data to determine fluid model uncertainty ranges
  • Run a series of screening models (folded Plackett-Burman design) for multiple development scenarios without optimization. Driven by ES&RS mentor find the heavy hitters on the history match as well as the desired outputs (fluids in place and reservoir recovery). Provide data for possible rebuild of the static models for the final stage.
  • Run a series of final models (D-Optimal design) for multiple development scenarios with and without optimization guided by the ES&RS Multiple development scenarios may include base case (as-is), gas-lift, Waterflood and EOR. This effort will be guided by Asset Team and ES&RS mentor. Identify and optimize potential in-fill opportunities guided by the ES&RS mentor,
  • Jointly with Earth Scientist pick a P50 and P90 model. Verify that opportunities indicated by the stochastic assessment still hold. Guided by ES&RS Mentor and the Asset Team rep Optimize gas-lift, Waterflood or EOR performance when required.
  • Jointly with earth modeler and the ES&RS Mentor get a final buy-in from the Asset

For study types 2 and 3 only:

  • Generate preliminary Mated Balance model using MBAL or similar tool. For models with multiple fault blocks look for evidence of leakage across fault. Generate the appropriate production data cross-plots, determine appropriate limits in pressure and well phase cumulative production for the history matching portion of the work. Determine possible dual or single completion wells at fault or with questionable allocation guided by the ES&RS Mentor and Asset Team rep and get it signed off by the Asset Team.
  • Run and history match the all-low-level, all-high-level and all mid-level cases to determine the ranges.


  • Detailed documentation of static and simulation models including all the steps and thought process for the model generation and forecasting.
  • Detailed documentation of the history matching process including the end results and how to steps Type (for study types 2 and 3 only).
  • Detailed documentation of uncertainty ranges and responses in the form of tornado and Pareto
  • Complete set of static and simulation models and provide assistance in the migration of models to Gocad and Chears formats.
  • Final report delivered to CNL as a word or PowerPoint document containing most of the required deliverables in an editable format. This written final report must be suitable for reserve audits and implementation of recommendations.

(3)     Mandatory Tender Requirements:

(A)    To be eligible for this tender exercise, interested bidders are required to be pre – qualified in the 3.12.10 (Reservoir Evaluation Services) and/or 3.02.18 ( Simulation Consultancy) or/and3.04.20 (Reservoir Services) category in NipeX Joint Qualification System (NJQS) database.All successfully pre-qualified suppliers in this category by the bid close date will receive Invitation to Technical Tender (ITT),

(B)     Please note that interested bidders including their sub-contractor(s) shall be required to:

(i)      Meet all JQS mandatory requirements to be listed as “PREQUALIFIED” for a category in the JQS database.

(ii)     Meet all Nigerian Content requirements stated in this advert in their responses to the Invitation to Technical Tender.

(C)     To determine if you are pre-qualified and view the product/service category you are listed for: Open and access NJQS with your log in details, click on continue Joint Qualification Scheme tool, click check my supplier status and then click supplier product group.

(D)    If you are not listed in this product/service category, and you are registered with DPR to do business for this category, please contact NipeX office at 30, Oyinkan Abayomi drive, lkoyi Lagos with your DPR certificate as evidence or verification and necessary update.

(E)     To initiate Complete the JQS prequalification process, access www.nipexng.eorn to download the application form, make necessary payments and contact NipeX office for further action.

(4)     Nigerian Content

Chevron Nigeria Limited is committed to the development of the Nigerian Oil and Gas business in observance with the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry Content Development Act 2010 (NOGICD Act) enacted by the Federal Government of Nigeria in April 2010.

Pursuant to enactment of the NOGICD Act, the minimum Nigerian Content in any project, service or product specification to be executed in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry shall be consistent with the level set in the schedule of the Act and any other target as may be directed by the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB).

Contractors shall comply with the provisions of the NOGICD Act and all applicable regulations. Bidders that do not meet the Nigerian Content criterion will not be allowed to participate in next Tender Stage

The following are the Nigerian Content requirements bidders are expected to comply with in their technical bid submission.

(A)    Demonstrate that the entity is a Nigerian Registered Company, or a Nigerian Registered Company in genuine alliance or joint venture with foreign company with details on scope and responsibilities of parties for this work. Such companies must show evidence of joint venture binding agreement duly signed by the CEO of both companies including evidence or plans of physical operational presence and set-up in Nigeria

(B)     Furnish details of company ownership and share holding structure. Also submit clear photocopies of your CAC Forms C02 and C07

(C)     Provide evidence of the percentage of 1) key management positions that are held by Nigerians and 2) total work force that are Nigerians Also, show overall percentage of work to be performed by Nigerian resources relative to total work volume.

(D)    Provide a Nigerian Content Plan with a detailed description of the role, work scope, man-hours and responsibilities of all Nigerian companies and personnel that will be involved in executing the work. Also provide details of Nigerian Content contact or manager.

(E)     State proposed total scope of work to be performed by Nigerian personnel (whether contracted directly or under subcontract agreements) with names and addresses including evidences of well equipped offices and workshop; attach past experience of such patronage,

(F)     Specific to this project, provide detailed plan for staff training and development on engineering, project management and procurement (including all software to be used, number of personnel, name of organization providing such training and evidence of past training record) for Nigerian personnel including description of any specific programs in place for transfer of technology and skills to indigenous businesses and Nigerians over the next five (5) years,

(G)    Provide evidence of domiciliation of project management and procurement centers in Nigeria with physical addresses (not P.O. Box).

(H)    Location of in-country facilities, (Equipment, storage, workshops, repair & maintenance facilities and, testing facilities).

(I)      Contractor must be willing and able to provide evidence of maximization of made in Nigeria goods and services.

(J)      Provide details on any other Nigerian Content initiative your company is involved in.

(K)    Provide evidence of MOU with OGTAN registered trainer to conduct classroom module of training and on the job attachment

(L)     Provide human capacity building development plan including budget which must be minimum 10% of project man-hours or cost. Training will be targeted at developing capacity other than bidder’s personnel. Trainees will be nominated from a database maintained by NCDMB and the services of OGTAN registered trainers utilized to cover classroom modules.

(M)    Provide details of equipment ownership.

(N)    Bidders (Vendors, Original Equipment, Manufacturers-OEMs and EPC contractors) are required to present Nigerian Content Equipment Certificate (NCEC) issued by Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (or evidence of application for the certificate) in respect of any components, spares, equipments, systems and packages to be used in the proposed project under tender

(5)     Close Date

Only bidders who are registered with NJQS Product/Category the 3,12,10 (Reservoir Evaluation Services) and/or 3.02.18 ( Simulation Consultancy) or/and 3.04.20 (Reservoir Services) by 16:00 Hours,28th October, 2015 being the advert close date shall be invited to submit technical bid.

Please note the following:

(1)     Suppliers eligible for this tender opportunity are expected to be prequalified in NJQS under this product/service category.

(2)     The Invitation to Tender (ITT) and any further progression of this tender shall he via NipeX.

(3)     All costs incurred in preparing and processing NJQS prequalification shall be to the contractor’s accounts.

(4)     Interested bidders must be able to provide World Class and Fully Integrated Reservoir Studies in compliance with COMPANY specifications.

(5)     This advertisement shall neither be construed as any form of commitment on the part of Chevron Nigeria Limited to award any contract to any company and or associated companies, sub-contractors or agents, nor shall it entitle prequalified companies to make any claims whatsoever, and/or seek any indemnity from Chevron Nigeria Limited and or any of its partners by virtue of such companies

having been prequalified in NJQS.

(6)     The tendering process shall be the NNPC contracting process requiring pre-qualified companies to submit technical tenders first. Following a technical review, only technically and financially qualified contractors will be requested to submit commercial tenders.

(7)     Chevron Nigeria Limited will communicate only with authorized officers of the pre-qualifying companies and NOT through individuals or Agents.


Please visit the NipeX portal at for this advert and other information.



Chevron Nigeria Limited, 2 Chevron Drive, Lekki Peninsula, P.M.B. 12825, Lagos.



Federal Republic of Nigeria

National Orthopaedic Hospital, Enugu


Advertisement for Tender

In compliance with Federal Government 2007 Public Procurement Act. The National Orthopaedic Hospital, Enugu invites reputable and experienced Contractors to tender in respect of its approved projects for 2015.

Lot 1 –         Provision of Spinal Surgical implants and deposition of complete Spinal Surgical Instrument Set

Lot 2 –         Provision of Orthopaedic/Burns Equipment for Clinics, Theatres and Anaesthesia

Lot 3 –         Provision of Prosthetic Limb Fitting Components

Technical Qualifications for Tender

(1)     Company’s certificate of registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

(2)     3 Year Tax Clearance Certificate.

(3)     Value Added Tax (VAT) Registration Certificate with TIN No.

(4)     Evidence of compliancy with National Pension Commission Guidelines.

(5)     Copy of Audited Account for the past three years.

(8)     Evidence of Compliance with Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Guideline: (a) Evidence of payment of Training Contribution to the Fund.

(b)     Evidence of Compliance with the Employers Compensation Act (which requires all Employers of Labour must remit 1of the Total Annual Emolument of their workers to the Nigerian Social insurance Trust Fund).

(7)     Verifiable evidence of past job experiences in similar projects of interest in the last 5 years and attached copies of letter of award and certificate of successful completion.

(8)     Sworn affidavit to attest to Non-Affinity of the contractor with any member of the Tenders Board.

(9)     Any Other evidence/document that would confirm the skill/completion of the individual contractors.

(10)   In Addition:

Contractors bidding for Lot 1 must in addition provide the following:

(a)     The company that manufactures the implants and the instrumentations and its exact relationship with the bidding company if they are not the same.

(b)     The status of registration of the proposed implants with regulatory agencies in the country of origin and with Nigerian regulatory authorities. Verifiable evidence of this must be provided.

(c)      Clinical data covering at least years post registration/approval surveillance detailing anyadverse effect, implant survival etc.

(d)     Details about the training to be provided for the users including location, duration of training etc.

Method of Application:

(1)     Interested contractors are advised to obtain Tender Document for Financial Bid from Procurement Unit on presentation of evidence of payment of a non refundable fee of N10,000.00(Ten Thousand Naria Only) for each Lot. Direct to National Orthopaedic Hospital Account.

(2)     The Technical Qualification and Financial documents must be packaged in separate envelopes tagged “Technical Bid” or “Financial Bid” with the company’s name and addressed to Medical Director, National Orthopaedic Hospital, Enugu. The Technical Qualification document should be arranged serially as listed above. Where any of the above is not applicable, please provide evidence to showthat.

(3)     Completed Bid Documents should be addressed to The Medical Director, National Orthopaedic Hospital, Enugu and inserted in the Tender box at the Procurement Unit, not later than 1200 noon on Tuesday 17th November 2015.

Issues to Note:

  • Late submission shall be rejected Documents submitted not later than Tuesday 17thNovember 2015 automatically disqualify the applicant(s).
  • This advertisement is published for information purposes only and should not be considered as a commitment or obligation on the part of the Hospital to award a contract.
  • The Hospital reserves the right to annul the adding process at any time without incurring any liabilities and assigning any reason thereto.
  • Only the Financial bid of companies that are complete and met the technical criteria shall beopened during the Bid
  • The hospital is not hound to accept the lowest of any tender submitted.
  • The Hospital shall not be responsible for any cost incurred in the preparation and submission of documents
  • The Hospital reserves the right to independently verify all documents and claims submitted by contractors and would not hesitate to report suspicious documents to law enforcement agencies.
  • Independent observers and interested members of the public are invited for the Bid opening on Tuesday 17thNovember 2015 at 12:30pm at the New Conference Hall.





Government of Ebonyi State of Nigeria

Ministry of Agriculture & Natural Resources


Office of the Hon. Commissioner



Government of Ebonyi State of Nigeria  

Invitation to Tender for Management of Nkaliki Hatchery and Poultry Farm Complex on Public Private Partnership

The Ebonyi State Government, through the State Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources Abakaliki hereby invites Tender from interested and reputable Companies/Investors for the management of Nkaliki Hatchery and Poultry Farm Complex on public private partnership basis.

General Requirements:

The interested companies/investors should submit their profile which includes:

(1)     Detailed company profile, stating current address, e-mail and phone numbers.

(2)     Evidence of Incorporation/Registration with Corporate Affairs Commission.

(3)     Company audited account prepared by a reputable chartered company for the last three years (2012, 2013 and 2014).

(4)     Contract Registration with Ministry of Works.

(5)     Evidence of VAT Registration.

(6)     Evidence of three years of Tax clearance (2012, 2013 and 2014).

(7)     Evidence of financial capability to manage the project.

(8)     Terms, Conditions and Interests to be disclosed.

Collection of Tender Document

Interested companies/investors should collect Tender document as from 5th of October 2015 from the office of the PRS Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources Abakaliki after payment of non-refundable fee of N40,000.00 only which shall be made at the Accounts department of the Ministry.

Submission of Tender Document

Tender document shall be submitted at the office of PRS on a presentation of Original receipt non-refundable Tender fee of N40,000.00 obtained from the Accounts departments of the Ministry. Bidders are to submit five (5) documents neatly packaged in sealed envelope, addressed to the Hon. Commissioner, Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources Abakaliki.

Note: Detailed memoranda on the proposed management terms and conditions must be enclosed in the bid. All tender documents are to be submitted not later than 3rd November 2015 by 4pm. The Ministry is not bound to award to the lowest bidder and bidders shall be responsible for all the cost in preparation and submission.

Opening of Bid: Tender documents shall be opened in the public on 5th November, 2015 by 10amat the office of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry.

Late submission will not be accepted.


Hon. (Barr.) Orji Uchenna Orji

(Hon. Commissioner)



U.S. Embasy

Janitorial Services Solicitation

Expression of Interest

The U.S. Embassy, Abuja seeks an experienced and qualified contractor to provide standard janitorial services to its offices in Abuja. The contractor shall possess all permits, licenses, and any other requirements necessary for the provision of this service under this contract, all at no additional cost to the Embassy. The contractor shall perform this contract in accordance with local laws. The contractor shall provide evidence of past and present records of similar services to reputable organizations.

In order for prospective contractors to be considered for the Solicitation process, they must meet the following qualifications.

(A)    Must provide all requisite licenses, certifications, or accreditation.

(B)     Must provide proof of experience, past performance, customers’ names, addresses contact numbers, previous contractors for whom similar janitorial services were provided.

(C)     Evidence that the offeror operates an established business in Abuja with a permanent address and Telephone No(s)

(D)    Evidence of adequate financial capability to handle the service

Only prospective offerors who meet the above requirements need express interest to ABUJAPROCUREMENT@STATE.GOY. The  Expression of Interest ends on 22nd October 2015.




 Request for Proposal/Quotation as Distribution Agent (DA)

CHAN Medi-Pharm Ltd/Gte (CMP), is today the oldest and largest drug distribution NGO in Nigeria. The company has expanded to acquire a large asset base with Headquarters at Jos and six zonal offices within Nigeria.

CMP has been appointed as one of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) Sub Recipients (SRs) to Society for Family Health (SFH) under the Global Fund Malaria (GFM) New Funding Model (NFM). CMP is responsible for providing Supply Chain Management, Programme and Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) in South West and South-South region. The overreaching goal of the project is to reduce malaria burden to pre-elimination levels and to bring malaria related mortality to zero by 2020.

CHAN Medi-Pharm’s Key strategy is to use Supply chain management (SCM), to ensure uninterrupted availability of preventive and treatment pharmaceuticals and supplies in reducing the burden of malaria disease to pre-elimination level in the country.

In line with the above ,CMP therefore invites proposals from suitably qualified third party logistics (3PL) companies with strong experience in handling health related commodities with the capacity to manage South West and South-South regions.

Specific Activities of the 3PL Companies:

The 3PL logistics companies will be responsible for the following activities:

(1)     Provision of last mile delivery (LMD) services from the storage locations in each of the States to designated health facilities (HFs) in accordance with Good Distribution Practices for Pharmaceutical Products.

(2)     Provision of personnel with requisite competency level to be able to effectively perform duties related to documentation, take critical decisions related to health commodities distribution.

(3)     Provision of vehicles compliant with Good Distribution Practices for Pharmaceutical Products needs such as air-conditioned vehicles where required.

(4)     Robust, viable, verifiable disaster recovery plan.

(5)     Valid and adequate Goods-In-Transit insurance; the value of the goods plus freight and ten percent.

(6)     Provision of vehicle tracking device and/or GPS to monitor the location of vehicles and duration of time travelled in the delivery of health commodities from the storage point.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • To be eligible for selection, interested 3PL companies must provide the following details.
  • Profile of your organization, including evidence of registration, office address, Organogram, ownership structure and contact telephone numbers.
  • Profile of management team and board members.
  • Evidence of financial management system.
  • Evidence of previous work experience done, with details of contracts amount and funding agency
  • Evidence of VAT registration & proof of remittances and /tax exemption certificate
  • Evidence of tax payment for the past 3 years
  • Evidence of available qualified personnel.

Evaluation and selection of 3PL Company:

  • A technical panel will be constituted to review the proposal based on the criteria listed above
  • Any company who scores less than 80% shall not have her financial proposal evaluated.
  • All cost incurred as a result of the proposal shall be borne by the respective organization
  • This advertisement shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of CMP to appoint any 3PL company.

Interested organization may obtain further information from the contact given below between 10am and 2pm or via email address . Such information should be requestednot later than 22nd October 2015.

Submission of Application/Closing Date:

The code DA/GFM-NFM-2015 should be written on the top right corner of the proposal envelope. Name of the organization should also be clearly written on the back of the envelope. The sealed envelope containing both proposal and quotation should be addressed to the following:

Submission Delivery Address

The delivery address to be used for all submissions is:

Procurement Manager

CHAN Medi-Pharm Ltd/gte

Little Rayfield, off Bukuru-Rayfield Road

P.O. Box 6944, Jos, Plateau State


NB: Submission of bid document may be hand delivered or couriered to the address above. The closing date of the proposal is 15th October 2015. Any application received after the stated closing date will not be accepted.



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