procurement adverts

National Commission for Nomadic Education

No 14, Yakubu Avenue, P.M.B 2343, Kaduna, Nigeria

Invitation for Pre-Qualification and Tender


The National Commission for Nomadic Education Kaduna Wishes to pre-qualify competent, experienced and reputable Consultants under its 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as below:

Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

Consultancy on Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) Project

(1)     Recording and production of seventeen (17) IRI lessons

(2)     Critiquing and Formative Evaluation of the seventeen (17) produced IRI Lessons.

(3)     Monitoring and Evaluation of IRI project implementation.

Pre-Qualification and Tender Requirements:

Application for per-qualification and tender should be accompanied with:

(a)     Evidence of valid certificate of registration with corporate Affairs Commission (for registered companies)

(b)     Valid/verifiable Tax Clearance Certificate for the last there years,  i.e, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

(c)      Evidence of registration for Value Added Tax (VAT).

(d)     Company profile; verifiable documentary evidence of adequate human and materials resources to execute Consultancy services applied for.

(e)      Evidence of verifiable past experience in handling similar project.

(f)      Reference/guarantee from a reputable Bank giving verifiable evidence of financial capacity to execute project applied for.

(g)     Evidence of Registration with Financial Reporting Council (FRC) of Nigeria.

(h)     Evidence of payment of N20,000.00 non-refundable fee for (for tenders only).

(i)      Evidence(s) of compliance with the provision of pension Reform Act 2004.

Submission of Pre-Qualification and Tender Documents

All pre-qualification and tender documents (i.e. technical/terms of reference and finance bids) are to be neatly bound and placed in two separate sealed envelopes, clearly marked at the top with the title of the project, specifying the content of each envelope (whether Technical/Terms of Reference (TOR) and Financial Bid). Please ensure that the Company’s functional telephone numbers should be written on the top left side of the envelopes.

The envelopes should be addressed to:

The Executive Secretary

National Commission for Nomadic Education,

No. 14, Yakubu Avenue,

P.M.B, 2343, Kaduna.

All envelopes should be dropped into a box located at the Procurement Unit of the Commission, Please ensure that you collect acknowledgment for envelopes deposited at the procurement Unit.

All pre-qualification and tender documents should reach the Commission not later than 7thDecember 2015 by 4.00p.m. prompt.

Please Note:

(a)     Late submission will be rejected.

(b)     The technical bids (Pre-qualification documents) shall be opened by 4.00 p.m. on the expiry of this Advert. All interested members of the public and contractors are hereby invited to attend.

(c)      The advertisement for “Pre-qualification and Tender” shall not be construed to be a commitment on the part of the Commission nor shall it entitle the tenderer to make any claim whatsoever and seek any indemnity from the Commission by virtue of such tenderer having responded to the advertisement

(d)     Prequalification bid must be very clear about the areas of proven competence and interest.



Tenders Board

National Commission for Nomadic Education



Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA)

Established under the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (Act, 2007) Maritime House, 4 Burma Road, Apapa, P.M.B. 12861, Lagos.



Invitation for the Technical and Financial Bid for the Execution of the underlisted Projects/Services Appropriated in 2015 Budget

 (1.0) Introduction

The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), a Parastatal of the Federal Ministry of Transport in compliance with the Public Procurement Act (PPA) 2007, invites reputable and interested Contractors and companies with proven track records to submit Technical and Financial bids for Prequalification for the under-listed Projects and Services:

Lot Number Projects/Services
Lot 1 The establishment of Nimasa Chart Repository and Inventory Management System


Lot 2 Procurement of Hydrographic and Geodetic Equipment


Lot 3 Network optimization of Abuja office


Lot 4 Completion and Remodeling of NIMASA Administrative Building


Lot 5 Furnishing of Head Office


Lot 6 Maintenance Dredging of NIMASA Jetty at Kirikiri, Lagos


Lot 7 Remodelling of NIMASA Office at 15B Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos


Lot 8 Interactive white Boards for it Training Rooms at Resource Center
Lot 9 Procurement of Enterprise Data Storage and Management


Lot 10 Dry-Docking of Boats


Lot 11 Consultancy Services for the Construction of NIMASA Office Building at Bonny Island and Escravos


Lot 12 Provision of Janitorial Services and Sundry works to NIMASA Head Office


Lot 13 Provision of Janitorial Services Sundry works to NIMASA Eastern Zone


Lot 14 Provision of Janitorial Services and Sundry works to NIMASA Western Zone


Lot 15 Provision of Janitorial Services and Sundry works to NIMASA Central Zone


Lot 16 Production of Corporate Gifts/Branded Items


Lot 17 Marine Management Consultancy


Lot 18 Comprehensive Refurbishing of NIMASA Staff Canteen at Head Office, 88 Marine Road Office and NIMASA Resource Center, Kirikiri, Lagos


Lot 19 Complete Rehabilitation and Maintenance of Lifts at NIMASA Offices


Lot 20 Construction of Water Treatment Plant and Overhead Steel Tanks at Central Zonal Office, Sapele, Delta State


Lot 21 Cladding of NIMASA Head Office Building


Lot 22 Implementation of Call Routing Facility on the Agency’s IP Telephony System


Lot 23 Implementation of Automated Email Archiving and on-Demand Retrival of E-Mail


(2.0) General Requirements:

Prospective bidders are required to submit the following documents:

(i)      Detailed Company Profile stating current office address, e- mail and telephones.

(ii)     Evidence of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) by inclusion of Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Association.

(iii)    Evidence of Tax Clearance Certificate and Tax remittances for the past three years (2012, 2013, 2014) corresponding with declared Annual Turnovers by inclusion of photocopy.

(iv)    Evidence of compliance with the Pensions Reform Act 2004, by inclusion of compliance letter from National Pension Commission.

(v)     Evidence of compliance with Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Act of 2011 by inclusion of compliance letter from Industrial Training Fund.

(vi)    Evidence of VAT registration / Remittance certificate.

(vii)   Evidence of compliance with Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) by inclusion of compliance letter from Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund.

(viii)  Evidence of working capital for bids valued above 50 Million Naira and above and authority to seek reference from Bidder’s Bankers.

(ix)    A sworn affidavit that none of the Directors has been convicted in any court of law for any criminal offence.

Failure to submit all documents stated above may lead to the disqualification of the Bid.

(3.0) Additional Requirements:

(i)      Proof of technical expertise to execute the job.

(ii)     Evidence of accreditation/professional registration.

(iii)    List of verifiable documentary evidence of similar jobs successfully executed/on-going within the last three (3) years (eg Letters of Award, Job completion certificate etc).

(iv)    List of key personnel including professionals to be attached to the work including photocopies of relevant professional certificates.

(4.0) Collection of Tender Documents/Submission of Proposals:

Interested Companies/Firms could collect Standard Bid Documents as from Tuesday 17th November, 2015 from the office of the Deputy Director. Procurement, Room 500, 5th Floor, The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), No,4 Burma Road, Apapa, Lagos, after the payment of non-refundable fee of Thirty Thousand Naira (N30,000.00) only for each Lot at the Financial Services Department (Revenue section) of the Agency on the 4th Floor Payment shall be made to Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) as stated below:

Bank Name: Skye Bank

Address: Wharf Road-Apapa, Lagos

Account Number: 1771644685

Please note that contractor should seek clearance from Revenue Unit of Financial Service Department before payment. After payment Teller shall be taken to the NIMASA Revenue Unit for confirmation and issuance of receipt for Bid collection.

(5.0)  Submission of Technical and Financial Bids:

The Technical and Financial Bids of firms with all required supporting documents (Original and Duplicate) neatly packaged in sealed envelopes, each stating the project, Lot Number and Company’s Name shall be submitted not later than Friday 18th December, 2015 by 11am to the office of:

Deputy Director (Procurement),

Room 500,5th Floor,

Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA),

No 4 Burma Road, Apapa, Lagos.

Please note that:

The financial bid should be in a separate envelope attached to the technical bid.

Bidders are advised to submit before the closing date 18/12/15. However, any submission on the last day should be done at the Bid Opening Venue, Multi-Purpose Hall of NMRDC, Kirikiri, Apapa before 11am. Late submission will NOT be accepted.

Financial submission/quote less than 80% of the estimation for all projects/services shall be disqualified.

(6.0) Opening of Bids

Venue: Multipurpose Hall of NMRDC Kirikiri, Apapa, Lagos

Date: 18th December, 2015

Time: 11.00am

Tenders or their representatives, Relevant Professional Bodies and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) are invited to witness tender opening exercise and shall register evidencing their attendance. Opening of Financial bids of Tenders adjudged technically competent shall be done at a later date that will be communicated to successful (Pre-qualified) Firms.

(7.0)  Enquiries

All enquiries regarding this advertisement should be directed to the Office of the Deputy Director, Procurement, Room 500, 5th Floor, the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), No. 4 Burma-Road, Apapa. Lagos, or through the following telephone numbers during official hours (9am – 5pm) only: 09093752657, 08022081765 & 08062691690.


(i)      Late submission of pre-qualification documents will not be entertained.

(ii)     All CAC, VAT, PENCOM, ITF and Tax Clearance Certificates submitted may be referred to Security Agencies, Corporate Affairs

Commission (CAC), Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Industrial

Training Fund (ITF), National Pension Commission and other relevant bodies for verification

(iii)    This notice shall not be construed to be a commitment on the part of

Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency to award any

Form of contract to any respondent nor shall it entitle any Company/Firm  submitting documents to claim any indemnity from the Agency.

(iv)    The Agency is not bound to accept the lowest financial bidder.

(v)     The Financial Tender documents should be enclosed in a separate envelope from the Technical Bid documents. Failure to comply with this may lead to disqualification of the Tenderer.

(vi)    Bidders shall be responsible for all costs in preparation and submission of Bids.

Signed: Management



National Sports Commission

The Presidency


Invitation to Tender


(1.0)  Introduction:

The National Sports Commission in compliance with the provision of the Public Procurement Act (2007) hereby invites interested and reputable contractors/suppliers with requisite competences to tender for the following essential services for 2016 fiscal year.

(1.1)  Goods and Services

Proposed Projects/Programmes

Lot 1   Supply of Automotive Gas Oil (Diesel) to the National Stadium complex for Package “A” & “B” (2yrs.) Abuja.

Lot 2   Cleaning and Lawn Mowing at National Stadium, Package “A” (2 yrs.)

Lot 3   Cleaning and Lawn Mowing and bush cleaning at National Stadium, Package “B” Abuja (2 yrs.)

(2.0)  Tendering Requirements

Interested companies are required to submit all the under-listed verifiable documents:

(i)         Evidence of Company Registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission

(ii)        Corporate Profile, to include: lists, CVs and copies of credentials of Company technical staff, indicating qualification, year(s) of cognate experience and certificate of registration with relevant professional bodies.

(iii)       Evidence of payment of tax for the last three (3) years (2012-14)

(iv)      Current Company’s audited statement of Accounts for the last three years (2012-14), duly stamped by a Registered Auditor.

(v)       Evidence of compliance with Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Amendment Act, 2011 by inclusion of compliance Certificate from ITF.

(vi)      Evidence of compliance with Pension Reform Act, 2004 by inclusion of Clearance Certificate from National Pension Commission (PENCOM).

(vii)     Evidence of registration on the Database of Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers by inclusion of the Interim Registration Report (IRR) issued by Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) in line with the provisions of section 5(b) of the Public Procurement Act (PPA) 2007.

(viii)    Reference Letter from a reputable bank.

(ix)      List of verifiable equipment to be used for the projects, listed as owned, hired or leased.

(x)       Original copies of document would be requested to be made for sighting whenever required.

(xi)      A sworn affidavit, certifying that:

(a)        The documents submitted for the pre-qualification exercise are not only genuine but also correct.

(b)       None of the Director(s) of the Company seeking for pre-qualification and none had ever been convicted by any court of Law.

(c)        The Company is not bankrupt.

(d)       None of the Officers of the National Sports Commission is a former or present Director of the company.

(xii)     Evidence of payment of a non-refundable sum of N20,000.00 only for Tender documents per Lot in favour of Federal Government Accountant (Single Treasury Account).

(3.0) Collection of Tender Document

Any interested company, contractor/supplier should collect tender document upon presentation of evidence of payment of the non-refundable fee of N20,000.00 from the procurement unit, Room 3A.1.56 1st floor of the National Sports Commission from 6th November to 10th December 2015.

(ii)        For contractors/suppliers who applied for Lot 12a & 12b (cleaning services) in 2014 advertisement need not pay for tender fees, but at collection of Bid documents, they will be required to produce their receipt for 2014.

(4.0) Submission of Completed Tender

All completed tender documents should be returned by hand on or before 12 noon 10th December, 2015, in two (2) hard copies (one original and a copy) in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the appropriate Lot No. and project Name, Addressed to:-

The Secretary, Ministerial Tenders Board, National Sports Commission, Federal Secretariat, Phase 1, Abuja.

Late submission will not be accepted.

The opening of the Tender document shall commence by 1 p.m. same day at the Honourable/Chairman’s Conference Room 1st Floor National Sports Commission, Federal Secretariat, Phase 1, Shehu Shagari Way, Central Business District Garki, Abuja.

Please Note. The National Sports Commission reserves the right to reject any document it consider doubtful and will not enter into any litigation in respect of this advertisement.





Dental Therapists Registration Board of Nigeria (DTRBN)

8A Oba Adeyinka Oyekan Street by Ikoyi Towers Ikoyi Lagos


Invitation to Tender/Expression of Interest 


The DTRBN is a Parastatal of Federal Ministry of Health established by Decree 81 of August 25, 1993 embodied in Cap D7 of the LFN 2004 saddled with the responsibility of regulating, improving and maintaining excellence in the professional practice of Dental Therapists and allied professions(Dental Nurses, Dental Health Technicians and Dental Surgery Assistants)

In compliance with the public procurement act 2007, DTRBN invites interested and qualified bidders for the procurement of the following an expression of interest for provision of consultancy services for the 2014 appropriation.

Project Description

(A)           Tender

Lot Projects Specifications
1 Procurement of 6 Nos. Executive (utility vehicle) 14 seating capacity, Automatic transmission, long wheel base, Alloy wheel, ABS, 2.7 litre gasoline engine, 2015 model


Lot Projects Specifications
1 Procurement of office equipment, furniture and fittings 60 Nos. of office Chairs

60 Nos. of Tables

50 Nos. of Cabinets

15 Nos. Executive Chairs

15 Nos. Executive Table

1 No Conference room table

25 Nos. Conference room chair

2 15 Nos. 2HP Air conditioner

15 Nos. Refrigerator


Lot Projects Specifications
1 Procurement of 135KVA Generator Soundproof

Perkins Engine (England)

Bid Requirements

(i)            Evidence of certificate of incorporation with corporate Affairs Commission (photocopy).

(ii)           Evidence of Tax clearance certificate for the last three years 2012, 2013 and 2014 (photocopy)

(iii)          Company profile.

(iv)          Bank reference letter with evidence of financial capability Evidence of VAT Registration with TIN No and past remittances (photocopy)

(v)           Evidence of registration with DTRBN. (Photocopy)

(vi)          Evidence of experience with similar jobs

(vii)         Evidence of payment of non-refundable bid fee of N 35,000.00 only.

Submission of Bid Documents

All submission of bids should be made not later than 4th December 2015 in a sealed envelope marked Bid on the right hand corner and addressed to the undersigned.

The Registrar/CE

Dental Therapists Registration Board of Nigeria

8A Oba Adeyinka Oyekan Street,

2nd Avenue by Ikoyi Towers


Submission of bids shall close on Thursday 3rd December, 2015 by 4.00pm.

Bids will be opened on Friday 4th December, 2015 at 12noon.



Federal Republic of Nigeria

Federal Ministry of Environment Mabushi-Abuja

Invitation to Tender for the Execution of the Ministry’s 2015 Projects

The Federal Ministry of Environment (FME), Mabushi-Abuja wishes to undertake the procurement of Works and Goods under the 2015 Appropriation.

(2)     In compliance with the Public Procurement Act 2007,  FME invites interested, Competent and reputable Contractors with relevant experience and good track records to submit documents necessary for consideration for the execution of these projects.

(2.1)  Category A (works)

LOT NO Project Description Department Location
EFC-W-B-1 Erosion control project near Baba petroleum, Abuja-Benin expressway, Edo State Erosion Flood Coastal Zone Management Edo State
EFC-W-ZIP-1 Erosion Control in Okitipupa and Irele LGA, Ondo South Senatorial District, Ondo State. Erosion Flood Coastal Zone Management Ondo State
(2.2)  Category B (Goods)
LOT No Project Description Department Location
DDA-G-B-1 Procurement of 1,500 Units of 6kg LPG filled gas cylinder with Burners, Delivery and capacity building at Bama/ Ngala/ Kala-Balge LGAs of Borno State. Drought




Borno State

(3)     Mandatory requirements without which a bidder shall be disqualified from further participation:

Prospective bidders are required to submit the following documents:

(i)      Certificate of Incorporation/Registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC);

(ii)     PENCOM Certificate from National Pension Commission.

(iii)    Tax Clearance Certificates for the last three years (2012, 2013 & 2014) corresponding with declared turnover in the Audited reports;

(iv)     Evidence of VAT Registration.

(v)      Evidence of payment of training contributions to Industrial Training Fund (ITF)-in compliance with the provisions of ITF Amendment Act 2011;

(vi)     Evidence of Registration with the National Database of Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers (Submit Interim Registration Report from Bureau of Public Procurement).

(4)   Other Requirements:

(i)      Company Audited Account for the last 3 years (2012, 2013 & 2014) by qualified Auditor and showing annual turnover;

(ii)     Company Profile and Technical qualifications of key personnel with evidence of experience of Similar jobs: Evidence of Registration with Relevant Professional Bodies (including Architects, Civil Engineers, Builder and Quantity Surveyors etc.) is mandatory;

(iii)    Verifiable List of similar jobs successfully executed in the last 3 years including Letters of Award of Contracts; Job Completion Certificates (please provide the contact addresses of the Clients) for verification.

(iv)     Evidence of Financial capability to execute the Projects (Bank Guarantees from reputable banks will form part of the evaluation criteria);

(5)     Collection of Tender Documents:

Tender document is to be obtained from the Procurement Department, Room AO21, Ground Floor on the presentation of a copy of the original receipts of non-refundable tender fee of Ten thousand (N10.000.00 ) Naira paid into the Account below via any Bank in the country:

Account Name:   Accountant General (Federal Sub-Treasury)

Account Number:      3000002095

(6)     Submission Requirements:

(1)     Completed Technical and Financial Proposals (One soft copy and two sets of hard copies) shall be submitted in two different sealed tamper proof envelopes and labelled “Technical Proposal” and “Financial Proposal” and both placed in a third envelope. All the 2 nos. envelopes should bear the“Project Name” and “Lot No.” at the Top Right Hand Corner of the Envelope and addressed to:

The Secretary,

Ministerial Tenders Board,

Federal Ministry of Environment,

Mabushi- Abuja.

(ii)     The documents should be deposited In the Tender Boxes at the Conference Room B301 3rdFloor, Federal Ministry of Environment, Headquarters, Mabushi, Abuja. Company’s name and address should also be written at the reversed side of the envelopes. Closing time for all submissions is 12 Noon prompt on or before 3rd December, 2015. Late submissions shall not be entertained.

(7)     Opening:

Opening of the received documents will commence immediately after the closing on 3rd December, 2015 at 12noon prompt at:

Ministerial Tenders Board,

Room B301,

Federal Ministry of Environment,


Mabushi- Abuja.

All Bidders and/or their Representatives, Relevant Professional Bodies and NGOs are invited to witness the public opening exercise accordingly.

(8)     Please Note That:

(i)      All CAC, VAT, PENCOM, TAX, ITF, Certificates may be referred to the Security Agencies, Corporate Affairs Commission, Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS), National Pension Commission and other relevant bodies for verification.

(ii)      Only the financial bids of the bidders that were technically responsive will be opened.

(iii)    The Evaluation of the received documents shall be strictly based on the requirements as specified above and as contained in the Bid Documents.

(iv)    The Federal Ministry of Environment reserves the right to reject any or all the submissions that do not meet up with the requirements as specified.

(9)      The Ministry is not obligated to award a Contract to any bidder and/or applicant and reserve the right to cancel and/or discontinue the procurement process at any stage without incurring any liability thereby to the bidders.


Permanent Secretary



Kenule Beeson Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic


Office of the Registrar 

Additional Requirements for the Prequalification of Contractors and Tender for the Execution of the 2011/ 2012/2013/2014 (Merged) Tetfund Normal Intervention Projects 

Further to the criteria spelt out in our advertisement of Monday October 5, 2015 relating to the prequalification and tender of interested bidders for the 2011/2012/2013/2014 (merged) TETFund Normal Intervention projects, we wish to add that the following additional criteria are also required for the successful prequalification of bidders in respect of the projects listed in the said advertisements.

(i)         Evidence of compliance with PENCOM requirements by submission of current Pension Clearance Certificate;

(ii)        Evidence of registration with the Bureau of Public Procurement’s (BPP) National Data base of Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers.

(iii)       Compliance Certificate from the Industrial Training Fund (ITF);

(iv)      Affidavit disclosing whether or not any officer of the Tenders Board of the Kenule Beeson Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic is a former or present Director, shareholder, or has any pecuniary interest in the bidder. In addition, the affidavit should confirm that all information presented in the prequalification documents are true and correct in ail particulars.

Consequent upon the above, the collection, completion and return of all bid documents is hereby extended to 4pm on Monday November 16th 2015.  Formal opening of bids will take place at 10am on Tuesday November 17, 2015 at the Kenule Beeson Saro-Wiwa Polytechnic Council Chambers.

All interested bidders, regulatory agencies and members of the general public are to please note and be guided by the content of this advertisement.

Paul .I. Igbara





Ilesa Integrated Water Supply and Sanitation Project

Osun State Water Corporation


General Procurement Notice

Loan No./Credit No./TF No./Grant No.

Project ID No

The Osun State Water Corporation, Osun State, has received financing in the amount of US$65.04 Million equivalent from the Islamic Development Bank toward the cost of the Ilesa Integrated Water Supply and Sanitation Project, and it intends to apply part of the proceeds to payments for goods, works, related services and consulting services to be procured under this project.

The project will include the following component:

Water Treatment Plant

The construction of water treatment plant of 60,000m3/day capacity including High Lift Pump Station and Sludge Disposal System under the Design-Build bases. The water treatment will have the following unit processes:

Aeration, Coagulation/Flocculation, Clarifier, Rapid-Sand Filtration and Disinfection.

Transmission mains and Pump Booster Station

The treated water from the Water Treatment Plant will be conveyed to Ilesa township through a 17.1km 800mm DI, 4.3km 600mm DI, 10.9km 400mmDI; to the three concrete reservoirs placed at strategically high places to ensure gravity flow for the distribution. A Booster Pump Station is located about 17.1 km up-stream to the Water Treatment Plant.

Construction of three (3) Nos. 10,000,000 litres concrete Circular tanks

Three 10,000m3 concrete circular tanks are to be located at different locations within Ilesa town to effect gravity distribution of the potable water to the customers.

Construction of Water Distribution Network

The water distribution network designed for Ilesa township comprises 9.5km of 400mm diameter, 9.8km of 315mm diameter, 18.6km of 250mmm diameter, 42.1 km of 200mm diameter, 77.2km of 160mm diameter and 300.3km of 110mm diameter, all HDPE pipes.

About 45,000 no, domestic meters and 3no. Zonal Meters are proposed.

Construction/Provision of Sanitation Infrastructure

The sanitation system comprises the sewage and non-sewage disposal methods. The sewage disposal system consists of the water closet/pit/VIP latrine system for households and communal (public) discharging into appropriate sized septic tanks/pit from where sewage is evacuated and transported on regular basis by sewage trucks to facultative ponds on the outskirt of the Ilesa Township.

On the other hand, the non-sewage (sullage) water are discharged into the covered road drainage system which discharges into various swamps in the Ilesa Township. The design includes at least 3 types of household/communal latrines, the septic tank, optimum sewage truck collection system and facultative pond.

The Consultancy services under the project cover engineering supervision of the construction of 20km Transmission mains and booster station with a pumping capacity of 60,000,000 litres per day to be located about 17.2km upstream of the high-lift pumping station and construction of three (3) Nos. 10,000,000 litres concrete circular tanks to be strategically placed at high elevations.

The goods, works and services to be procured under ICB or ICB are limited to IDB member country procedures.

Procurement of contracts financed by the Islamic Development Bank will be conducted through the procedures as specified in the Islamic Development Bank’s Guidelines for Procurement of Goods and Works Under Islamic Development Bank Financing (current edition), and is open to all eligible bidders as defined in the guidelines. Consulting services will be selected in accordance with the Islamic Development Bank’s Guidelines for the Use of Consultants under Islamic Development Bank Financing (current edition).

Specific procurement notices for contracts to be bidded under the Islamic Development Bank’s international competitive bidding (ICB) or (ICB/MC) procedures and for contracts for consultancy services will be announced, as they become available.

Prequalification of suppliers and contractors will be required for the following contracts:

  • Construction of 20 km Transmission mains and booster station with a pumping capacity of 60,000,000 litres per day to be located about 17.2km upstream of the high-lift pumping station.
  • Construction of three (3) Nos. 10,000,000 litres concrete circular tanks to be strategically placed at high elevations to ensure gravity distribution of water to users.

Interested eligible bidders who wish to be included on the mailing list to receive invitations to prequalify/bid under ICB or ICB/MC procedures, and interested consultants who wish to receive a copy of advertisement requesting expressions of interest for consultancy contracts, or those requiring additional information, should contact the address below.

Osun State Water Corporation

Attn; Engr F.O Osundina

P.M.B 4317,

+234, Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria

Tel: +2348033659902


International Rescue Committee

Nigeria Program


Invitation to Bid

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) is an international, non-sectarian, voluntary organization providing relief, protection and resettlement services for refugees and victims of oppression or violent conflict.

The IRC has been active in Nigeria since 2012, providing essential services for IDPs and host communities in partnership with several international donors; the IRC is continuing its operations in North East Nigeria and is issuing this Request For Proposal (RFP) to solicit competitive, sealed bids, to establish a contract with authorized vendors for provision of various goods and services as per Categories Listed below, for a period of 1 year Commencing from December, 2015.

S/No. Categories Location Category No.
1 Household Materials Borno A
2 Stationery Borno B
3 Hygiene And Promotion Borno C
4 Fuel And Lubricants Adamawa, Abuja & Borno D
S Furniture Borno E
6 Hardware Borno F
7 Maintenance Of Facilities And Equipment Adamawa, Abuja & Borno G
8 Hotel Accommodation Adamawa, Abuja & Borno H
9 Construction Adamawa & Borno I
10 Vehicle Rental Adamawa, Abuja & Borno J
11 Travel Agencies Abuja K
12 Clearing And Forwarding Abuja L
13 Equipment Adamawa, Abuja & Borno M
14 Printing Services Yola, Mubi, Abuja & Maiduguri N
15 Water Quality And Disinfectants Yola, Mubi & Maiduguri 0
16. Medical Supplies Yola, Mubi & Maiduguri P
17 Assorted Items Yola, Mubi & Maiduguri Q
18 Vehicle Maintenance & Spare Parts Yola, Mubi, Abuja & Maiduguri R

It is required to provide sample of supplies with bid (where applicable).

The proposals will be evaluated based on predetermined evaluation criteria as indicated in the request for proposal (RFP). IRC and the winning bidder(s) will agree on a fixed price Master Purchase Agreement (Framework Contract Agreement) for a period of one-year, renewable after a supplier evaluation process and upon the agreement of both parties.


All unit prices should include transportation costs to Abuja, Adamawa and Borno.

Interested and suitable vendors may collect Tender Documents (RFP and List of Goods and Services) from IRC Offices in Abuja, Borno or Adamawa as indicated below. Bidders should submit their bid documents in properly sealed envelope by hand clearly marked the Tender Reference No. IRC/NIG/11/2015/MPA002 above and submit to:





Plot 902, Olu Awotesu Street- off Idris Ibrahim Crescent, JABI – ABUJA


Behind Mubi North Police Station, Shuware- Garden City Mubi North LGA. Adamawa State.

INTERNATIONAL RESCUE COMMITTEE Desert View Suites, No 2 Sokoto Road, Off Dapcharima Road, Old GRA, Maiduguri Borno State.
Closing date is November 23, 2015 at 10:00AM

For any information, potential bidders can contact +Tel # 08098697971 / 07038634349 / 07063597912 / 08091484323



Federal Ministry of Education

Federal Government Girls’ College, Kazaure

Invitation to Tender for 2015 Capital Project

In compliance with the Public Procurement Act 2007, Federal Ministry of Education through Federal Government Girls’ College, Kazaure is desirous to undertake Tender Exercise for the following proposed 2015 Capital Project:-

S/N Project
1 Construction of 1 No. Block of Classrooms

(B)     Tender Requirements:

All interested Contractors are required to submit the following;-

(1)     Evidence of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

(2)     Evidence of Financial Capability to undertake the Project.

(3)     Evidence of Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years.

(4)     Evidence of VAT Registration with Tax Identification Number (TIN).

(5)     Evidence of National Pension Commission compliance.

(6)     A comprehensive Company Profile and audited accounts for the last 3 years.

(7)     Evidence of completion of similar jobs in the past.

(8)     Evidence of Registration with the Industrial Training Fund (ITF).

(C)    Tender Documents:

Tender documents are obtainable from the office of the Secretary Tenders Board of the College on presentation of Payment Receipt (Payment made to FGGC Kazaure CBN Account No: 051702606600via Remita Platform from any Commercial Bank of Non Refundable Fee of Twenty Thousand Naira (N20, 000.00).

(D)    Closing of Submissions:

Closing of Submission of Tender Documents is 23rd November 2015.

The bid will be opened at FGGC Kazaure on Tuesday 24th November, 2015 at 12:00Noon.


Principal FGGC-Kazaure.



National Steel Raw Materials Exploration Agency (NSRMEA), Kaduna

(Ministry of Mines and Steel Development) 

Invitation to Tender for Intervention Projects

National Steel Raw Materials Exploration Agency (NSRMEA) Kaduna, a parastatal of Ministry of Mines and Steel Development hereby invites tenders from competent and interested companies for the execution of the Constituency/Intervention Projects Domiciled in the Agency

The Projects are as Follows:-

Lot l. Detailed Geological Investigation of Mineral Occurrences of economic Value in Anambra East, Anambra State.
Lot 2. Geophysical Assessment to Identify Productive Water Bearing Aquifers in Anambra West, Anambra State.
Lot 3. Investigation of Mineral Resources of Ajaokuta LGA, Reconnaissance/Geological Mapping, Detailed Mineral Inventory, Exploratory Pitting and Trenching, Topographic Survey, Chemical Analysis of about 200 Samples, Reserve Determination of Selected Minerals and Report Submission.
Lot 4. Training on Local Mining and Quarrying Methods for Local Miners in Ogori-Mangogo LGA, Kogi State.

(2)     Requirements

All registered Contractors are required to provide the following information/ documents, to accompany their proposals:-

(a)     Evidence of Registration with Corporate Affairs Commission.

(b)     Evidence of Registration in the National Database of Federal Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers by the Bureau of Public Procurement.

(c)      Evidence of compliance with Pension Reform Act and up to date remittance of employees’ pension fund contribution.

(d)     Evidence of Equipment and Technology capacity.

(e)     Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years.

(f)      VAT Registration.

(g)     Audited Account of the Bidder for the last three (3) years.

(h)     Verifiable list of similar jobs successfully executed.

(i)      Evidence of Financial Capability/Bank Support.

(j)      Evidence of Payment of non-refundable tenders processing fee of N25,000.00 (Twenty Five Thousand Naira) only

(k)     Evidence of Registration with Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria.

(l)      Evidence of compliance with ITF Act. 

(3)     Submission of Pre-Qualification and Collection of Tender Documents

The pre-qualification documents are obtainable from Room 38 (2nd Floor) of National Steel Raw Materials Exploration Agency, Malali Village, Kaduna

Two (2) copies of pre-qualification documents for each project should be separately packaged and sent in a sealed envelope which shall clearly state the particular job and Lot No. on the top left “PRE-QUALIFICATION OF TENDER DOCUMENTS” for LOT………….and addressed to the Director General/

Chief Executive of National Steel Raw Materials Exploration Agency, Malali Village, Kaduna Closing date for submission of bids documents is Tuesday 8th December, 2015 at 12.00 noon.

Bids opening will take place immediately after closing (Tuesday, 8th December, 2015 at 12.30pm) at the Agency’s Board Room at No. 18, Rabah Road, Malali Village, Kaduna.

All tenders are to be submitted to the Agency’s Tender Box in Room 38, 2nd floor, Exploration House, 18 Rabah Road, Malali Kaduna.



Director General/Chief Executive.



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