Google, NFVCB, others Advocate for Safety Online.

Culled from Thisday Newspaper

Search engine giant, Google Nigeria, National Film and Videos Censors Board and Home Vida, has called on the government, organised private sector and the civil societies to put policies on ground that would improve safety of users while on the web.They made this known at an interactive session in Lagos to commemorate Safer Internet Day, with the theme: ‘Play your part for a better internet’.



One thought on “Google, NFVCB, others Advocate for Safety Online.

  1. In the near future a good portion of our lives will be on the internet. For many this is already a reality. A world where people can be faceless, where people can assume new identities, where the vulnerable becomes even more insecure, this world requires a society where personal identity is sacrosanct and easily verifiable, it requires government policies and regulations that are smart, adaptable and well disseminated. It requires people who are self conscious, aware and diligent in protecting themselves, their community and their governance systems. A lot of these requires smart government with smart policies


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