Culled from Guardian Newspaper

Will those thought to have financially benefitted illegally from the proceeds of the Malabu Oil deal ever be brought to Justice? The Guardian Newspaper of Wednesday March 2nd 2016 reported on its front page that the former Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Mohammed Adoke has been question by the Dutch Authorities in the Netherlands in connection with the Malabu Oil deal. This investigation is as a result of the liaison between the Dutch and Italians, as the latter is looking into the Malabu oil deal based on the involvement of an Italian Oil Company ENI. The paper also reports that investigations also extend to the use of shell companies to collect money and the individuals that received monies into their private account when a settlement was reach. Thus it appears that issues arising from the Malabu Oil deal are yet again in the forefront in the fight against corruption. But at a second glance, it reappearance may simply be because the home countries of the oil companies involved in the Malabu Oil deal consider it a duty to fight corruption.

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