procurement adverts

Unicef Nigeria – Bauchi Field Office
Sale of Used Project Vehicles & Equipment
UNICEF offers for sale of some used vehicles and equipment on “As is and Where is” basis:

Description Qty Lot Year of Acquisition Location
Toyota Prado Jeep, 4×4 8 1-8 2010 Unicef Bauchi Field Office Premises
Toyota Dyna Truck 1 9 2002

Toyota Prado Jeep, 4×4 1 10 2009 Unicef Katsina Field Office Premises
250 KVA Power Generating, Set, Coelmo
1 11 2007 Unicef Bauchi Field Office Premises
40 KVA Power Generating Set, Perkins
1 12 2004
Interested Buyers are to contact Administrative Units of the respective offices for inspection fromMonday, 27th June 2016 to Friday, 08 July 2016 (working days only) between the hours of 09:00 AM and 12:00 Noon daily at Unicef Bauchi and Katsina Field Offices. Bid form can be obtained from Bauchi Office.
All bids (for vehicles) should be made on the pre¬-printed forms and submitted in sealed envelope with a Certified Bank Draft representing 20% of the bid offer as deposit, on or before Friday, 08 July 2016, addressed to:
The Chief of Field Office
UNICEF Bauchi Field Office
20, Abdulkadir Ahmed Road
Commercial Layout, Bauchi
The Bank Draft to be drawn in favour of UNICEF Nigeria-Abuja.

A bid box is provided at the UNICEF Bauchi Field Office, for this purpose.
Result of the Tender will be released on 15th July 2016 and the successful bidders for vehicles) will be expected to pay the balance of 80% on their offers in certified bank draft to UNICEF Nigeria -Abuja, within 48 hours of receiving notification.
Vehicles will be released to the buyers only after payment of relevant custom duty and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Clearance. Please note that the vehicles were imported duty free.
All offers without bid bonds will not be considered. Unsuccessful bidders will have their drafts returned, as soon as possible.
UNICEF will also offer for sale by public auction, obsolete office equipment, including Desktop and Laptop Computers, Printers and other office equipment.
Venue: UNICEF Bauchi Office Car Park. Date: Saturday, 02 July 2016. Time: 10:00 AM.
For further information, please call: 07064107771

Lagos State University, Ojo
Invitation for Pre-Qualification for Technical Bids Exercise for Years 2011 -2014 (Merged) Tetfund Normal Intervention

This is to invite interested and reputable contractors to indicate interest in the pre-qualification and Technical bids exercise for the under-listed projects under the years 2011-2014 Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND) Normal intervention.
(1) Construction of 2-Story Centre of Organic Agriculture Green Economy Building at Epe Campus, comprising: Provost’s Offices, Lecturer’s Offices, Administration Staff Offices, Lecture Halls< Seminar Rooms, Gallery, Conference Centre, Security Rooms, Toilets, including External Works.
(2) Furnishing and Equipping of 2-Storey Centre of Organic Agriculture Green Economy Building at Epe Campus, comprising; 10Nr. Multimedia Projector Boards Hanger Kits complete with Carrier Bags, 40Nr. Core i5 HP 3-in-1 Desktop 2GB RAM with all Accessories, 460Nr. Single seater Rooms, and various Assorted Furniture.
Prospective Bidders should provide the under-listed documents which are considered as key requirements along with their Technical submissions:
(1) Photocopies of Certificate of Incorporation with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
(2) Company Audited Accounts for the past three years (2013, 2014 & 2015).
(3) Current Tax Clearance Certificate for the last 3 years (2012 – 2014)
(4) Company profile with details of key staff and equipment’s.
(5) Evidence of Financial capacity from a reputable Bank.
(6) Evidence of previous similar assignments with relevant evidence of successful completion.
(7) Evidence of Current Pension Compliance Certificate
(8) Evidence of Compliance Certificate with the provision of the amended ITF Act No 19 of 2011.
(9) Evidence of inclusion in Interim Registration Report (IRR).
All prospective bidders must comply with the following conditions:
(1) Bid documents containing full specifications, etc are to be obtained from the Office of the Vice Chancellor, Lagos State University, Ojo, on the payment of a non-refundable fee of N20,000.00 (Twenty Thousand Naira) in Bank Draft in favour of Lagos State University, Ojo
(2) Two bound copies each of Technical and Financial Bids marked as Original or Copy are to be separately sealed in different envelopes indicating the Project Name and both (Financial and Technical Bids) are to be placed in a well addressed and labeled single outer envelope for submission. (Any bid in loose sheets will be rejected).
(3) All copies of bids must be sequentially numbered and duly signed.
(4) All documents not submitted by the close of submission will not be received after close of submissions. No excuse for late submission will be entertained.
(5) All submissions should be made between 9am – 3pm, Mondays -Fridays at the Office of the Vice Chancellor, Lagos State University, Ojo.
(6) All enquires on technical issues must be addressed to the above address.
All submission of Technical bids will be closed by 11:30am on Tuesday 5th July, 2016. Opening of Technical bids will be conducted at 12 noon on Tuesday, 5th, July, 2016 in the Conference Room of Lagos State University, Ojo. Financial bids will be given to successful bidders after this exercise.

Dala Local Government Council
Kano State
Tender Notice

Invitation for pre-qualification to tender for the construction of class rooms Block at various school within Dala Local Government. This invitation for the expression of interest is for purpose of pre-qualifications bidders that like to express interest for the either of the following projects:-
(1) Construction of One storey of 8 No class rooms Block with office and toilet at the new Mai’aduwa Primary School at Dogon Nama ward.
(2) Construction of two number of story of 8 No class rooms block with office and toilet at New Tsamiyar Zubau Primary School of Gobirawa ward
(3) Construction of one story of 8 No class rooms block with office and toilets at Bayan Dutsen Dala New Primary School of Kantudu ward
(4) General Renovation of two story block of four class rooms and six seaters toilets at Kukar Bulukiya Gifted Primary School of Madigawa ward
(5) General renovation of 8 class room block and eight seaters toilets at Gwammaja Primary School of Gwammaja Ward.
Prospective contractors must satisfy all the required and necessary Pre-qualification conditions, criteria and procedures laid down by all the relevant authorities.
All Tender document for the above should be forward on or before 28th June, 2016 to the office of Head of P.R.S Dala Local Government and shall clearly written with the Title of the either project No 1-5 above
The advertisement should not be considered as a contract award or any commitment on the part of Dala Local Government, nor shall it entitle any contractor and or company to make any claim responded to this advertisement. Bids will be at the office of the Secretary Tenders Board on 28thJune, 2016.

Baffa A. Gaya
The Secretary Tender Board/ HOD PRS
Dala Local Government, Kano State

Gwale Local Government
Kano State
Tender Notice

In its effort to follow the footstep of the State Government under the able leadership of DR. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje in modernizing Kano, the Gwale Local Government Council has intended to execute some developmental projects in the nook and crannies of the area, therefore, eligible contractors are hereby invited for pre-qualifications to tender for under listed projects.
(1) Construction of 2 storey of 8 classrooms Block with office at Gwale, Sani Mainagge, Warure and Dukawuya primary schools respectively.
(2) General Renovation of classroom blocks, construction of Toilet, Boundary wall extension, construction of mechanised borehole, Hand pump and furniture’s supply at Maitasa special primary school.
(3) General Renovation of Rinji Ja’en, Filin Islamiyya, Gidan Galadima Girls, Kofar Na’isa, Dandago, Bajallabe nomadic and sheikh Uba Safiyanu Nomadic Special primary schools respectively.
(4) Re-construction of filin mushe Health Centre.
Prospective contractors must satisfy all the required and necessary Pre-qualification conditions, criteria and procedures laid down by all the relevant authorities.
Submission of prequalification documents of the eligible contractors/companies should be forwarded their documents on or before 28th June, 2016 to the Chairman Due Process Committee GWALE Local Government) in a sealed envelope marked “Construction and General Renovation”
This advertisement should not be a confused as a contract award or any commitment on the part of Gwale Local Government Council, nor should it be an entitlement for any contractor or company to make any claim whatsoever from the Local Government by virtue of having responded to this advertisement please.
Gwale Local Government Council, Kano State,

Federal Medical Centre, Yola
Lamido Zubairu Road, P.M.B. 2017 Bye-Pass
Yola-Town, Adamawa State
Invitation to Tender for 2016 Main Capital Projects

The Management of the Federal Medical Centre, Yola wishes to invite interested and reputable Companies with relevant experience to tender for the execution of the under-listed contracts/supplies in the 2016 Financial year:
Lot 1: Furnishing and Equipping of Medical Library Block, Pharmacy Block and Interns Quarters.
Lot 2: Supply of 100KVA Sound Proof Diesel Engine Generator,
Lot 3: Supply of Endoscopy Mobile Video Card.
(1) Evidence of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) by inclusion of Certificate of Incorporation and articles of association.
(2) Verifiable evidence of Company profile and technical qualification of key personnel with registration with relevant professional bodies.
(3) Evidence of current tax clearance certificate for the last three (3) years (2013, 2014, and 2015) corresponding with declared annual turnovers by inclusion of Photocopy.
(4) Evidence of compliance with the Pensions Reform Act, 2004 by inclusion of compliance letter from the National Pension Commission.
(5) Evidence of compliance with the Industrial Training Fund Amendment Act, 2011 by inclusion of compliance letter from the Industrial Training Fund.
(6) Company’s audited accounts for the last three (3) years (2013, 2014 and 2015).
(7) Evidence of financial capability/reference letter from a reputable Bank (including demonstration of having liquidity and / or evidence of access to or availability of confirmed credit facilities).
(8) A sworn affidavit confirming that all information presented and attached are true and correct, that the company is not in receivership, insolvent or bankrupt and none of its directors was ever convicted by any court of law.
(9) Verifiable evidence of registration with the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP)
Collect the tender documents for the particular contract being bidded for from the Office of the Head of Administration upon payment of non-refundable tender fee of Twenty thousand Naira (N20,000.00) only and obtaining Official Receipt from the Finance Department.
Completed Technical and Financial bids should be submitted in Two (2) different sealed envelopes and labelled “Technical bids” and “Financial bids” respectively. The Two (2) envelopes should be enclosed in a larger, envelope and marked “Contract for…….LOT… at the left hand corner of the envelope and addressed to the Medical Director, Federal Medical Centre, P. M.B. 2017, Yola Adamawa State not later than 12 Noon, on Tuesday, 2nd August, 2016). The sealed envelopes should be deposited in tamper proof box in the Board Room, Office of the Medical Director.
Late submission of bids shall not be accepted please. Bids will be opened immediately after closing of submissions on the same day.
(i) Financial bids from Contractors who meet the above technical requirements shall be opened on the bid opening date for consideration.
(ii) All submitted documents may be referred to the relevant Agencies for verification.
(iii) FMC Yola reserves the right to reject any or all the submissions that do not meet up with all the requirements as specified.
(iv) This advertisement shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of FMC, Yola to award contract to any Contractor nor shall it entail any Contractor/supplier submitting documents to claim any indemnity from FMC, Yola.
All Tenderers, members of Civil Society and Non-Governmental Organizations are invited to attend the financial bid opening on Wednesday, 31st August, 2016 at 12 Noon pm.
Aliyu Mohammed Nayejo
Director of Administration

Federal College of Education, Abeokuta
P.M.B. 2096, Abeokuta, Ogun State

Invitation to Tender for the Procurement of Goods and Works on 2013-2014 Tetfund Sponsored Library Intervention, 2011 Tetfund Sponsored Special High Impact Intervention Project (Batch V), and 2016 Capital Project
1.0 Introduction
The Federal College of Education, Abeokuta intends to execute some TETFund Sponsored and Capital Projects. The Management is desirous to acquire some works and goods in the current fiscal year to enhance Teaching & Learning towards the realization of the set goals.
In view of the above, the College is inviting interested, competent and reputable Contractors to tender for the following Projects described below:
1 LOT 1 TETF/FCE/OSIELE/UB/13-14/01 Procurement of 1,601 Nos. Assorted Books and Journals for various subjects
2 LOT 2 TETF/FCE/OSIELE/LIB/13-14/02 Procurement & Installation of Library Carrels
3 LOT 3 TETF/FCE/OSIELE/UB/13-14/03 Procurement & Installation of Office Equipment
4 LOT 4 TETF/FCE/OSIELE/UB/13-14/04 Procurement & installation of Office Furniture
5 LOT 5 TETF/FCE/OSIELE/LIB/13-14/05 Procurement & Installation of 500KVA Power Transformer with accessories.
6 LOT 7 TETF/FCE/OSIELE/LIB/13-14/07 Procurement & Installation of Computers and Wireless Local Network of ICT Equipment.
7 LOT 8 TETF/FCE/OSIELE/LIB/13-14/08 Provision of Conversion from DDC to LC and Data Entry.
8 LOT 9 TETF/FCE/OSIELE/LIB/13-14/09 Provision of Radio Coverage Devices for internet Access on Campus.
9 LOT 10 TETF/FCE/OSIELE/LIB/13-14/10 Procurement and installation of Library Equipment.


1 LOT 1 FCE/ABEOKUTA/TETF/SIP/11/1 Rehabilitation of Agricultural Sciences Laboratory


1 LOT 1 FCEABKT017236 Construction of Road

(i) Verifiable Certificate of Incorporation with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
(ii) Verifiable Evidence of Valid TAX Clearance Certificate for the last Three (3) Years (2013, 2014, 2015).
(iii) Verifiable current PENCOM compliance certificate issued by National Pension Commission.
(iv) Verifiable current Industrial Trust Fund (ITF) compliance certificate.
(v) Verifiable Certificate of Registration with the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) National database of Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers.
(vi) Current company’s audited account duly stamped and signed by ANAN/ICAN licensed Auditors for the last three years.
(vii) Verifiable office and workshop address(es): NOT P.O. BOX but should include telephone numbers of company directors.
(viii) Verifiable list of executed similar jobs (i.e. letters of awards and certificates of practical job completion),
(ix) Evidence of Financial Capability/Evidence of financial backing/reference from reputable bank.
(x) A comprehensive company profile of contractors to include verifiable staff list, Certificates of Academic and Professional Qualifications of Company Staff.
(xi) Evidence of ownership or lease agreement for relevant equipments, machines, tools and workshop where necessary etc.
(xii) A sworn Affidavit disclosing whether or not any officer of FCE Abeokuta is a former or present director, shareholder or has any pecuniary interest in the bid and that all the information/documents provided in its bid are true and correct.
(xiii) Arrangement of the technical documents in hard copies should follow the order in the list above an appropriately paged. The technical documents should have a table of content indicating the pages on which these Items are to be found.
Tender documents are to be collected from the Office of the Head, Procurement unit between the hours of 10:00am -3pm daily upon presentation of authenticated payment details of the non-refundable tender fee of N15,000 only obtained from an approved Bank by the College’s Bursar.
The complete “TECHNICAL” and “FINANCIAL” bid documents must be neatly packaged separately in a sealed envelope each and to be clearly marked “TECHNICAL” or “FINANCIAL” bid appropriately and the two (2) envelopes should now be put in the third (3rd) envelope.
The company name, project title and LOT number should be clearly indicated on the third (3rd) envelope and addressed to:
The Head,
Procurement Unit,
Federal College of Education,
P.M.B. 2090,
Ogun State
The envelope containing the bid documents should be dropped into the tender box at the Procurement Unit of the College.
Submission of bid documents into the tender box shall end on Monday 8th August, 2016 at 12:00 noon.
The bids will be opened immediately following the deadline stipulated for the submission of bids i.e. at12:00 noon at the FCE Kunle Filani Academic Theatre. NOTE:
• Incorrect address or labelling of submitted bids shall be rejected.
• All bids received after the deadline for the submission of bids shall be rejected.
• This advertisement of invitation to tender shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of FCE,
• Abeokuta nor shall it entitle any company to make any claim whatsoever or compensation having responded to this advertisement.
• All expenses incurred in preparing pre-qualification responses and all expenses otherwise associated with this exercise shall be borne solely by the prospective company.
• Only suitably pre-qualified contractors will have their tender opened.
• Interested company or companies/contractors are expected to accompany their bids with affidavit or disclosure, if any officer of FCE Abeokuta is a former or present director, shareholder or has any pecuniary interest in the bid.


Selection of Consultants by Beneficiaries of Financing from the French Development Agency (AFP)
Request for Expressions of Interest
Lagos State Government, Federal Republic of Nigeria Eko-Up Project

Consultancy Services: Pre-Operational Studies, Detailed Design, Tender Documents and Supervision of Construction Works for a New Waste Treatment Infrastructure at Epe
Consulting Services
Based on a feasibility study that was validated in December 2014, the AFD Board and the Federal Executive Council have approved the financing of 100 Million USD (AFD’s sovereign long term loan) in order to support:
• the Lagos State Urban Renewal Authority (LASURA) for upgrading of two among the largest and oldest slums in Lagos, which together host between 200,000 and 300,000 inhabitants, located within Ifelodun LCDA and Bariga LCDA (component 1 of the project);
• the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) for the construction of solid waste management facilities within the state and improvement of solid waste management into the two selected slums where the public service is impeded by lack of accessibility (component 2 of the project);
• the program management activities by the Development Partnership Department (DPD) of Lagos State, who coordinates activities in relationship with LASURA and LAWMA, in order to assure coordination of the two components and fluent communication among the various stakeholders.
The Credit Facility for this Project was signed on March 23rd 2015. Within this Project, the Lagos State Government intends to use part of the funds thereof for payments under the following project: Consulting Services to
(i) produce Pre-operational studies, detailed design and tender documents, and
(ii) supervise the construction works for a new waste treatment infrastructure at Epe, including a bioreactor landfill, a transfer loading station, a material recovery facility (MRF) and a windrow composting platform.
The objectives of the assignment are
(A) to conduct all the due diligence and prepare the detailed design for the development of a new landfill at Epe,
(B) to prepare the tender documents and assist the client with the evaluation of bids and recommendation of award of contract (optional tranche 1), and
(C) supervise the landfill construction works (optional tranche 2). Optional tranches shall be launched after the decision is made by the client to go forward with the next phase of the project, and if and only if the previous phase was deemed satisfactory by the client.
Specifically, the due diligence should include characterization of the waste, characterization of the sites, including geotechnical investigations, and a cost-benefit analysis of the different options available for the management mode of the facility. The environmental and social impact assessments are not part of this assignment and will be procured separately.
The Lagos Waste Management Authority hereby invites consultants to show their interest m delivering the services described above.
Eligibility criteria to AFD financing are specified in sub-clause 1.3 of the “Guidelines for the Procurement of the AFD-Financed Contracts in Foreign Countries”, available online on AFD
Interested consultants must provide information evidencing that they are qualified and experienced to perform those services. For that purpose, documented evidence of recent and similar services shall be submitted.
Determination of the similarity of the experiences will be based on:
• the contracts size,
• the nature of the services: detailed technical studies (geotechnical studies, ESIA, detailed design), preparation of tender documents,
• the technical area and expertise: solid waste treatment infrastructure (landfills, landfill gas capture, material recovery facility),
• the location: particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, projects in Nigeria would also be considered.
The Client will also take into account for the evaluation of the applications the following items;
• Skills and availability of in-house technical back-up experts provided to the on-site experts,
• Local representatives / partners.
• Among the submitted applications, the Lagos Waste Management Authority will shortlist a maximum of 6 consultants, to whom the Request for Proposals to carry out the services shall be sent.
Expressions of interest must be submitted as one original copy, two duplicates and a soft copy to the address below not later than 11th July, 2016.
(The Project Director,
EKO UP Solid Waste Management, Component II
Lagos Waste Management Authority
No.- 3 Iddo Yard, Ijora – Olopa, Lagos
Telephone: (+23408023318382, +2348023096174, +2348028328993.
Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below during office hours 9.00 am to 4.00pm
Address: Lagos Waste Management Authority, No; 3 Iddo Yard, Ijora – Olopa. Lagos.
Contact Numbers; +2348023318382, +2348023096174, +2348028328995


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