procurement adverts

Cross River State Government
Public Notice!
Sale of Unserviceable Government Vehicle

Bids are hereby invited from interested members of the public for the purchase of Cross River State Government Unserviceable items at the premises of Cross River State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWATSSA), 147 Ndidem Iso Road, Calabar.
Interested members of the public are advised to obtain “Bid Forms” from the Finance and Supply Department of Ministry of Works upon payment of a non-refundable sum of N10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira) per lot.
The Unserviceable items may be inspected between the hours of 10.00am and 3.00pm daily with the assistance of the Deputy Director Mechanical, Ministry of Works and the Director Water Supply Cross River State Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RUWATSSA). Payments should be made to the Director of Finance and Supplies, Ministry of Works, Ekorinim Road, Calabar.
All duly completed Bid Forms must be returned to:
The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Works
On or before the 28th September, 2016 at 12 noon prompt.
• Government reserves the right to reject or accept any bid(s).
• No negotiation or correspondence whatsoever shall be entered into with Government on this exercise.
• The Unserviceable items would be disposed on highest bidder basis.
• The list of unserviceable items are placed in Lots below

1 1No
Dando Leyland rig with compressor

2 1No
TH 60 Ingersoll Rand Rig

3 2No
Reska Rig Mounted on Mersedez Benz Truck

4 1No.
Ram Rig with Compressor Mounted on Mersedez Benz Truck

5 1No
Canter Truck (Light Truck)

6 1No
Mud Pump Rig

7 1No
Ingersoll Rand Compressor

8 3No
Hilux Pickup Vehicles

9 Assorted PVC Pipes (2” 3”. 4”)
9 -Do-

10 350 No Mono Hand Pumps

11 3000 No
Steel Riser Pipes (25mm)

Hon. Commissioner
Ministry of Works/Chairman Inter-Ministerial Board of Survey

Family Health International (FHI 360)
The Science of Improving Lives
Request for Quote (RFQ)

Family Health International (FHI 360) with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the Strengthening Integrated Delivery of HIV/AIDS Services (SIDHAS) project is supporting the government of Nigeria (GON) to enhance sustained cross-sectional integration of HIV/AIDS services by building Nigerian capacity to deliver sustainable high quality, comprehensive, prevention, treatment, care and related services in various states within Nigeria.
The Lagos State Office of FHI360 is inviting qualified and interested organization which meet the under listed criteria to participate in the supply of Medical equipment (Lot 1)- Differentiated care equipment (Lot 2) and Viral load consumables (Lot 3)
The Technical competence of bidders will be evaluated before the financial offers are considered. The minimum criteria that must be met by successful bidders are as follows;
(1) Evidence of registration with CAC and any other relevant regulatory body.
(2) Current / Valid tax clearance certificate
(3) Detailed Company Profile with registered address, functional e-mail, and telephone numbers.
(4) Verifiable evidence of successful completion of similar or bigger supplies executed within the last three years for an amount equal to or above Five Million Naira.
(5) Recommendation letter from bank stating ability to execute such supply.
(6) Current company’s audited statement of account for the last three years.
Interested and qualified bidders are to send e-mail to the e-mail address below to express their interest and request for list and specifications through: latest by 5:00 pm on Tuesday, 13th September, 2016.
Bidders are required to submit all documents listed in the eligibility criteria above alongside the financial bid. Financial bid must be in Naira and signed by an authorized representative of the bidding company. Financial bids must include the following: Delivery Schedule, Payment terms, Validity period and Warranty of equipment (where applicable).
Please note:
(1) Vendors are at liberty to bid for any or all the lots
(2) FHI360 reserves the right to vary number of items at time of award or split the award as may be deemed necessary.
(3) FHI360 may request successful bidders to provide physical sample of items they are being considered for.
(4) FHI360 is value added tax (VAT) exempted, but charges withholding tax (WHT) in compliance with the relevant Nigerian Laws.
(5) All submitted quotes must be valid for at least 60 days.
(6) This RFQ does not constitute a contract with any vendor whatsoever.
(7) Questions and request for clarifications can be directed to the above e-mail addresses or call 08094200475 for enquiries and clarification not later than Tuesday, 13th September, 2016.
All documents required for this RFQ must be received in sealed envelopes and clearly labeled ‘Technical Bid” and “Financial Bid” accordingly at the location below not later than 5:00pm onTuesday, 20th September, 2016.
Address your quote to:
The State Program Manager
FHI360, 3rd floor, Tisco Plaza,
Alhaja Ashabi Cole Street,
Alausa, Ikeja.

Yobe State Government of Nigeria
Invitation to Tender for the Construction/Renovations Work at Government Secondary School Fika, Fika Local Government

Yobe State Government hereby invites interested, experienced and refutable Contractors Registered with Yobe State Works Registration Board (Yobe State Tenders Board) to bid for categorized Renovations as specified below:
S/NO Project Description Lot Fees (N)
1 i. Renovation of Administration Block
ii Construction of two Block of toilet and bathroom
1 30,000.00
2 i Completion of Biology Laboratory
ii Completion of Chemistry Laboratory
iii Construction of Physics Laboratory
2 30,000.00
3 i Construction of 2-Block of Male Hostel 3 30,000.00

4 i Construction of Kitchen and Dining
4 30,000.00

5 i Construction of 3-Block of intermediate quarters
5 530,000.00

6 i Completion of 1-Block of 2 -Bedroom staff quarters
ii Completion of 1-Block of 2-Bedroom staff quarters
iii. Renovation of 2-Block of 2-Bedroom staff quarters
6 30,000.00

7 i Renovation of Gudi Hotel
ii Renovation of Daya Hotel
7 30,000.00

8 i Renovation of Examination Hall
ii Renovation of 1-Block of 3-Classroom (SS1)
8 30,000.00

9 i Construction of 1-Block of 3-Classrooms (Burnt one)
ii Construction of 1-Block of 3-Classrooms (JSS III)
9 30,000.00

10 i Renovation of 1-Block of 3-Classroom (SS II Art)
ii Renovation of 1-Block of 3-Classroom (SS II Science)
iii Renovation of 1-Block of 3-Classroom (JSII)
10 30,000.00

11 i Construction of Perimeter wall fencing and gate house
11 50,000.00

12 i Renovation of 1-Block of 3-Classroom (SS III Commercial)
ii Construction of 4-Block of 3-Comp VIP Latrine Toilet
12 30,000.00

Interested Contractors are to collect their Tenders Bids Documents from the Directorate of Planning Research and Statistics, Ministry of Education, upon payment of non-refundable fees as indicated above for each lot, payable to Zenith Bank Pic Damaturu, and present the Bank teller to Secretary State Tenders Board, Ministry of Finance, Damaturu and obtain the Receipt.
The document should be neatly packed in a sealed envelope marked “Confidential Tender Bid For Construction/Renovations Work At Government Secondary School Fika, Lot…” should be delivered not later than 21st September 2016, address to:
The Secretary,
State Tenders Board,
Ministry of Finance Building,
Along Potiskum Road, Damaturu, Yobe State,
• Notwithstanding, the submission of tender bids document, the Ministry of Education is not;
• Committed or obliged to include any company in the exercise or award contract to any contractor or agents or associates.
• Will only recognize and correspond with duly authorized officers of the companies through individuals.”
(Secretary Tenders Board)
For: Hon, Commissioner (MOF)

Yobe State and Local Governance Reform (SLOGOR) Project
Expression of Interest to Support the Review of the State Organic Finance Law
Country: – Nigeria.
Project: – State and Local Governance Reform Project.
Project No: – P133045
Grant No: – TF018335.

Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) follows the General Procurement Notice (GPN) for this Project that appeared in the UN Development Business Publication of February 18, 2015 and in three Nigerian Newspapers of the same date: (i) The Guardian, (ii) Thisday and (iii) Daily Trust.
The Federal Government of Nigeria has received a Grant from the International Development Association (IDA), acting as administrator of a trust fund from the European Union, towards the cost of State and Local Governance Reform Project. The Yobe State Government being one of the six beneficiary of the grant, now intends to apply part of the proceed towards the engagement of a consultant/consulting firm to support for the review of the state organic finance law, the assignment is part of the public financial management legislation (PFM) reform that will address major statutory and-administrative instruments governing the conduct of the fiscal and financial operations, including Financial Regulations, Stores Regulations, etc., have over the years become outdated. In many respects, their provisions while proving generally inadequate, in ensuring accountability and transparency in the conduct of government business, appear also grossly outdated, and out of tune with the realities of modern governance. And identify weaknesses and strength in the structures, of the Finance laws in Yobe State. The need to review and address these inadequacies has therefore given rise to this component within the framework of the State and Local Governance Reform Project.
A reputable consulting firm with key staff having the following qualifications and expertise are required as follows:-
(i) An Accountant who belongs to a professional Association and a member of the International Federation of Accountant (IFAC).
(ii) Must have at least 15 years’ experience in public sector Accounting and Financial Management;
(iii) Vast knowledge of the Nigerian public sector:
(iv) Demonstrable experience in public sector budgeting, accounting and financial management reforms in Nigeria or elsewhere:
(v) Experience in similar assignment will be essential.
Legal Expert:-
(a) At least LL.B with Minimum 12 years of related consulting experience.
(b) Demonstrated experience in Legislative Drafting.
(c) Excellent oral and written communication skills in English.
(d) Comfortable working in pressured environment with capacity to deliver high quality outputs and results to tight deadlines.
(e) Experience in similar assignment in review and drafting of legislation will be an essential. The firm must have relevant experience in undertaking similar assignments in Nigeria or other developing countries and provide evidence of such as experience.
The consulting services:-
The consultants will work closely with the Yobe State Ministry of Finance in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice and the project coordinating office to ensure the successful implementation of the public finance management legislation.
(a) Conduct a comprehensive review of all existing frameworks and statutory provisions that currently govern the conduct of financial administration and management in the State public service. These include but definitely not limited to: the Public Finance (Control) Management Act; Revised Financial Regulations 2004, Revised 2004 Stores Regulations, Treasury Circulars, etc., and similar PFM Laws of other states and FG;
(b) Provide a detailed profile of the identified weaknesses and gaps in the current statutory and administrative procedures governing the conduct of financial and fiscal operations of the State Government.
(c) As much as possible, situate identified initiatives within the context of national and international best practices in public finance management, bearing in mind, of course, their adaptability within, and relevance to the context of the State public service;
(d) Draft an organic public finance law, which reflects the findings of the review, and the requirements of fiscal responsibility and transparency.
(e) Participate as key resource person in three one-day seminars designed to sensitize members of the State House of Assembly, State Executive Council, and other stakeholders on content of the draft organic public finance law;
(f) Build consensus through wide-scale interaction with the various stakeholders on the need for specific reviews of existing financial and fiscal regulations and procedures in the State. These stakeholders include members of both the executive and legislative arms of government;
(g) Prepare a detailed report of proposed reviews including draft legislation with the legal expert financial regulations, statutory provisions, and processes, which have earlier been discussed with the stakeholders. Production of final component implementation completion report;
(h) Revise and produce a final draft of the Public Finance Legislation, based on feedback from key stakeholders;
(i) Produce final component implementation completion report;
(j) Support the state government in the processes associated with the implementation of public finance management legislation component of the project and the achievement of project objectives, including conduct of sensitization forums for key stakeholders (Permanent Secretaries, Legal/Judicial Officers, and key PFM staff).
The Yobe State and Local Governance Project (SLOGOR) now invites eligible Consulting Firms (Consultants) to indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested consulting firms are hereby requested to submit a statement of capability indicating relevant experience on similar assignments in Nigeria or elsewhere. This should include, but not limited to, summary of CVs of its key staff, provision of company brochures, description of similar assignments carried out in the last five years, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among key staff, etc.
The consulting firm will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers (January 2011 revised August, 2014). Please visit , setting forth the World Bank’s Policy on conflict of interest. In addition, please refer to specific information on conflict of interest related to this assignment as per paragraph 1.9 of Consultant Guidelines.
Further information can be obtained at the address below, during office hours, from 9:00am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday, except on public holidays.
Expression of interest must be delivered in four (4) hard copies and a soft copy to the address belownot later than 21st September 2016. No mail will be received on the close of business on the stipulated date.
The Project Coordinator,
State and Local Governance Reform (SLOGOR) Project,
State Project Coordinating Unit (SPCU),
Along Maiduguri Road, Former Ministry of Integrated Office,
Damaturu, Yobe State.
E- Mail:-
GSM:- +234 703 187 2560, +234 808 023 9770

Federal Ministry of Education
Federal Science and Technical College Kuta.
Shiroro L.G.A, P.M.B 108, Minna. Niger State

Invitation to Tender
(1) Introduction
In line with the procurement rules and regulations, the Federal Science and Technical College Kuta Shiroro, Niger State, invites qualified contractors to tender for the execution of the following 2016 projects.
(i) Provision of modern kitchen and renovation/ completion of dining hall
(ii) Borehole /Reticulation of water (SDGs)
All prospective contractors are required to provide the following information to accompany their proposals;
(i) Verified evidence of certificate of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission. (As a Limited Liability Company.)
(ii) Verified evidence of Tax Clearance Certificate in the last 3 years (2013, 2014 and 2015)
(iii) Evidence of remittance of VAT in the last three (3) years
(iv) Evidence of Financial Capability and bank support
(v) Comprehensive Company Profile.
(vi) Evidence of Similar jobs.
(vii) Evidence of current Industrial Training Fund Clearance Certificate
(viii) Verified Evidence of Current Pension Commission (PENCOM) Compliance Certificate
(ix) Verified evidence of registration with Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP)
(x) Evidence of compliance with National Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF)
(4) All tender documents are to be collected from the office of the secretary of the Tender Board after the payment of the fifteen thousand naira only (N15,000) per bid payable to the college.
All completed tender are to be returned sealed and addressed to the Secretary of the Tender Board of the College and marked at the top right hand corner of the envelope “Tender for any of the Lot chosen by the contractor”.
The technical bids and financial bids should be put in two separate envelopes and marked at the top right hand corner of the envelope ” Technical Bid” and “Financial Bid” respectively. Put the two envelopes into a bigger envelopes.
The tenders should be submitted to the secretary of the board not later than 22th September 2016.
(6) Submission of bids will close on Thursday 22nd September 2016 by 12 noon and tenders shall be opened in the presence of the tenderers or their representatives on the same day in the conference room of the college at 12noon prompt.
NOTE: Collection of Tenders document will commence Thursday 8th September, 2016.
Secretary Tenders Board.
08059062570, 09099094994
For Principal

Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST)
Corporate Headquarters, Plot 1296 Muhammadu Buhari
Way, Garki-Abuja
Invitation to Tender

The Board of Trustees of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) have unconditionally approved a support project to Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST), to be fully funded by UPU. The project is to upgrade IPS (migration of IPS V.5.11 to V.2015) with a scheduled duration of 5 months.
NIPOST intends that the proceeds of this grant will be applied to eligible payments under the contract for the procurement of computer system accessories on behalf of the donor agency.
(1) Nigerian Postal Service invites bids from eligible bidders for the supply of:
(a) Servers – 1No
(b) Windows Server (2012 RS) – 1 No
(c) Ms SQL 2012 RS (enterprise) – 1 No
(d) Zebra Barcode Printers – 8 No
(e) Laser Jet Printers -8 No
(f) Barcode Handheld Scanners – 70 No
(g) Wireless LaserJet Printers – 6 No
(h) e-weighing scales – 4 No
(i) e-scan anti- virus (corporate user) -1 No
(j) Monarch 9416 printers – 8 No
(2) Eligible bidders must dearly indicate the cost of each item in United States Dollars (USD). The net cost shall include the cost of delivery.
(3) Bids must be in English Language and delivered under sealed cover to The Head, Procurement Department, 2nd Floor, Room 222, Nigerian Postal Service, PMB 12537, Abuja, 90001, Nigeria to reach him on or before 20th October, 2016 and must be accompanied by security Bid of N150,000.00 or its equivalent in convertible currency per bid.
(4) All bids shall contain necessary documents of guarantee of reliability, solvency of the bidder product availability in the market including information reference on two or three clients that could be contacted. Any additional information that could be an added advantage for the consideration of a bid.
(5) Bids that did not confirm with the above requirements will not be considered.
(6) Bid document are to be collected at Room 222, Office of the Head of Procurement, NIPOST Headquarters, Garki – Abuja.
(7) All Bids shall be opened and considered by NIPOST Tenders Evaluation Committee immediately on the closing date at 11am prompt. Bids shall be valid for 90days after opening.


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