procurement adverts

University of Port Harcourt
Choba, Nigeria

Invitation to Tender Rehabilitation Projects Under 2013 Needs Assessment Intervention Fund
In compliance with the provisions of the Public Procurement Act, 2007, the University of Port Harcourt hereby invites interested, competent and reputable Contractors to tender for the under-listed rehabilitation projects appropriated to the University of Port Harcourt under the 2013 NEEDS Assessment Intervention Fund:
1 Renovation of Goodluck Jonathan Hostel, University Park
2 Renovation of OBJ Clinical Hostel I, University Park
3 Renovation of OBJ Clinical Hostel 11, University Park
4 Rehabilitation of Claude Ake Block A
5 Rehabilitation of Claude Ake Block B
6 Rehabilitation of Nelson Mandela Block A
7 Rehabilitation of Nelson Mandela Block B
8 Rehabilitation of Nelson Mandela Block C
9 Rehabilitation of Nelson Mandela Block D
10 Rehabilitation of PG Hostel Block A, Unipark
11 Rehabilitation of PG Hostel Block B, Unipark
12 Rehabilitation of PG Hostel Block C, Unipark
13 Rehabilitation of Clinical Hostel, Unipark
14 Rehabilitation of Amino Kano Hostel Blocks A & B, Choba Park
15 Rehabilitation of Claude Ake, Block A, Unipark
16 a, b, c, d 2- Bedroom Block of Residence, Unipark
17 a, b, c, d 3 – Bedroom Block of Residence, Unipark
Interested and competent Contractors should submit the following qualification documents along with their bids:
(a) Evidence of incorporation/registration of company with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC); including copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association, Forms C02 and C07.
(b) Evidence of current Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years ending December 2015.
(c) Evidence of VAT Registration with TIN No. and up to date remittance(s).
(d) Company’s Audited Accounts for the last three (3) years (2013-2015).
(e) Evidence of current Certificate of Compliance by the National Pension Commission (PENCOM) in line with the Pension Reform Act, 2014 (as amended).
(f) Evidence of compliance with the Employees Compensation Act which requires that all employers of labour must remit 1% of the total annual emolument of their workers to the Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF):
(g) Evidence of current Certificate of Compliance by the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) in line with the amended Industrial Training Fund Act, 2011.
(h) Evidence of registration on the National Database of Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers with the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP).
(i) Comprehensive company profile indicating the CV of key Managerial and Technical personnel.

(j) Verifiable evidences of past and/or present job experiences in similar projects of interest in the past 5 years with attached copies of letters of award and certificates of completion and/ or Interim Payment Certificates.
(k) Copy of audited account for the past three years (2015, 2014, and 2013).
(l) Bank reference(s) from reputable bank(s) as verifiable evidence of financial capability to undertake the contract if pre-qualified
(m) A sworn affidavit that:-
(i) The company is not bankrupt, in receivership or under liquidation or involved in any litigation which can potentially affect the company’s ability to effectively discharge her responsibilities, if engaged;
(ii) The claims made and information provided by the company in the submission are true and correct in all ramifications;
(iii) No member of staff of the University of Port Harcourt has pecuniary interest in the company;
(iv) No Director of the company (past or present) has ever been convicted of criminal offenses relating to fraud or financial impropriety in any court of law.
Tender Documents are to be collected from the Department of Physical Planning & Development, University of Port Harcourt upon presentation of evidence of payment of non¬-refundable tender fee of N20,000.00 (Twenty Thousand Naira) only per project. Contractors who had made submissions earlier in the process can obtain the Tender document at no charge upon presentation of the receipt of previous payment. However, only contractors that are eligible at the time of this publication (going by the eligibility criteria listed above) and are pre-qualified will have their financial bids opened.
Two copies each of the Tender Documents – “Technical” and “Financial” are to be submitted in separate and sealed envelopes and marked “Technical” and “Financial” respectively. Both sealed envelopes should be put in an A3 sized envelope and marked “Technical/Financial Bids for Lot” which should then be addressed and submitted on or before 10:00a.m., on Tuesday, 25th October, 2016to:
The Registrar
University of Port Harcourt
P.M.B. 5323
Senate Building Port Harcourt
River State
(a) Tender Documents will be opened on the closing date Tuesday, 25th October, 2016 at 12:00 noon in the Senate Chambers.
(b) Civil Society Groups, Non-Governmental Organizations, Professional bodies, Bidders or their representatives and interested members of the public are hereby invited to witness the opening of bids.
(a) Any bid received after the deadline for the submission of bids stated above shall not be opened, but shall be returned to the Contractor that submitted it. Such bid shall automatically be disqualified.
(b) Bidders should endeavour to follow the order of instructions in their submission
(c) The University is neither committed nor obliged to award any contract to any bidder or to accept the lowest tender that is not responsive.
(d) The University shall not be responsible for any cost incurred by the bidder in the preparation and submission of documents in connection with this advert.

Chevron Nigeria Limited
R.C. 6135
Operator of the NNPC/Chevron Joint Venture
Tender Opportunity: Provision of Maintenance Diving Services
NipeX Tender – CNL.00000007

Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL), Operator of the CNL/Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) Joint Venture (JV) invites interested and prequalified companies for this tender opportunity for the Provision of Maintenance Diving Services in CNL’s offshore and onshore/swamp locations in Nigeria.
The proposed contract shall be awarded for a two (2) year primary term and an optional 1 year extension.
The scope of work includes but is not limited to the following:
• Provision of Dive Equipment and Personnel.
• Provision of Dive Support Vessel(s) with built-in dive equipment.
• Pipeline and riser inspection and repair.
• Offshore Platform underwater structural inspections and repairs.
• Underwater anode replacement and installation.
• Underwater welding and cutting.
• Hull surveys (UWILD) to ABS, Lloyds, DNV and BV Class Standards.
• Seabed dive survey and excavation.
• Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) surveys.
• SPM Buoy and hoses inspections and maintenance, including hose change out.
• Buoying of pipelines to support SEWOP movements.
• Carrying out propeller repairs on other vessels.
(A) To be eligible for this tender exercise, interested bidders are required to be pre -qualified in the Product/Categories; 3.01.07 – Engineering Services (Subsea / Diving/ ROV Technology Services) and 1.13.07 – Marine/Diving and Pipeline Equipment (Diving Equipment – Vessel Based Equipment (Compression Chambers, Diving Bells, Gas Mix Batteries, Umbilicals etc: Compression chambers, Diving bells. Gas mix batteries, Umbilicals) in the NipeX Joint Qualification System (NJQS) database.
All successfully pre-qualified bidders in these categories by the bid close date will receive Invitation to Technical Tender (ITT).
(B) Please note that interested bidders including their sub-contractors shall be required to:
(i) Meet all NJQS mandatory requirements to be listed as “Prequalified” and “Live” for a category in the NJQS database.
(ii) Meet all Nigerian Content requirements stated in this advert in their responses to the invitation to Technical Tender.
As contained in the Nigerian Content directives only Indigenous companies or Indigenous companies in genuine alliances are qualified to tender for onshore (land or swamp) services
(C) To determine if your company is pre-qualified and to view the product/service category your company is listed for: Open and access NJQS with your company log in details, click on continue Joint Qualification Scheme tool, click check my supplier status and then click supplier product group.
(D) lf your company is not listed in this product/service category, and your company is registered with DPR to do business for this category, please contact NipeX office at 30, Oyinkan Abayomi drive, Ikoyi Lagos with your company’s DPR certificate as evidence for verification and necessary update.
(E) To initiate and complete the JQS prequalification process, access to download the application form, make necessary payments and contact NipeX office for further action.
CNL is committed to the development of the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry in compliance with the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act 2010 (NOGICD Act) enacted by the Federal Government of Nigeria in April 2010.
Pursuant to the provisions of the NOGICD Act, the minimum Nigerian Content in any project, service or product specification to be executed in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry shall be consistent with the level set in the schedule of the NOGICD Act and any other target as may be directed by the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB).
Bidders shall comply with the provisions of the NOGICD Act and ail applicable regulations. Bidders that do not meet the Nigerian Content criteria will not be allowed to participate in next stage of the tender.
The following are the Nigerian Content requirements bidders are expected to comply with in their technical bid submission.
(A) Demonstrate that the entity is a Nigerian registered company, or a Nigerian registered company in genuine alliance or joint venture with foreign company with details on scope and responsibilities of parties for this work. Such companies must show evidence of joint venture binding agreement duly signed by the CEO of both companies including evidence or plans of physical operational presence and set-up in Nigeria
(B) Furnish details of company ownership and shareholding structure. Also submit clear photocopies of your CAC Forms CAC2 and CAC7.
(C) Provide evidence of the percentage of 1) key management positions that are held by Nigerians and 2) total work force that are Nigerians. Also, show overall percentage of work to be performed by Nigerian resources relative to total work volume.
(D) Provide a Nigerian Content Plan with a detailed description of the role, work scope, man-hours and responsibilities of all Nigerian companies and personnel that will be involved in executing the work. Also provide details of Nigerian Content focal point or manager.
(E) State proposed total scope of work to be performed by Nigerian personnel (whether contracted directly or under subcontract agreements) with names and addresses including evidences of well-equipped offices and workshop; attach past experience of such patronage.
(F) Specific to this project, provide detailed plan for staff training and development on engineering, project management and procurement (including all software to be used, number of personnel, name of organization providing such training and evidence of past training record) for Nigerian personnel including description of any specific programs in place for transfer of technology and skills to indigenous businesses and Nigerians over the next five (5) years.
(G) Provide evidence of domiciliation of project management and procurement centers in Nigeria with physical addresses (not P.O. Box).
(H) Location of in-country facilities, (Equipment, storage, workshops, repair & maintenance facilities and, testing facilities).
(I) Bidder must be willing and able to provide evidence of maximization of made in Nigeria goods and services.
(J) Provide details on any other Nigerian Content initiative your company is involved in. Provide evidence of MOU with OGTAN registered trainer to conduct classroom module of training and on the job attachment
(K) Provide human capacity building development plan including budget which must be minimum 80% of project man-hours or cost. Training will be targeted at developing capacity other than bidder’s personnel. Trainees will be nominated from a database maintained by NCDMB and the services of OGTAN registered trainers utilized to cover classroom modules.
(L) Provide evidence of at least 50% Nigerian ownership of all equipment to be deployed for the service.
(M) Bidders (Vendors, Original Equipment, Manufacturers-OEMs, and EPC Contractors) are required to present Nigerian Content Equipment Certificate (NCEC) issued by Nigerian
(N) Content Development and Monitoring Board (or evidence of application for the certificate) in respect of any components, spares, equipment, systems and packages to be used in the proposed project under tender.
All Bidders for a project/contract/service with a completion period of 12 months or more are required to submit as part of the Nigerian Content requirement, a signed
(O) Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between it and one of the research and development (R&D) Clusters established by the Nigerian Content Development & Monitoring Board (NCDMB). The MOA shall be relevant to the project and shall indicate how the Bidder intends to use the relevant R&D Clusters during project execution.
Only bidders who are registered with NJQS Product/Categories; 3.01.07 – Engineering Services (Subsea / Diving / ROV Technology Services) and 1.13.07 – Marine/Diving and Pipeline Equipment (Diving Equipment – Vessel Based Equipment (Compression Chambers, Diving Bells, Gas Mix Batteries, Umbilicals etc; Compression chambers, Diving bells, Gas mix batteries, Umbilicals) by 4:00pm, 2ndNovember, 2016 being the advert close date shall be invited to submit technical bid.
Please note the following:
(1) Companies eligible for this tender opportunity are expected to be prequalified in NJQS under this product/service category.
(2) Bidders will be required to demonstrate the required capacity in the provision of diving crew and equipment and dive support vessels.
(3) The Invitation to Tender (ITT) and any further progression of this tender shall be via NipeX.
(4) All costs incurred by a bidder in preparing/ processing NJQS prequalification and participating in this tendering process shall be to the bidder’s accounts.
(5) This advertisement shall neither be construed as any form of commitment on the part of CNL to award any contract to any company and or associated companies, sub-contractors or agents, nor shall it entitle prequalified companies to make any claims whatsoever, and/or seek any indemnity from CNL and / or any of its partners by virtue of such companies having been prequalified in NJQS.
(6) The tendering process shall be the NNPC NipeX tendering process requiring pre-qualified companies to submit technical tenders first. Following a technical review, only technically and financially qualified contractors will be requested to submit commercial tenders.
(7) CNL will communicate only with authorized officers of the pre-qualifying companies and not through individuals or agents.
Please visit NipeX portal at for this advert and other information.
Chevron Nigeria Limited, 2 Chevron Drive, Lekki Peninsula, P.M.B. 12825, Lagos.

National Horticultural Research Institute
(Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development)
Idi-Ishin, Jericho Reservation Area, P.M.B. 5432, Ibadan Oyo State, Nigeria

Invitation for Pre-Qualification and Tendering for Execution of Approved Projects in the 2016 Capital Appropriation
National Horticultural Research Institute (NIHORT), Ibadan in compliance with the provisions at the Public Procurement Act, 2007, wishes to invite seasoned and qualified contractors to submit bids for the under listed 2016 Capital Projects.
1 Procurement of Laboratory Equipment 1 N20,000.00
2 Procurement of Laboratory’ Chemicals and Consumables (Glass wares, cooking gas etc.) 2 N20,000.00
3 Procurement of Field Chemicals (Herbicides, Insecticides Fungicides etc.) 3 N10,000.00
4 Purchase of Field Tools 4 N10,000.00
5 Procurement and installation of irrigation facilities and accessories 5 N10,000.00
6 Construction of Irrigation Pump House 6 N20,000.00
7 Purchase of Farm equipment (Tractor & implements) 7 N20,000.00
8 Generators Sets 65KV A 8 N20,000.00
9 Renovation of seed storage room 9 N20,000.00
10 Acquisition of automatic weather station 10 N20,000.00
11 Renovation and face-lifting of offices and furniture 11 N20,000.00
12 Construction and renovation of Screen houses (8m X 30m) 12 N20,000.00
13 Rehabilitation of printing press machines 13 N20,000.00
14 Website development, Internet facilities and procurement of reuters 14 N20,000.00
15 Research documentation and dissemination facilities 15 N20,000.00
16 Procurement of Stationaries and office Equipments 16 N10,000.00
17 Procurement of Project Vehicles 17 N20,000.00
(i) Evidence of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission
(ii) Tax clearance certificates tor the immediate past three years and Tax Identification Number (TIN)
(iii) Certificate of VAT registration
(iv) Last three years audited accounts of the company duly stamped by a certified auditor
(v) Evidence of similar jobs successfully executed/being executed in the last past five years, showing letter of awards and job completion certificates
(vi) Current PENOOM certificates (2015)
(vii) Company profile detailing experiences of key personnel in relevant field to the object of bid
(viii) Evidence that when given the job you will execute it expeditiously within the time allowed
(ix) Evidence with registration with BPP.2.
Interested companies are invited to collect bid documents from the Secretary, Procurement Unit, National Horticultural Research Institute, Idi-Ishin, Jericho Reservation Area, Ibadan Oyo State, upon payment of non-refundable fee for each lot of interest.
Tenderers are required to submit for each lot of interest, both pre-qualifications and tender documents on separate envelope marking each as “Pre-Qualification for Lot 1 and Financial Bid for Lot 1” for example. All envelopes containing the documents must be sealed and mark “Confidential” addressed to:
The Head,
Procurement Unit, National Horticultural Research
Institute, Idi-Ishin, Jericho Reservation Area,
P.M.B 5432 Ibadan Oyo State.
(3.1) Completed technical and financial bids (two sets of hard copies) shall be submitted in two separate envelopes with project name written on them and submitted to the Secretary, Procurement Unit, National Horticultural Research Institute, Idi-Ishin, Jericho Reservation Area, Ibadan Oyo State on or before 10am, on 14th November, 2016.
(3.2) Technical bids would be opened the same day immediately after close of submission in the Institute Board Room.
(3.3) Financial bid opening will be carried out by 12noon, on 15th November, 2016 in the Institute Board Room. Only successful Firms from pre-qualification will be qualified to participate in the financial bid opening.


Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) for Consultancy Services to Support the Review of the State Organic Financial Law.
Country:- Nigeria
Project:- State And Local Governance Reform Project
Project No: P133045
Grant No.- TF018335
Reference:- KN/SLG/CS/CQS/004/2016

This Request for Expression of Interest (EOI) follows the General Procurement Notice (GPN) for this Project that appeared in the UN Development Business Publication of February 18, 2015 and in three Nigerian Newspapers of the same date: (i) The Guardian, (ii) Thisday and (iii) Daily Trust
The Federal Government of Nigeria has received a grant from the International Development Association (IDA) acting as administrator of the trust fund from the European Union for the State and Local Governance Reform Project (SLOGOR) in six (6) European Union-Focal States in Nigeria. Kano State is a beneficiary of the grant and intends to apply part of the proceeds for consultancy service in Public Finance Legislation.
The major statutory and administrative instruments governing the conduct of the fiscal and financial operations, including the Financial Regulations, Stores Regulations, etc., have over the years become outdated. In many respects, their provisions while proving generally inadequate in ensuring accountability and transparency in the conduct of government business, appear also grossly outdated, and out of tune with the realities of modem governance. The need to review and address these inadequacies has therefore given rise to this component within the framework of the State and local Governance Reform Project The following terms of reference (TOR) are developed for Public Finance Legislation Consultancy that is required to support the overall coordination and implementation of the various components of the project
The Consulting Services (“The Services”) include:
The successful consulting firm will be expected to tender for following services which include but not limited to the following task:
(a) Conduct a comprehensive review of all existing frameworks and statutory provisions that currently govern the conduct of financial administration and management in the Stats public service. These include hot definitely not limited to: the Public Finance (Controls Management Act; Reviled Financial Regulations 2004. Revised 2004 Stores Regulations, Treasury Circulars, etc., and similar PFM Laws of other states and FG.
(b) Provide a detailed profile of the identified weaknesses and gaps in the current statutory and administrative procedures governing the conduct of financial and fiscal operations of the Stale Government,
(c) As much as possible, situate identified initiatives within the context of national and international best practices in public finance management, bearing in mind, of course, their adaptability within, and relevance to the context of the State public service,
(d) Draft an organic public finance law, which reflects the findings of the review, and the requirements of fiscal responsibility and transparency
(e) Participate as key resource person in three one-day seminars designed to sensitize members of the State House of Assembly, State Executive Council, and other stakeholders on content of the draft organic public finance law;
(f) Build consensus through wide-scale interaction with the various stakeholders on the need for specific reviews of existing financial and fiscal regulations and procedures in the State. These stakeholders include members of both the executive and legislative arms of government;
(g) Prepare a detailed report of proposed reviews including draft legislation with the legal expert financial regulations statutory provisions, and processes, which have earlier been discussed with the stakeholders Production of final component implementation completion report;
(h) Revise and produce a final draft of the Public Finance Legislation based on feedback from key stakeholders;
(i) Produce final component implementation completion report;
(j) Support the slate government in the processes associated with the implementation of public finance management legislation component of the project and the achievement of project objectives, including conduct of sensitization forums for key stakeholders (Permanent Secretaries, Legal/Judicial Officers, and key PFM staff).
The State and Local Governance Reform Project (SLOGOR) Kano, now invites eligible Consulting Firms lo indicate their interest in providing the services. Interested consulting Firms are hereby requested to submit a statement of capability indicating relevant experience on similar assignments in Nigeria or elsewhere. This should include, but not limited to, description of similar assignments carried out in the last five years, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among others etc.
Method of Application:
Interested Association/Consultant must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skies among staff, etc.). Consultants may associate to enhance their qualifications. A consultant will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers(January, 2011)
Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below during office hours 09:00 am 5:00pm hours today- Thursday and 9:00 am – 2:00 pm on Friday, except on public holidays, Expressions of interest must be delivered to the address below on or before 9th November, 2016 by 11:00 am.
The Project Coordinator,
State and Local Governance Reform Project
Audu Bako Secretariat Complex,
Ministry of Planning and Budget Building
No. 1 Zaria Road,
Kano State, Nigeria.
Tel: 08034533626. 08066300555

Type of notice: Request for EOI
Registration level: None
Title: Call for Expression of Interest for suppliers/contractors in Nigeria for various supplies and services.
UN organization: United Nations Children’s Fund
Reference: EOI – Nigeria
Published: 07-Oct-2016
Deadline: 17-Oct-2016 12:00
Time zone (GMT 1.00) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca

Background and Rationale
UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, mobilizes goods and services to implement its cooperation program with the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and to support emergency humanitarian actions. The support to the North East emergency response state is the most significant recent example.
Some of these goods and services are mobilized locally. They contribute to the implementation of UNICEF programs in the fields of Health, Nutrition, Water, Hygiene and Sanitation, Education; Protection, as per the organization mandate.
The rules and procedures of the organization require to regularly update the supplier’s and service provider’s database and to evaluate their performance. This to ensure that a healthy competition is the basis of the mobilization of goods and services. The purpose being to obtain the required quality at the best cost and on time.
In a context of a local market in constant change, the UNICEF Office in Nigeria wishes to update its supplier database, by identifying suppliers and service providers with standards and values in relation with the values promoted by UNICEF and the United Nations; and also to increase its response capacity to future emergencies.
Market survey objectives
The main objective of the survey is to provide UNICEF Nigeria with an updated and reliable supplier’s and service provider’s through a study of the market for goods and services in Abuja, Lagos and other areas in Nigeria.
The market survey will focus on the following industries:
• Construction companies – public buildings (schools, health facilities, … ..)
• Companies specialized in solar and renewable energy systems
• Companies specialized in the installation of computer networks / LAN
• Engineering and supervision firms
• Etc
• Car Rental Services
• Vehicle repair service and maintenance
• Generators repair service and maintenance
• General maintenance services, electricity, plumbing
• Maintenance service of computer equipment
• Printing services
• Telephone and internet access
• Human Resources Employment Agencies
• Clearing agents and transporters
• Advertising and Communication Agencies
• Audiovisual productions
• Soap
• Chlorinated household detergents
• Plastic material
• Hardware / Tools & Kitchenware
• Textiles, blankets, mattresses and tarpaulins
• Equipment and office furniture
• School furniture’s (desks, benches)
• Office supplies and school supplies
• ICT consumables and accessories
• Generators and spare parts,
• Tyres
To submit your interest, please fill out the online Supplier Profile Form found in the following website address:
Deadline for submission: 17th October, 2016 (by noon Abuja time)
Please visit:


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