procurement adverts

Dental Therapists Registration Board of Nigeria
8A Oba Adeyinka Oyekun Street by Ikoyi Towers, Ikoyi Lagos
Invitation to Tender

The DTRBN is a Parastatal of Federal Ministry of Health established by Decree 81 of August 25, 1993 embodied in Cap D7 of the LFN 2004 saddled with the responsibility of regulating, improving and maintaining excellence in the professional practice of Dental Therapists and allied professions (Dental Nurses, Dental Health Technicians and Dental Surgery Assistants)
In compliance with the public procurement act 2007, DTRBN invites interested and qualified bidders for the procurement of the following dental equipment and materials for the 2016 appropriation.
1 Mobile Dental 5 pieces
(a) Extraction Forcepts
(b) Lt molar Forcepts
(c) Rt molar forcepts
4 pieces
3 pieces
3 pieces
(a) Compland Elevators
(b) Rt Cryers Elevators
(c) Lt Cryers elevators
4 pieces
4 pieces
4 pieces
2 sets of Stainless Steels stock tray
5 pieces
2 pieces
Amalgamator 2 pieces
Phantom Heads 5 pieces

(a) Fissure burs
(b) Round burs
(c) Inverted cone burs
(d) Round burs
(e) Diamonds
3 pieces
3 pieces
3 pieces
3 pieces
3 pieces
Alginate impression materials 5 packets
Long Dental Needle 5 packets
Short Dental Needle 5 packets
Xylocin spray 3 packets
Desensitizer 3 bottles
Dycal 3 packets
Zinc Oxide Eugenol 3 packets
Disclosing tablet 3 packets
Cold cure Acrylic powder 2 bottles
Cold cure Acrylic Liquid 3.5kg
Mouth wash tablet 5 pieces
Hand Gloves 10 pieces
Face mask 10 pieces
Jacwets 10 pieces
Excavators 10 pieces
Probe 5 pieces
Twizer 5 pieces
Contra angle Hand Piece 4 pieces
Files and Reamers 5 pieces
Straight Hand Piece 2 pieces
Slow hand piece 2 pieces
Total 154

• Evidence of certificate of incorporation with corporate Affairs Commission (photocopy)
• Evidence of Tax clearance certificate for the last three years 2013, 2014 and 2015 (photocopy)
• Company profile
• Bank reference letter with evidence of financial capability
• Evidence of VAT Registration with TIN No and past remittances (photocopy)
• Evidence of payment of pensions
• Evidence of registration with DTRBN. (photocopy)
• Evidence of experience with similar jobs
All submission of bids should be made not later than 5th December 2016 in a sealed envelope marked Bid on the right hand corner and addressed to the undersigned.
The Ag. Registrar/CE
Dental Therapists Registration Board of Nigeria
8A Oba Adeyinka Oyekan Street,
2nd Avenue by Ikoyi Towers
Submission of bids shall close on Monday 5th December, 2016 by 4:00pm.
Bids will be opened on Tuesday 6th December, 2016 at 12noon.

Save the Children
Tender Notice ITT/ABUJA/2016/015 – 019
Framework Agreement for Provision of Goods and/or Services

Save the Children is the world’s leading independent non-profit organization for children
Save the Children International in Nigeria is inviting submissions of tender for contract(s) to provide the below goods and services, under a Frame work Agreement (FWA).
• ITT/ABUJA/2016/015 – Supply of Stationery
• ITT/ABUJA/2016/016 – Supply of Consumables and Household Items
• ITT/ABUJA/2016/017 – Advertisement & Promotional Material, and Publication & Printing Services
• ITT/ABUJA/2016/018 – Vehicle Rental and Taxi services
• ITT/ABUJA/2016/019 – Vehicle Service, Maintenance and Repairs
If you are interested in submitting a bid, please contact Save the Children at the below address to request for complete Tender Documents containing all details of this FWA Process from October 25th2016.
Save The Children International
4 Danube Close Off Danube Street
Maitama, Abuja FCT.
Kindly download the FWA bidpack/documents from the below links:
• ITT/Abuja/2016/015-
• ITT/Abuja/2016/016-
• ITT/Abuja/2016/017-
• ITT/Abuja/2016/018-
• ITT/Abuja/2016/019-
Tenders duly filled must be accompanied by:
• Renewed business license for the year (Photocopy of CAC Certificate)
• VAT/TAX registration certificate
• Company profile showing past performance record on similar works and other relevant credentials
• Bids must be put in wax- sealed envelope, clearly marked by “Tender reference number” “bidders name, address, legal Stamp and submit their technical and financial document in one (I) original and One (1) copy for both.
For any queries: or contact the address above to submit your email(s) for the tender documents to be forwarded for your kind perusal and action.
Closing Date: Only bids submitted prior to 4:00pm., on or before 14th November, 2016 at the above mentioned address will be considered valid. Any bid submitted after this date and time will automatically be disqualified.
Save the Children International reserves the right to accept or reject the entire or partial part of this bid.

Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation
NNPC Towers, Herbert Macaulay Way, Central Business District, Abuja – Nigeria
Invitation to Tender (“ITT”) for the Provision of Consolidated SAP Support Service Across NNPC

NNPC has been using Systems, Applications, Products (SAP) as its HR, Logistics, Industry Solution, Finance and Payroll system since 2009. The Corporation is desirous of consolidating SAP support services for effective governance & control, standardization of operational procedures, measurable value addition and operational efficiency.
The Corporation is seeking SAP technology companies to provide functional and technical support services on the entire NNPC SAP Landscape, which includes but not limited to SAP COE maturity build, Business Process Optimization, Capacity Development, Organizational Change and Value Management, License Management and Optimization, Help desk assistance, Corrective maintenance and enhancements/configuration changes.
NNPC therefore invites interested and credible companies to participate in the tender process.
The consolidated SAP support service shall consist of a central support for common solutions and zonal support for Line of Business (LOB) solutions common to the SBUs in the zones, in line with the NNPC SAP COE central and zonal support organization.
This service will be managed at the Corporate Headquarters to ensure effective control, standardization of operational procedures, measurable value addition and elimination of redundancy.
All companies wishing to participate in this tender process should pick up the detailed bid documents from NNPC’s Bid Management Room, Room 45B, Block D, NNPC Towers, during working hours between 10am – 3pm each day upon the presentation of evidence for payment (i.e. Remita Retrieval Reference – RRR) of non-refundable fee of N50, 000.00 (Fifty thousand Naira) through the NNPC Corporate Headquarters’ Page on the Remita platform (
(A) Original Solution Developer, namely SAP
(B) Company certified as an SAP Services partner with
(i) In-depth understanding and competence in SAP Landscape Support Services.
(ii) In-depth familiarity and compliance with internationally recommended best practices and standards in SAP Landscape Support Services.
(iii) SAP Consulting as its core business.
The duration of the term contract shall be Two years (24 Calendar months) in the first instance with an option for renewal at the same rates subject to the changes in the number of engaged consultants.
Interested bidders are required to submit the following documents specified below:
(6.1) Certificate of Incorporation and/or similar evidence of company registration issued by Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) for Nigerian companies or issued by Home Country’s Government agency for foreign companies.
(6.2) Certified true copies of Memorandum and Article of Association of the company and/or similar statutory documents indicating ownership structure of company, name(s) of major shareholders and percentage shareholding.
(6.3) Detailed Company Profile – With full details of company’s resume demonstrating company’s capabilities.
(6.4) Company Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years (2013, 2014 and 2015 for Nigerian companies) or similar tax certification documents for foreign companies.
(6.5) Evidence of compliance with Pension Reform Act 2004 by inclusion of valid Pension Clearance Certificate (for Nigerian companies) or similar document for foreign companies.
(6.6) Evidence of compliance with the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF) Act by inclusion of current NSITF Clearance Certificate in (for Nigerian companies).
(6.7) Evidence of compliance with the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Amendment Act 2011 by inclusion of copy of Compliance Certificate from Industrial Training Fund (ITF) (for Nigerian companies) or similar documents for foreign companies.
(6.8) Evidence of registration on the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP’s) National Data Base of Federal Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers (NDCCSPs) by inclusion of interim Registration Report (IRR) (for Nigerian companies).
(6.9) Audited Accounts for the past three (3) years (2013, 2014 and 2015) which must bear the stamp and seal of the Audit Firm.
(6.10) Minimum Turnover of U$$2.5Million or Naira equivalent and net worth of U5$lMillion or Naira equivalent for the Financial Year Ending of 2015.
(6.11) Evidence of verifiable similar services carried out within the last three years (2013, 2014 and 2015), in the oil and gas sector.
(6.12) Evidence of competent personnel with SAP K2, K3, K4 rating or signed agreement with SAP or Key SAP partners.
(6.13) Evidence of availability of effective Project Management procedures.
(6.14) Details of the applicant’s SAP support service experience over the last three years (2013, 2014 and 2015).
(a) Please provide the following information regarding your company Total number of years in business, Total number of employees including number of SAP certified consultants and their K- rating.
(b) Management support structure.
(c) Any tools or systems used to improve delivering service in a timely manner.
(d) Describe your support model, specifically how you would provide SAP support services to NNPC.
(e) Resumes and qualifications of all consultants who would be assigned to NNPC account.
(f) Experience with other Oil and Gas clients.
(g) Describe your internal training and development approach to keep consultants fully knowledgeable on SAP components and functionality.
(h) References, including specifically any in Oil and Gas.
(6.15) Company’s CASHES plans and QA/QC policy and details of safety records for accidents, incidents, injuries and damages for the past three (3) years (2013, 2014 and 2015).
(6.16) A prospective bidder shall make provision of sworn affidavit to support Bid as follows:
(a) To allow NNPC verify all claims made in your submission.
(b) To allow NNPC verify that your organization is not in receivership, nor the subject of any form of insolvency of bankruptcy proceedings or the subject of any form of winding up petition or proceedings.
(c) To confirm that the company is not a replacement for a hitherto tax defaulting company.
(d) To confirm whether or not any of the members of relevant committees of NNPC or Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) is former or present Director, shareholder, or has any pecuniary interest in your Company.
(e) A written statement confirming that your company does not have any Director who has been convicted in any country for a criminal offence relating to fraud or any financial impropriety or criminal misrepresentation of falsification of facts relating to any matter.
(6.17) Compliance with Nigerian Content Act
Compliance with Nigerian Content Act shall be a major consideration in the tender process. Companies must provide a detailed Nigerian Content execution strategy to the satisfaction of Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board C’NCDMB”), clearly setting out Nigerian Content commitments in areas of:
(a) Nigerian Content plan that demonstrates full utilization of Nigerian labour and services with detailed description of role, work scope and man-hours in order to achieve minimum target as set out in the requirement of the NOGICD Act 2010.
(b) Current and in-place organizational structure with detailed experience and skills of key management personnel with names.
(c) Provide evidence (personnel list and position organizational chart) percentage of management that are Nigerian nationals and the percentage of the total workforce that are Nigerians.
(d) Plans for the training of Nigerians demonstrating at least 10% of the total man-hours dedicated for human capacity building
(7.1) All completed bids should be sealed and submitted in Two (2) separate envelopes clearly marked – One (1) original. One (1) copy and one (1) electronic copy (CD ROM)duly signed by the bidder’s authorized representative clearly marked Invitation to Tender for “Provision of Consolidated Sap Support Service Across NNPC”.
(7.2) The Nigerian Content requirement as stated above (No. 6.17) must be submitted in a separate envelope and clearly marked Invitation to Tender for “Provision of Consolidated Sap Support Service Across NNPC – Compliance with the Nigerian Content Act”
(7.3) The Submission/Closing date: All documents should be submitted on or before Tuesday, 6th December, 2016 at 12noon prompt addressed to:
The Secretary
CS DEXCOM Tenders Board
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
The Bid Management Room
Room 45B, 1st Floor, Block D, NNPC Towers,
Herbert Macaulay Way,
Central Business District,
Abuja, Nigeria.
(7.4) All bids received shall be publicly opened and endorsed immediately following the deadline for the submission in the presence of invited observers and prospective bidders.
(7.5) All bidders are invited to attend the bid opening session to hold at:
The Amphitheatre
First Floor, Block A N
NPC Towers,
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
Garki, Abuja.
It must be noted that:
(8.1) Late submission shall be rejected.
(8.2) All Bid Submissions should be arranged and numbered in the order listed in 6 above.
(8.3) Only companies who submit the required information and meet the pre-qualification criteria will be contacted after evaluation. NNPC shall deal directly with only authorized officers of the interested companies and not through individuals or agents.
(8.4) All costs incurred by your company as a result of this Invitation to Tender and other associated cost in respect of this exercise shall be borne solely by your company.
(8.5) This process of pre-qualification neither creates any commitment nor establishes any legal relationship with NNPC.
(8.6) All information must be provided in English Language.



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