procurement adverts

Independent National Electoral Commission
Plot 436 Zambezi Crescent, Maitama District, Abuja
Invitation to Pre-Qualify for the Execution of Capital Projects

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in pursuance of its statutory obligations, in compliance with the Public Procurement Act (PPA) 2007, hereby invites interested, competent and reputable construction firms with relevant experience and good track record for the execution of the following projects.
l Construction of Resident Electoral Commissioners residence These works will be done in three states in the following lots: Lot 1. Nasarawa State, Lot 2. Oyo State and Lot 3. Sokoto State
2 Renovation/Rehabilitation of Office and Residential Buildings These works will be done in each of the following States as a Lot (Lots 1-38). 1.Abia, 2.Adamawa, 3.Akwa-lbom, 4.Anambra, 5.Bauchi, 6.Bayelsa, 7.Benue, 8.Borno, 9.Cross-River, 10.Delta, 11.Ebonyi, 12.Edo, 13.Ekiti, 14.Enugu, 15.Gombe, 16.lmo, 17.Jigawa, 18.Kaduna, 19.Kano, 20.Kastina, 21.Kebbi, 22.Kogi 23.Kwara, 24.Lagos, 25.Nasarawa, 26.Niger, 27.Ogun, 28.Ondo, 29.Osun, 30.Oyo, 31.Plateau, 32.Rvers, 33,Sokoto, 34.Taraba, 35.Yobe; 36.Zamfara, 37.FCT, and 38.Headquarters

(i.) Evidence of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) by the inclusion of Certificate of Incorporation and Article of Association.
(ii.) Three (3) years Tax Clearance Certificate (2013, 2014, 2015) corresponding with declared annual turnover of ₦200 million 2 Years
(iii.) PENCOM’s Certificate of Compliance, confirming company’s fulfilment of statutory obligations to the employees with respect to pensions.
(iv.) Last three (3) years Company’s Audited Account (2013, 2014, 2015)
(v.) Verifiable Evidence of Registration on the National Database of Consultant, Contractors and Service Providers (NDCLSP) with the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) by submission of the Interim Registration Report (IRR)and evidence of compliance.

(vi.) Sworn affidavit from Federal or State High Court disclosing as follows;
• That all documents submitted are not only correct but genuine
• That the Director(s) has/have never been convicted by any court of law.
• That none of the Firm’s Director or the company is bankrupt
• Whether or not any of the officers of INEC or BPP is a former or present Director of the company
(vii.) Certificate of Compliance with ITF.
(viii.) Certificate of Compliance with NSITF
(ix.) Evidence of financial capability and banking support, including annual turn-over
(x.) Evidence of experience with similar jobs in the last (3) years (letters of award and completion certificate)
(xi.) Comprehensive Company profile, listing key personnel stating their roles, designation, qualification and years of working experience including copies of educational and professional certificates. Submissions shall include a minimum of (2) relevant COREN Registered Engineers in various field, two (2) ARCON certified Architects, two (2) CORBON Certified Quantity Surveyor, Two (2) CORBON Certified builders. NOTE that certificates and CV must be signed and sealed.
(xii.) Verifiable evidence of availability of appropriate manpower, machinery and equipment including proof of ownership or lease
(xiii.) Detailed information on technical personnel and key staff of the company
(xiv.) Any other relevant information
(xv.) Telephone (GSM) number (s), Email address of contractor/company’s representative
(I) For further enquires, interested company representatives should contact the Deputy Director Procurement, INEC Headquarters, Maitama, Abuja, (08066416029, 08069162020), between the hours of 10.00am and 4.00 pm, daily from Monday to Friday during the period covered by this advertisement.
The closing date for submission of Bid documents shall be Tuesday, 10th January, 2017 by 12:00 noon. The opening shall be immediately after the deadline for submission.
Received Bids shall be publicly opened at the Commission’s Conference Hall by 12.00 noon on Tuesday 10th January, 2017.
(i.) All submissions must be delivered in one (1) neatly bounded hard copy in sealed envelope clearly marked PRE-QUALIFICATION DOCUMENTS FOR THE (Indicating Category, Description and Lot No. at the top right hand of the envelope) and addressed to:
The Secretary to the Commission,
Independent National Electoral Commission,
Plot 436, Zambezi Crescent, Maitama District, Abuja
(ii.) The venue for the submission is: Director, EW&T Office, 2nd floor, INEC HQ’s Main building, Maitama, Abuja.
NOTE: No Company is allowed to bid for more than one (1) Lot in each category.

Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)

Chevron Nigeria Limited
R.C. 6135
Operator of the NNPC/Chevron Joint Venture
Tender Opportunity: Provision of Tubing-Conveyed Perforation Services Onshore
NipeX Tender No: CNL.00000075

Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL), operator of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)//CNL Joint Venture, invites interested and prequalified companies for this tender opportunity for Provision of Tubing-Conveyed Perforating Services Onshore.
The proposed contract term is (Two) years with an option of 1 (One) year extension.
The service shall include but not be limited to the following:
Contractor must have proven capability to provide engineering, equipment and personnel for Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) services. Contractor shall provide TCP systems for casing sizes up to 9 5/8″ & 13 5/8″. TCP systems include but are not limited to shoot-and-pull, shoot-and-drop, single-trip perforate and squeeze, single trip perforate and gravel packing gun system, auto-release gun hanger systems, multizone perforating, dual-well short-string deployed perforating and dual string Y-block deployed perforating.
TCP equipment includes but is not limited to the gun carrier, deep penetrating, dynamic underbalance guns and big-hole gravel pack charges, safety gun spacer, bull plug, swivel sub, mechanical, differential pressure, hydraulic & electronic firing systems, automatic gun/tubing release systems, fill disc/debris sub, underbalance sliding sleeve vent, mechanical set packer, pressure transfer sub, safety joint, hydraulic jars, annulus operated valve, reversing valve, radioactive marker, gauge carrier and P/T memory gauges, surface shot detection, master valves, flow tee, detonating bars with rollers and retrieving tool, circulation/test manifold, tool re-dress kits, TCP container with accessories and safety equipment.
Contractor will supply a Quality Plan outlining procedures and TCP design simulations and to ensure that Company receives equipment that has been properly prepared for utilization. Dedicated OA personnel will be required by contractor to ensure rigorous adherence to Contractor’s Quality Plan. Quality Plan will define shop equipment required to makeup and test TCP equipment prior to shipment offshore.
(A.) To be eligible for this tender exercise, interested bidders are required to be pre¬qualified in the NipeX Joint Qualification System (NJQS) database Categories listed below
3.04.25: Directional Surveying and in Categories A, B C and D of the NJQS database. All successfully pre-qualified suppliers in this category by the bid close date will receive Invitation to Technical Tender (ITT).
(B.) Please note that interested bidders, including their proposed, sub-contractor(s) shall be required to:
(i.) Meet all JQS mandatory requirements to be listed as “PREQUALIFIED” and “LIVE” for a category in the NJQS database.
(ii.) Meet all Nigerian Content requirements stated in this advert in their responses to the ITT
(C.) To determine if your company is pre-qualified and view the product/service category your company is listed for: Open and access NJQS with your company log in details, click on continue Joint Qualification Scheme tool, click check my supplier status and then click supplier product group.
(D.) If your company is not listed in this product/service category, and your company is registered with DPR to do business for this category, please contact NipeX office at 30, Oyinkan Abayomi drive, Ikoyi Lagos with your company’s DPR certificate as evidence for verification and necessary update.
(E.) To initiate and complete the NJQS prequalification process, access to download the application form, make necessary payments and contact NipeX office for further action.
Note: As contained in Nigerian Content directives only Indigenous companies or Indigenous companies in genuine alliances are qualified to tender for onshore (land or swamp) services.
CNL is committed to the development of the Nigerian Oil and Gas business in accordance with the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Content Development Act 2010 (NOGICD Act) enacted by the Federal Government of Nigeria in April 2010.
Pursuant to enactment of the NOGICD Act, the minimum Nigerian Content in any project, service or product specification to be executed in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry shall be consistent with the level set in the schedule of the Act and any other target as may be directed by the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB).
Interested bidders shall comply with the provisions of the NOGICD Act and all applicable regulations. Bidders that do not meet the Nigerian Content criterion will not be allowed to participate in the next tender stage
The following are the Nigerian Content requirements bidders are expected to comply with in their technical bid submission:
(A.) Bidder shall demonstrate that bidding entity is a Nigerian Company through the Nigerian equity holding within the shareholding structure as defined by the NOGICD Act.
(B.) Demonstrate that only Nigerian indigenous services companies having greater than 51% Nigerian equity shareholding shall bid for this work scope.
(C.) Bidder shall provide evidence of Nigerian ownership of all equipment to be deployed to execute this work scope.
(D.) Bidder shall provide evidence of Nigerian Content Equipment Certificate (NCEC)
(E.) Furnish details of company ownership and shareholding structure. Also submit clear photocopies of your CAC Forms C02 and C07
(F.) Provide evidence of the percentage of 1) key management positions that are held by Nigerians and 2) total work force that are Nigerians. Also, show overall percentage of work to be performed by Nigerian resources relative to total work volume.
(G.) Provide a Nigerian Content Execution Plan with a detailed description of the role, work scope, man-hours and responsibilities of all Nigerian companies and personnel that will be involved in executing the work. Also provide details of Nigerian Content contact or manager.
(H.) Provide evidence of any Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Oil and Gas Trainers Association of Nigeria (OGTAN) registered trainer to conduct classroom module of training and on the job attachment.
(I.) Provide human capacity building development plan including budget which must be a minimum 10% of project man-hours or 3% of cost. Training must be targeted at developing capacity other than bidder’s personnel. Trainees will be nominated from a database maintained by NCDMB and the services of OGTAN registered trainers utilized to cover classroom modules.
Only bidders who are registered with NJQS Product/Category (3.04.32: Perforation Services). Category A, B C or D by 4pm, December 19th, 2016, being the advert close date shall be invited to submit technical bid.
Please note the following:
(1.) Suppliers eligible for this tender opportunity are expected to be prequalified in NJQS under the above product/service categories.
(2.) The ITT and any further progression of this tender shall be via NipeX.
(3.) All costs incurred by interested bidders in preparing and processing NJQS prequalification shall be solely for the interested bidders’ accounts.
(4.) This advertisement shall neither be construed as any form of commitment on the part of CNL to award any contract to any company and or associated companies, sub¬contractors or agents, nor shall it entitle prequalified companies to make any claims whatsoever, and/or seek any indemnity from CNL and or any of its partners or affiliates by virtue of such companies having been prequalified in NJQS.
(5.) The tendering process shall be the NNPC contracting process requiring pre-qualified companies to submit technical tenders first. Following a technical review, only technically and financially qualified bidders will be requested to submit commercial tenders.
(6.) CNL will communicate only with authorised officers of the pre-qualifying companies and NOT through individuals or Agents.
Please visit NipeX portal at for this advert and other information.

Chevron Nigeria Limited, 2 Chevron Drive, Lekki Peninsula, P.M.B 12825, Lagos

University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria
P.M.B. 1515 Ilorin
Tel.: 031821304
Fax: +234(0)31-222561

Invitation for Prequalification of Contractors for Needs Assessment Phase II Projects
1.0 Introduction
The University of Ilorin Intends to Execute a Number of Projects Which Would be funded from the Needs Assessment Phase II Allocation. Interested Contractors with Relevant Experience and Good Track Records of Performance are Hereby Invited to Submit Prequalification Documents.
S/No. Project Title Documentation Fees (₦)
1 Lab for Department of Nursing Science 20,000.00
2 Workshop for Educational Technology Centre 20,000.00
3 Workshop for Entrepreneurial Development Studies 20,000.00
4 Laboratories for College of Health Sciences (2 Nos.) 30,000.00
5 Studios for Radios/TV for Department of Mass Communication 20,000.00
6 Teaching and Research Farms 20,000.00
7 Veterinary Teaching Hospital (Equipment) 20.000.00
8 Offices for Department of Education Technology 30,000.00
9 Offices for Institute of Education 30,000.00
10 Post Graduate School Building 30,000.00
(1 400 Seater Lecture Hall for Faculty of Agriculture 20,000.00
12 400 Seater Lecture Hall for Faculty of Arts 20.000.00
13 400 Seater Lecture Hall for Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 20,000.00
14 400 Seater Lecture Hall for Faculty of Science 20,000.00
15 Faculty of Environmental Sciences Building 30,000.00
16 Primary and Adult Education Building 30,000.00
17 Expansion of Water Treatment Plant 40,000.00
18 Additional Water Storage Tanks 20,000.00
19 Upgrading of 11KVA distribution panel 20,000.00
20 Recreational Facilities 30,000.00
3.0 Pre-Qualification Requirements
Documents to be Submitted Shall Include:-
(a) Evidence of Registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
(b) Company Profile and Organizational Structure, Including Names and Resume of Key Personnel with Addresses and Phone Numbers.
(c) Evidence of Registration of Both the Company and the Key Personnel with Relevant Professional Bodies.
(d) Verifiable list of previous similar major works carried out in the recent past with their locations and clients (copies of completion certificates/final payment certificate should be attached).
(e) Evidence/proof of processing of registration with the bureau of public procurement.
(f) Evidence of current tax clearance certificates for the last three years.
(g) Evidence of compliance with pension reform act 2004 (current certificate of compliance).
(h) Vat Registration Certificate.
(i) Three years audited accounts of the company
(j) Evidence of payment of appropriate documentation fees
(k) Evidence of financial capability/reference letter from a reputable bank
(l) Evidence of compliance with Industrial Training Fund (ITF) certificate,
(m) A sworn affidavit by a director certifying that:
• The documents submitted for the pre-qualification exercises are genuine and correct
• None of the director(s) of the company has ever been convicted by law
• The company is not bankrupt
• None of the officers of the university is a present or former director of the company
4.0 Submission of Documents
The pre-qualification documents shall be submitted to the Office of the Registrar, University of Ilorin. The envelope should be marked on the top left hand corner as follows:
Pre-Qualification Documents plus name of project.
Submission should be made on or before 12noon on 9th January, 2017.
5.0 Opening of Submission
The pre-qualification documents shall be opened at 1.00pm in the University main auditorium on the closing date, 9th January, 2017. All contractors and the general public are invited to attend the opening exercise.
Please note that the University of Ilorin is neither committed nor obligated to short list any contractor or to award the contract to any contractor. The university reserves the right to reject any bid.
Signed Mr. E.D. Obafemi

German Cooperation
Expression of Interest

The Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH; “Demand-Oriented Vocational Education and Training”, financed by Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany, would like to procure One (1) SUV Vehicle 2015/2016 model with the following but not limited specifications:
Engine type: l.8ltr to 2.4ltr, Engine power in KW (min80 to max 130), Petrol Engine, Minimum fuel tank capacity 50litres, Ground Clearance minimum (100mm), 4 Side Doors, Front and Side Airbag for Driver & Passenger, Automatic Transmission, Intermitted Window Wipers, Disc Brakes Front and Rear, ESP (Electronic Stability Programme), ABS, Power Steering, Anti-theft lock and Keyless entry, Air Condition, FM/AM Radio CD Player with USB
Accordingly, GIZ invites interested dealers to furnish GIZ Nigeria Country Office with the following:
(a) Comprehensive company profile
(b) Evidence of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)
(c) Evidence of being certified dealers and/or adequate and reliable certificates including certificate of origin
(d) Evidence of experience with previous similar jobs
These documents are essential for further consideration for issuing the Tender documents and do not send price offer with your interest notification
For consideration, all interested bidders should submit the aforementioned documents as a hard copy in a sealed envelope to GIZ Nigeria Office reception at No. 4 Julius Nyerere Crescent, Asokoro, Abuja labelled:
Expression of Interest 91104336″,
as an email attachment to with email subject line: “Expression of Interest 91104336”,
Only complete quotations and documents received at the physical address or email address indicated not later than Thursday 8th December, 2016 by 12 noon will be accepted and considered.
Implemented by: GIZ

Federal Government of Nigeria
Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing (Housing Sector), Headquarters,
Mabushi, Abuja.
Invitation for Tenders
Request for Invitation for Technical and Financial Bids for the Implementation of 2016 Capital Projects

(1.0) Introduction:
(1.1) The Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing (Housing Sector), wishes to undertake the supply and installation of 33KVA supply line to Prototype Housing Estate, Suleja, Niger State under the 2016 Capital Appropriation. In compliance with the Public Procurement Act 2007, the Ministry invites interested and qualified Contractors to submit their company’s technical and financial bids for the project as follows;
1 Supply and installation of 33KVA supply line to prototype Housing Estate, Suleja, Niger State. Housing Estate, Suleja, Niger State.
(i) Verifiable Evidence of Certificate of Registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC);
(ii) Verifiable Evidence of Tax Clearance Certificate in the last three(3) years (2013,2014 & 2015);
(iii) Verifiable Evidence of current Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Clearance Certificate;
(iv) Verifiable Evidence of current Pension Commission (PENCOM) Compliance Certificate;
(v) Evidence of Compliance with the National Social Insurance Training Fund (NSIFT) ACT;
(vi) Verifiable Evidence of registration with the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) National Database of Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers and evidence of current Interim Registration Report (IRR).
(vii) A sworn affidavit confirming that all information presented and attached are true and correct and that no officer of the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing (Housing) is a former or present Director, Shareholder or has any peculiar interest in the bidder
(i) Verifiable Evidence of previous experience in supply and installation of 33KVA supply line and other similar jobs with letters of awards and completion certificates in the last three(3) years;
(ii) Company Profile and Technical qualifications of key personnel with evidence of experiences on similar jobs and evidence of key personnel registration with relevant professional bodies (most importantly, Electrical Engineers, etc).
(iii) Detailed Company Profile showing core business and years of experience; relevant experience in at least three (3) assignments of similar nature and complexity with verifiable letters of awards and job Completion Certificates, key personnel available for the assignment and any other information that may show the Contractor’s ability to carry out the assignment satisfactorily.
(iv) Verifiable Evidence of Certificate of registration of the key personnel with COREN/other recognized Professional bodies.
(4.1) Bids are available for collection at below address The Director (Procurement)
Located on the 3rd floor, Room B 301, FMPWH (H), Mabushi, Abuja.
(5.1) The submission is to consist of “Technical” and “Financial” tender. Each submission will consist of one original (one (1) original and two (2) duplicate copies) sealed in two separate envelopes clearly marked “Technical” and “Financial” respectively and both envelopes in a third and bigger envelope. All the envelopes must be clearly marked “CONFIDENTIAL” and labeled with “The Project Name” and “Lot No.” at the Top Right Hand Corner of the Envelope. The Company name and phone number should be boldly written on the reverse side of all the envelopes and addressed to:
The Permanent Secretary,
Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing
(Housing Sector) Mabushi, Abuja.
6.1 Closing date and time for all submissions are Wednesday 4th January, 2017 by 12:00 noon prompt.
(7.1) All Bids shall be opened immediately after close of bid submission by 12noon prompt at the Conference Room, 3rd Floor of the Ministry. All Contractors and their representatives, Relevant Professional Bodies and NGO’s are invited to witness the bid opening exercise. Late submissions shall not be entertained.
(i) Post qualification of all documents tendered may be carried out;
(ii) Prospective bidders would be required to pay a non- refundable fee of Twenty Thousand Naira (20,000.00) to FMPW&H before collection of tender document;
(iii) The Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing (Housing) reserves the right to reject any or all the submissions that do not meet up with the requirements as specified;
(i) This advertisement shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of the Ministry to award any or all of the above listed contracts;
(ii) The Ministry will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by any Bidder in connection with the preparation of their documents;
(iii) The Ministry is not bound to shortlist any bidder and reserves the right to annul the selection process at any time without incurring any liabilities whatsoever to any Bidder in line with the PPA, 2007.
Permanent Secretary

University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Ituku/Ozalla
P.M.B. 01129, Enugu
Expression of Interest for Auctioning of Unserviceable Items at UNTH, Ituku Ozalla, Enugu

(1.0) Introduction:
In line with the guideline of the Bureau of Public Procurement, University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Ituku-Ozalla Enugu, wishes to invite credible, competent and registered Auctioneers to apply for the auctioning of unserviceable items at University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Ituku-Ozalla, Enugu.
Disposing of Unserviceable items
(i) Verifiable evidence of Certificate of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) by inclusion of Certificate of Incorporation.
(ii) Verifiable evidence of current Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years (2013, 2014 and 2015).
(iii) Verifiable evidence of evidence of compliance with the Industrial Training Fund Amendment Act, 2011 by inclusion of Compliance Certificate from the Industrial Training Fund (ITF for 2016)
(iv) Verifiable evidence of registration on the National Database of Contractors, Consultants and service providers by submission of the Interim Registration Report (IRR) issued by the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP).
(v) Verifiable evidence of compliance with the Employee Compensation Act which requires all employers of labour to remit 1% of the total annual emolument of workers to National Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF)
(vi) Evidence of compliance with Pensions Reform Act, 2004 by inclusion of compliance certificate from the National Pension Commission
(i) Applicant must be duly registered with Nigerian Association of Auctioneers with verifiable membership certificate.
(ii) Evidence of current license with the Nigerian Association of Auctioneers must be included.
(iii) Detailed company profile, showing verifiable evidence of professional experience in a similar job by submission of at least three projects of similar nature and complexity applied for with letters of award and job completion certificates in the last five years.
(iv) Sworn affidavit indicating the following:
• That the company is not in receivership/insolvency/bankruptcy
• That no officer of the procuring entity (University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu), is a former or present Director, shareholder or have any pecuniary interest in the company.
• Not having any Director who has been convicted in any country for criminal offense
• Confirming that the bid and all and all other information submitted are true.
Interested Auctioneers are to pay a non-refundable tender fee tender fee of fifty thousand naira (N50,000) only, into the Treasury Single Account (TSA) of the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH), Enugu
Interested Auctioneers are requested to submit their applications in a sealed big brown envelope clearly labeled “Expression of Interest for the Auctioning of unserviceable items” and the company’s name written at reverse side of the envelope, and addressed to:
The Chief Medical Director,
University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu, Nigeria.
PMB 01129 Enugu
All application must be deposited in a secured tamper-proof bid box at the office of HOD Procurement Department
Closing date and time for all submission should be on 6th December, 2016
Opening of the received documents will commence immediately after closing date at 12:00 noon prompt at the Boardroom, UNTH, Ituku-Ozalla, Enugu.
Only the bidders that meet the qualification criteria shall be invited for interview.
The procuring entity reserves the right to reject any submission that does not meet the requirements as specified.
This advertisement is published for information purposes only and does not guarantee an award of contract. A contract shall be awarded to the lowest evaluated responsive bid from the bidders substantially responsive to the bid solicitation (see section 16(17) and 24(3) of PPA 2007). The burden of proving fulfillment of the requirements for participation in the EOI solicitation lies on the Auctioneer (see 16(16) of PPA, 2007), hence the hospital shall not be held liable to refund any cost/expenses incurred by interested party (ies) in connection with the invitation
The University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Ituku/Ozalla, Enugu hereby inform the general public of its intention to dispose some of its unserviceable items located at its permanent and old sites.
The auction sales will take place on 12th December 2016 at the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Ituku/Ozalla.
The unserviceable items are available for inspection at their locations in both the permanent and old sites.
Dr. C.C. Amah
Chief Medical Director

University of Agriculture, Makurdi
(Office of the Registrar)
P.M.B. 2373, Makurdi, Benue State
Invitation to Tender


The University of Agriculture Makurdi is desirous of implementing some projects to be financed from the Needs Assessment of Nigerian Public Universities: Special Presidential Intervention.
Consequently, the University hereby invites interested reputable Contractors to Tender for the implementation of the under listed projects:
1 Construction of 2-storey (3 floors) block of laboratories and offices for Department of Wildlife and Range Management, College of Forestry and Fisheries 30,000.00 N/A
2 Construction of 2 No classrooms for Department of wildlife and Range Management, College of Forestry and Fisheries 20,000.00 N/A
3 Construction of 2-storey (3 floors) block of laboratories and offices for Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, College of Forestry and Fisheries 30,000.00 N/A
4 Construction of 2 No classrooms for Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, College of Forestry and Fisheries 20,000.00 N/A
5 Construction of 2-storey (3 floors) block of offices for College of Agricultural and Science Education 30,000.00 Bid Security required for this Lot
6 Construction of 2-storey (3 floors) block of Students’ Hostel 30,000.00 N/A
7 Construction of 2-storey (3 floors) block of Students Hostel 30,000.00 N/A
Interested candidates are to submit with their Tenders the following documents:
(a) Certificate of Incorporation with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
(b) Evidence of Company’s Current Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years (2013, 2014 & 2015).
(c) Evidence of Current Pension Clearance Certificate in compliance with the Amended PENCOM Reform Act 2014.
Evidence of registration on the National Database of Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers by inclusion of Interim Registration Report (IRR) issued by the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP).
(e) Evidence of Current ITF Certificate in compliance with Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Act, 2005
(f) Verifiable evidence of financial capacity with a total annual turnover of ₦240,000,000.00 for the last three years (2013, 2014 & 2015). This requirement applies to Lots 1, 3,5,6 and 7 only.
(g) Current Sworn Affidavit disclosing:-
• That the company is not in receivership, insolvent or bankrupt;
• That the company does not have any Director who has been convicted in any court in Nigeria or any other Country for criminal offence in relation to fraud or financial impropriety;
• Whether or not any officer of the University is a former or present Director, Shareholder or has any pecuniary interest in the bidder;
• That all documents submitted for the bidding are true and correct in all particulars;
(h) List of verifiable documentary evidences of at least two (2) similar jobs successfully executed within the last five (5) years including letters of awards and job completion Certificates
(i) List of verifiable construction equipment. Please indicate whether they are owned, hired or leased.
(j) List of key Technical Personnel indicating their rales, designations, qualifications (endorsed copies) and years of experience with the guarantee that a minimum of three (3) relevant registered professionals shall be deployed on the project. Copies of Professional and Educational Certificates should be provided.
(k) Evidence of Current NSITF Certificate of Compliance.
Tender Documents are to be collected from the office of the Head, Procurement Unit between the hours of 10.00am – 3.00pm daily upon presentation of authenticated payment details of the non-refundable tender fee prescribed for the Lot obtained from an approved Bank by the University Bursar.
(4.1) Interested Bidders are to submit Tender Documents in two (2) separate envelopes appropriately marked “Technical Bids” and “Financial Bids”. The two envelopes shall be enclosed in one (1) larger envelope marked “Tender Documents” stating the particular Lot at the top right hand corner of the envelops and addressed to:
The Registrar,
University of Agriculture,
(4.2) Tender Documents for each Lot shall be submitted separately.
(4.3) The closing date for submission of Tender is 9th January, 2017 at 12 Noon. (5.0) OPENING OF TENDER DOCUMENTS
Technical Bids shall be opened on 9th January, 2017 at 12 noon in the University Senate Chambers. All bidders are hereby invited to attend the bid opening.
(i.) The University of Agriculture, Makurdi reserves the right to reject any or all “Financial bids”. This notice of “Invitation to Tender” shall neither be construed as a commitment on the part of the University nor shall it entitle any company to make claims whatsoever or seek any indemnity from the University of Agriculture, Makurdi.
(ii.) The University of Agriculture, Makurdi reserves the right to verify any claim by the bidders.
(iii.) Contracts shall be awarded to the “Lowest evaluated responsive” bidder.
(iv.) Non-compliance with any of the items (g)-(k) of 2.0 will lead to disqualification of Tender.
(v.) Submissions made by e-mail and late submissions will be rejected.

Signed Mrs. Helen N. Nyitse


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