The Nigerian National Merit Award (NNMA) in pursuance of its mandate and in compliance with due process requirements seeks professional consultants/ services from duly registered and reputable companies.
Consequently and in line with section 41 (a) of PPA (2007) applications are hereby invited from interested, competent and reputable firms with expertise for the execution of the services listed below to submit Technical and Financial Bids for provision of the following services:-
(i) General Insurance Services
(ii) External Auditors Consultants
(iii) Cleaning and Pest Control Services
(iv) Estate Managers
In addition to section 16 (6) of the Public procurement Act 2007 (as amended) all bidders must possess the following:
(1) Certificate of Incorporation or Registration of Company;
(2) Evidence of TAX Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) Years, valid up to December, 2016;
(3) Evidence of Financial Capability to handle the job (bank reference);
(4) Evidence of Technical Competence, covering the range of services;
(5) Audited Accounts for the last three years;
(6) Valid PENCOM and ITF certificates of compliance in line with section 16(6) (d) of the Public Procurement Act, 2007;
(7) Evidence of Interim Registration Report on the national data base of contractors, consultants and service providers by inclusion of Interim Registration Report (IRR) issued by the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP);
(8) Verifiable evidence of accreditation, membership or affiliation with relevant professional bodies;
(9) Company profile and list of key personnel;
(10) List of SIMILAR work successfully completed with names of clients, evidence of Award and completion certificate attached.
(11) Payment of non- refundable Tender Bid Fee of N50,000 for each lot tendered for. Payment- should be made to the NNMA.

Interested and eligible bidders may obtain further information and inspect the site/bidding documents from the address below:
(i) All submissions should be returned on or before 20th March, 2017 at 12noon prompt.
(ii) Documents should be enclosed in sealed envelopes Marked” TENDER FOR either
(i) General Insurance
(ii) External Auditors
(iii) Cleaning and Pest Control Services
(iv) Estate Managers
and addressed to:
The Acting Secretary,
Nigerian National Merit Award,
3rd Floor, Merit House Complex,
No. 22, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama Abuja.
(1) All submissions should be made in three (3) sets of hardcopies with appropriate label;
(2) Late submission would be rejected
(3) This advertisement shall not be considered to be a commitment on the part of the Nigerian National Merit Award nor shall it entitle the tenderer to make claims whatsoever and/or seek any indemnity from the Nigerian National Merit Award by virtue of such tenderer having responded to this advertisement;
(4) Subsequently to this advertisement, tender for contracts and jobs will be accepted from interested contractors and the Nigerian National Merit Award shall not enter into any correspondence with unsuccessful applicants;
Completed Technical and Financial bids (three sets of hard copies) shall be submitted in two (2) separate sealed envelopes marked “Technical bids’ or “Financial Bids” and then enclosed in a larger sealed envelope labeled “Technical bids” and “Financial Bids”. The Name and Lot number bided for should be written at the top right hand corner of the envelope and the Company’s name indicated behind and addressed to:
The Acting Secretary, Nigerian National Merit Award, 3rd Floor, Merit House Complex, No. 22, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama, Abuja.
Technical bids shall be opened immediately following the deadline for submission on 20th March, 2017 by 12noon at NNMA Board Room, 3rd Floor, Merit House, Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama, Abuja, while the financial bids shall be put back into the tamper-proof bid box. Bidders or their representatives as well as interested members of the public, Civil Societies, relevant Non- Governmental Organizations are hereby invited.
Financial bids opening will be done at a later date following the evaluation of the technical bids, successful bidders shall be invited at a later date for the financial opening while the financial bids of unsuccessful bidders shall be returned to them unopened.

26, Julius Nyerere Crescent, Asokoro, (PMB 101, Garki), Abuja
Tel: 0803 334 6509

1:1 This advertisement is in line with the Public Procurement Regulations for Goods and Works. (Public Procurement Act (PPA) 2007 (Act 14 No of 2007).
1:2 Federal Housing Authority hereby invites experienced and competent construction companies or firms to bid for the construction of 3 Blocks (i.e 2 Storeys) of Six (6) Flats of 2 Bedroom at Federal Housing Authority’s Old Clinic, Kubwa, Abuja.
2:1 The construction of 3 Blocks (i.e 2 Storeys) of Six (6) Flats of 2 Bedroom at Federal Housing Authority’s Old Clinic, Kubwa, Abuja.
3:1 The pre-qualification requirements for the construction of 3 Blocks (i.e 2 Storeys) of Six (6) Flats of 2 Bedroom at Federal Housing Authority’s Old Clinic, Kubwa, Abuja include the following:-
(a) Evidence of registration and incorporation by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), by inclusion of Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Association.
(b) Evidence of current Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years (i.e 2014, 2015 and 2016) corresponding with declared Annual Turnover by inclusion of photocopies.
(c) Evidence of VAT Registration / Remittances and Tax Identification Number (TIN).
(d) Evidence of National Pension Commission Registration / Remittances in compliance with the provisions of the Pension Reform Act, 2004.
(e) Evidence of compliance with the Industrial Training Fund Amendment Act 2011, by inclusion of compliance letter from the Industrial Training Fund (ITF).
(f) Evidence of registration with the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRCN).
(g) Evidence of registration on the National Database of Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers by inclusion of interim Registration Report (IRR) from BPP.
(h) Company Profile, including Curriculum Vitae and details of professional registration of the personnel,
(i) Verifiable evidence of previous experience in handling similar projects, including list of projects, names of clients, contract values, letters of award / certificates of completion.
(j) Reference / guarantee letter from a reputable bank.
(k) Company Audited Accounts for the last three (3) years (i.e 2014, 2015 and 2016).
(l) Payment of non-refundable fees of One Hundred Thousand Naira (N100,000.00) only, evidence of which must be attached to the Invitation to Tender,
(m) A sworn affidavit certifying that:
All the required documents submitted are both GENUINE and UP-TO-DATE.
None of the Directors of the Company has ever been convicted by any Court of Law.
None of the Directors of the Company is a Staff of the Authority
The Company is not bankrupt or a party to liquidation proceedings in any Court of Law.
Kindly note that items (a)-(g) in above criteria are MANDATORY and failure to produce any will toad to AUTOMATIC disqualification of the Company
4:1 The Technical and Financial proposals must be prepared as separate documents Three (3) copies of Technical and Financial proposal must be SEPARATELY packaged in sealed envelopes, clearly marked as either “Financial or Technical Proposal”, as appropriate and put together in a SINGLE (bigger) envelope which shall be clearly marked “INVITATION TO BID FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF 3 BLOCKS (2 STOREYS) OF SIX FLATS OF 3 BEDROOM AT FEDERAL HOUSING AUTHORITTS OLD CLINIC, KUBWA, ABUJA,” and all documents must be paginated and properly bound and addressed to:
Managing Director / CE
Federal Housing Authority
26, Julius Nyerere Crescent
Asokoro Abuja
5:1 The Closing date for the submission of the Invitation to Tender is on or before 12:00 noon onWednesday. 15th March, 2017.
6:1 All submissions will be opened immediately at the close of submission at 12.00 noon onWednesday. 15th March, 2017 in the presence of bidders, the general public and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) at the Office of AGM (Procurement), FHA Headquarters, Asokoro District, Abuja.
All inquiries should be directed to:
Managing Director/CE
Federal Housing Authority
26, Julius Nyerere Crescent
Asokoro Abuja
8:1 This announcement is published for information purpose only and does not constitute an offer by the Board to transact with any party for the project, nor does it constitute a commitment or an obligation on the part of the Board, to procure concession services.
8:2 The Board will not be responsible for any cost or expenses incurred by any interested party(ies) in connection with any response to this invitation and or the preparation or submission in response to an inquiry.
8:3 The Board is not bound to shortlist any bidder and reserves the right to annul the selection process at any time without incurring any liabilities and assigning any reason thereof.


1.0 Background
Lagos, with a population of over 21.2 million people and projected to be the 3rd largest megacity in the world within the next decade hitting the 25 million mark, is Nigeria’s economic, financial and commercial nerve-centre.
The Lagos State Government (LASG) has initiated the Cleaner Lagos Initiative (CLI) in its commitment to ensure cleaner, healthier and more aesthetically pleasing city has an objective of ensuring an efficient and effective solid waste management system.
In this regard, the State has seen the need to recertify existing PSP operators (WASTE MANAGEMENT COMPANIES). This will ensure that the vision of the initiative in having a cleaner, healthier and greener Lagos is achieved.
The Lagos State Ministry of the Environment (LSMOE) is desirous of recertifying and revalidating existing PSP operators. It hereby on behalf of the LASG, and within the context of the State’s extant Procurement and Public Private Partnership Laws calls on interested existing participants who would like to continue their partnership with the State government, to submit the necessary detailed documentation for this exercise.
The envisaged holistic collection, transportation and disposal of solid waste from the commercial and industrial facilities to designated landfill sites and Transfer Loading Stations.
To be considered for the recertification exercise, existing PSPs are required to submit comprehensive information as follows:
• Full name and nationality (country of registration) of the company and contact person, postal address, telephone, and e-mail addresses;
• Company registration including Certificate of Incorporation, certified true copies of Memorandum and Articles of Association and CAC Form C07 or the equivalent;
• Provide evidence of current registration with Lagos State Public Procurement Agency / Provisional Certificate of Registration;
• Evidence of registration with the Lagos State Residents Registration Agency (LASSRA) for key Directors and personnel;
• Evidence of registration with Lagos State Waste Management Authority (LAWMA)
• Most recent 3 – Years Audited Financial Statements and latest Management Accounts;
• Evidence of previous and current work detailing:
(i) Name of Project, Brief description and Client
(ii) Scope of Work,
(iii) Nature of Contract (PPP, lump sum etc.),
(iv) Name and address of related client’s referee.
Safety, Security, Health and Environment (SSHE) Policy and Evidence of Management’s commitment to the policy;
Provide a current sworn affidavit disclosing the following:
(i) That the company is not in receivership, insolvent or bankrupt;
(ii) That no Director of the company has been convicted of any offence relating to fraud or financial impropriety or criminal misrepresentation or falsification of facts relating to any matter.
• Project team, including list of key personnel and organizational chart, their qualifications and relevant experience;
• Evidence of available financing/access to credit line;
• Evidence of payment of tax/tax returns for the Directors of the Company;
• Evidence of sufficient fleet for carrying out projects.
• Evidence of monies being owed by LAWMA.
Interested firms or may obtain further information at the address below between 09.00am to 5.00pm weekdays or via electronic mail.
The documentation submission should include:
One (1) original copy and One (1) other copy to be delivered in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Recertification and Validation of PSP in SWM” and submitted not later than 28th February, 2017 to the address below, on or before 12 noon Nigerian time on the said date.
Office of the Honourable Commissioner
Lagos State Ministry of the Environment
1st Floor, Block 16
The Secretariat Alausa, Ikeja Lagos,
It should be noted that this invitation does not constitute a commitment on the part of LASG and/ or the Lagos State Ministry of the Environment to award the job to any Invited firm.
Furthermore, submission of the documents shall not entitle any of the participating parties in this exercise to any claims against LASG and/ or the Lagos State Ministry of the Environment by such firm having responded to the invitation.
All costs incurred by respondents as a result of this invitation and any subsequent requests for information shall be for the respondent’s account only.

IFAD Assisted Value Chain Development Programme

The Federal Government of Nigeria received a loan from the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) towards the cost of the Value Chain Development Programme (VCDP), and intends to apply part of the proceed towards carrying out various consultancy and non-consultancy services activities. The VCDP is a six years intervention programme presently being implemented in the six States of Anambra, Benue, Ebonyi, Ogun, Niger and Taraba and three Local Government Areas each in all the States while two more Local government Areas are expected to join in the programme implementation based on performance.
The programme includes the following components: (a) Agricultural Market Development which includes (Support to value addition and market linkages, Support to market infrastructure): (b) Small Holders Production Enhancement which includes (Support to farmers’ organisation and Support to small holders’ production) and (c) Programme Management and Coordination. The VCDP National Programme Management Unit (NPMU) intends to expand/ update her data base of service providers on the above mentioned Areas. Eligible individual consultants, consulting and contracting firms are invited to indicate interest in working for our programme.
The Programme’s objective is that the incomes and food security of poor rural households engaged in production, processing and marketing of rice and cassava in the Programme Area are enhanced on a sustainable basis.
The primary target groups are: (i) poor rural households engaged in the cassava and rice value chains (VCs) (who cultivate not more than 5 hectares of land under rice/cassava); and (ii) small scale processors (processing capacity of an average of 2 MT/day for cassava and 4 MT/day for rice) and traders, with emphasis on women and youth. The secondary target groups include: (i) downstream stakeholders, particularly processors linked to a large number of the primary target groups; (ii) local government councils (LGAs) and communities strengthened to sustainably manage the marketing infrastructures supported by the Programme; and (iii) private sector operators strengthened to provide quality services demanded by smallholder farmers and processors.
The VCDP hereby invites eligible/qualified individual consultants and firms to express interest in offering their services in the following specialist areas.
3.1 Agricultural Production Services
3.1.1 Specific tasks in this area include:-
(i) Assist in organizing field-days and annual cross-visits among farmer groups to facilitate exchange of experiences and best practices among farmers;
(ii) Assist in the monitor and assessment of mechanisms (procedures) of production, supply and distribution of certified rice seeds and improved cassava cuttings production in the programme areas;
(iii) Provide technical support in the design and implementation of a sound seed sub-sector action plan by strengthening the FOs’ capacity for the production of certified Rice seeds in the programme area. This will also involve the implementation of activities pertaining to, promoting and disseminating of quality seed to producers;
(iv) Undertake appropriate capacity building programmes for farmers’ groups, state seed & quality control officers in germination and viability testing;
(v) Provide support in the establishment and effective management of Farmers Business Schools/Farmers Field School to promptly and adequately address various incidental field production challenges and experiences in Rice and Cassava production;
(vi) Support the programme to establish farmer-managed demonstration (demo) plots to promote sustainable and improved agricultural technologies/practices and follow-up services to the FOs;
(vii) Ensure that all production and extension-service delivery programmes and activities are satisfactorily executed with particular reference to the technical agronomic requirements to meet the demands of the identified processors and industrial-end users.
3.1.2 Qualification and Experience
(a) The firm must have a strong institutional capability with a team of such experts/ professionals as Agronomists, soil scientists, Extension specialists with strong entrepreneurial skills and degree in Agriculture, Agribusiness, Agricultural Economics and other related fields;
The requisite qualifications of the Individual Consultant shall include the following:
(i) A first degree in Agriculture/field crop production/Agronomy (or related fields). Holder of an advanced degree in relevant fields will be an added advantage;
(ii) Must have demonstrated ten (10) years minimum work experience in field crop production/agribusiness/value chain development
(iii) Should have sound knowledge of agricultural extension service delivery system
(iv) Should have proven track record in communication/training skills; and have the competence to interact with farmers and other locals in their rural environments;
3.2 Market Enterprise and Development Advisory Services
3.2.1 The specific tasks in this area include:-
(i) Undertake comprehensive assessment of existing Agricultural Market Information among the value chain operators in each of the participating states under the VCDP programme, Train farmers, processors, and marketers in accessing and the use of Market Information System.
(ii) Develop Market Entry Strategies for products of the Value Cham
(iii) Conduct capacity building for producers, processors and marketers of the value chain on product development and market access to ensure compliance with market requirements
(iv) Identify market opportunities both local and international for products of the value chain. Render capacity building services.
(v) Develop branding and packaging for value chain products (nee and Cassava)
(vi) Identify and organise national and international study tours for value chain operators to understudy best practices
(vii) Undertake export readiness audit of value chain operators with a view to exposing them to the export market.
(viii) Conduct capacity building programme on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Good storage practices (GSP) and Good warehousing practices (GWP) for farmers, processors and marketers in the value chain in each of the participating states.
(ix) Conduct need assessment of VC Operators in business management techniques part of (VCAP Preparation)
(x) Train and build the capacity of VC operators in (organizations and Individuals) in registration, organization/financial management, Preparation of Business plan and assessment of Matching grant.
(xi) Prepare commodity specific value chain action plan (VCAP) for rice and cassava
(xii) Broker linkage between VC operators and financial institutions.
3.2.2 Qualification and Experience
The requisite qualifications of the Consultant/firm shall include the following:
(i) A team of experts with minimum of First Degree in Agriculture Economics, Economics or Business Administration or Marketing (or equivalent) and be computer literate. Holder of an advanced degree in relevant field will be an added advantage;
The Individual consultant must have:-
(ii) A First Degree in Economics or Business Administration or Marketing (or equivalent) and be computer literate. Holder of an advanced degree in relevant field will be an added advantage
(iii) Ten (10) years’ minimum experience in the field of marketing and agribusiness with the private or public sector
(iv) Good communication and training skills;
(v) Proven track record in product and market development issues with capacity to handle transactions from farm-gate to contract deliveries, and ability to motivate, inspire and achieve results will be an added advantage;
3.3 Agro Processing and Quality Enhancement Services
3.3.1 Specific tasks include: –
(i.) Supporting development of branding and packaging for value chain products (rice and Cassava).
(ii.) Prepare manuals/guidelines to document agro processing and quality enhancement initiatives. Render capacity building services.
(iii.) Identify technologies and equipment and train VC operators in the use of the improved technologies and equipment.
(iv.) Set up cluster based demonstration centres as well as provide technical assistance to groups and clusters.
(v.) Promote establishment of quality norms and standards including appropriate enforceable grading systems in each of the participating States of the VCDP.
(vi.) Carry out demonstration of the use of standard weight and measures for agricultural processes.
(vii.) Provide standard equipment for weight and volume measurement including calibration
(viii.) Provide Training to Value Chain Operators in food processing systems.
(ix.) Broker Inter-Agency Collaboration among relevant agencies involved in quality control, grading and standards.
(x.) Put in place framework for the establishment of quality control grading and standards.
3.3.2 Qualification and Experience
The requisite qualifications of the Consultant/ firm shall include the following:
A team of consultants or individuals with minimum of Bachelor’s Degree or Higher National Diploma in Agricultural/Food Engineering or Food Science and Technology. Advanced degrees will be added advantage. Strong background in engineering and technological aspects of agro-processing and agricultural product handling (storage, preservation and packaging).
3.4 Market/ Value Chain Infrastructure Services
3.4.1 Specific Tasks include the following:-
(i.) Carrying out engineering/architectural designs, specifications and cost estimates for market infrastructure (roads, irrigation schemes, storage facilities, markets, water supply and sanitation, agro processing buildings, land development activities).
(ii.) Carry out survey/contour mapping in respect of land development and road infrastructure interventions. Render capacity building services.
(iii) Support the preparation of manuals/guidelines and capacity building initiatives in the operation and maintenance of market infrastructure for sustainability.
(iv) Provide support services in the evaluation of tenders/ bids for market infrastructure,
(v) Certify payments for the works against the relevant bill of quantities and issue the Interim Payment Certificates, the Final Payment Certificate and other certificates, including Taking over Certificate, as required under the civil works contract;
(vi.) Approve and monitor the contractor’s construction program and method statements,
verifying that they are consistent with the implementation schedule for the Project;
(vii.) Planning and execution of construction supervision and contract administration, including effective and regular supervision of the works, maintenance of project records, correspondence and diaries, as well as quality control/material testing to ensure that the
Works are executed in accordance with the Contract;
(viii.) Issue notices to the contractor advising of any non¬compliance with environmental mitigation measures, as set out in the contract documents.
(ix) Carry out market infrastructure assessment and thematic studies.
3.4.2 Qualification and Experience
The consulting firm must have a selected team of civil/highway/ irrigation/ water/structural / agricultural engineers, builders, quantity/land surveyors, architects with minimum of First Degree/ Higher National Diploma. Experience of five years minimum in the construction and design/ cost estimates of roads, water and irrigation schemes, land development, agricultural buildings is required. The professionals must be certified/registered with appropriate national professional body.
Among others, the firm should have knowledge of local environment and donor financed projects e.g. UNDP, World Bank and IFAD.
The individual consultant shall have:
A minimum of First Degree in of civil, highway, irrigation, water, structural, agricultural engineering, land surveying, building, quantity surveying, land surveying, architecture with registration with relevant professional body. A minimum of five years’ experience in rural/market infrastructure construction and management in developing countries in any of the fields mentioned above, especially in Nigeria.
3.5 The Monitoring & Evaluation/Management Information System Services
3.5.1 Specific task for M&E/MIS services
(i.) Develop the Programme M&E/ MIS System on the basis of the programme’s Logical Framework
(ii.) Conduct of baseline surveys. Render capacity building services.
(iii.) Prepare an M&E Plan, including the programme’s monitoring formats;
(iv.) Establish indicators for outputs, outcomes and impact, monitor implementation processes and performance, and assess outputs and outcomes;
(v.) Foster participatory planning and M&E by training and involving stakeholder groups;
(vi.) Oversee design of a field-based system for the programme monitoring that incorporates the logical framework approach;
(vii.) Undertake project thematic evaluations and studies. Carry out capacity building services.
(viii.) Integrate the M&E system into the overall programme coordination and organization function and with other information and knowledge systems;
(ix.) Support annual review and planning workshops and preparation of annual work plans and budgets;
(x.) Carry out data quality, assessment and validation tests.
(xi.) Support advocacy efforts through providing evidence of impact gathered through the M&E system, closely linked to knowledge management activities;
3.5.2 Qualification and Experience.
The consultancy firm or individual shall have a minimum of eight years’ experience in monitoring and evaluation of agricultural projects in developing countries, especially in Nigeria. The firm or individual shall have sound technical background in agriculture and rural development projects and be conversant with the participatory impact assessment of such project especially in the aspect of M&E and knowledge management. Masters or higher level University degree in Agricultural Economics, Economics, Statistics or other relevant field.
Proficient in the use of databases and spread-sheets, statistical and other software packages for both quantitative and qualitative analysis and demonstrated skills in quantitative and qualitative analysis and data management.
A minimum of 10 years’ experience working in M&E and/or project management in areas such as agriculture, marketing, rural finance and policy matters.
Proven experience in designing and implementing successful M&E systems.
Solid understanding of use of modern Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in development and excellent knowledge of computer-based communications tools, in particular web-based technology.
3.6 Procurement Advisory Services
3.6.1 Specific tasks include:-
(i.) Provide technical assistance to VCDP, participating states and implementing agencies in the procurement of services and goods, including hiring of consultants, on proper scheduling, adhering to best methodology and documentation process, and providing other services necessary to meet procurement objectives as contained in the procurement plan.
(ii.) Interpret and assist the programme to implement all procurement matters as contained in the procurement plan but consistent with IFAD procurement manual.
(iii.) Provide capacity building trainings (in-house trainings) to the programmes to beef their understanding and application of best procurement management practices as well as assist the Procurement Officers to ensure efficient running of the Programme procurement functions.
(iv.) Assist in preparation and participate in the performance of appropriate training programmes for Programme staff to ensure optimum utilization of the acquired knowledge upon completion of this contract.
(v.) Actively participate and provide technical support to the VCDP, programme implementation agencies and participating states in all meetings that aimed at reviewing the status of the programme as regards procurement.
(vi.) Where applicable, assist the programme in getting Duty Exemption Certificate and opening of Letters of Credit.
(v.) Undertake any other tasks or responsibilities required to achieve the programme objectives or as otherwise assigned by the VCDP National Programme Coordinator.
3.6.2 Qualification and Experience
The requisite qualifications of the Firm/Individual Consultant shall include the following:
(i) A team of consultants/ individual with first degree in Engineering , Business Administration, Sciences, Humanities, Law or Marketing (or equivalent) and be computer literate. Holder of an advanced degree in a relevant field will be an added advantage;
(ii.) Ten (10) years minimum experience in the field or procurement with the private or public sector.
(iii.) Demonstrated seven (7) years of experience in IFAD or any other international Financial Institutions;
(iv.) Good communication and training skills;
(v.) Proven track record in procurement with capacity to handle procurement process from advert to contract deliveries, and
(vi.) Ability to motivate, inspire and achieve results will be an added advantage;
3.7 Financial Management Services
Specific tasks include:-
(i.) Ensure the Programme’s financial procedures, as detailed in the Programme Implementation and Financial Manuals, are strictly adhered to by all Programme staff and implementing partners at the national and state levels.
(ii.) Carry out implementation support visit to the states to inspect financial records and books. Render capacity building services.
(iii.) Establish an accounting system that ensures installation of good and complete chart of accounts, and maintain all relevant books of accounts that ensure complete recording and reporting of all financial and non-financial transactions of the Programme at all levels.
(iv.) Carry out the installation and management of sound Integrated Financial Management Information System (Computerized Accounting) at both the NPMU and SPMU.
(v.) Carry out review of Programme’s financial procedures manual.
3.7.1 Qualification and Experience
The requisite qualifications of the Firm/ Individual Consultant shall include the following:-
(i.) A team of consultants/ individual consultants with Masters or higher level University degree in (ii.) Agricultural Economics, Business Management, Finance, Economics or other relevant fields.
(iii.) A professional qualification (ACA, ANAN, ACCA) with at least 6 years of post-qualification experience.
(iv.) A minimum of 5 years’ experience in management team of donor funded projects.
(v.) Strong working knowledge of both national and international accounting procedures.
(vi.) Strong computer skills, spread-sheets, and other relevant accounting packages
(v.) Working knowledge of banking and financial control procedures
(vi.) Computer literacy is required.
3.8 Knowledge Management and Communication services
3.8.1 Specific tasks include;-
(i.) Documentation expert/services:
The consultant/firm will provide technical assistance to the Central Communication Unit (CCU) in the documentation and development of knowledge products such as success stories, newsletters, factsheets, brochures, technical and policy briefs, how-to-guides, technical reports and editing of programme documents among others. The individual/firm will support the CCU in field visits to programmes sites for purposes of documentation of programmes accomplishments.
(ii.) Online Media/Webmaster:
The webmaster shall manage the Programme websites and social media platforms and ensure the programmes have strong online media presence. The consultant will work in-house with the KMC team and will provide assistance in uploading and updating the programme sites and social media networks on a daily/weekly basis. The webmaster will produce monthly statistics and analysts on the site performance.
(iii.) Print and Electronic Media consultants:
The print media consultant will assist the programme in facilitating press interview, press coverage of programme events, press conferences, media tours of programme intervention sites, press releases and courtesy calls. The electronic media consultant wilt support the programme in Radio and TV appearances, coverage of programme events.
(iv.) Traditional Media consultant:
The consultant will support the programme in implementing KM&C activities at the grassroots level using traditional media. He/she will design and deliver appropriate KM products for information dissemination and knowledge sharing for farmers and other VC operators at the local level.
(v.) Photography/Videography consultant:
Consultant will provide technical support to VCDP in documenting and showcasing programme results using digital media. Consultant shall be required to produce photo stories, short videos and documentaries.
(vi.) Capacity building workshops, knowledge fairs/learning events consultant:
The consultant will provide capacity building training on KM&C for programme staff. He/she will also support the programme in organising knowledge fairs/teaming events.
(vii.) Graphics designer:
Consultant shall provide support to the programme in layout and design of programme knowledge products ensuring that branding elements, style and guidelines of IFAD country programmes are strictly adhered to.
(viii.) Editor:
Consultant shall provide editorial services to the programme. He/she will support the programme in editing progress reports and other important knowledge products and ensure the products are reader friendly and meet global standards.
3.8.2 Qualifications and Experience
The requisite –qualifications of the KM&C Consultant/ firm shall include the following:
(i.) A team of consultants or individuals with first-degree in Mass Communications, English or relevant social sciences degrees (or equivalent) and be computer literate. Holder of an advanced degree in relevant field will be an added advantage;
(ii.) Five (5) years minimum experience in the field of knowledge management and communications
(iii) Proven track record and evidence of work in International Development and/or private sector (iv) Good oral and verbal communication skills;
3.9 Rural Institution, Youth and Gender Advisory Services
Specific tasks include:-
(i) Assist in the periodic review of the Institutional mapping of existing FOs in the six programme States so as to fine-tune and upgrade the strategy of intervention and other activities to support the FOs capacity building;
(ii.) Contribute to strengthen the FOs’ level of governance, capacity in designing and review of their VCAP, business management performance, negotiating skills of the groups and their capacities for service/input procurement through training;
(iii.) Strengthen the group’s ability to access/leverage resources from financial institutions through appropriate capacity building programmes and activities;
(iv.) Provide technical support for the strengthening of the FOs in the areas of expanding existing businesses, creating new ones, reduction in production costs and evolution of robust network within and between the groups in the programme areas;
(v.) Assist in the formation of new and viable FOs using such simple tools as group-inventorization and operational guidelines. Such guidelines would contain the following: membership, purpose of the group reflecting their business interest, governance structure, tenure of office, meeting regularities, modalities for admission and withdrawal of membership, resource-mobilization and gender composition;
(vi.) At appropriate times, organize capacity building programmes on group management & dynamics
(vii.) Assist the programme to conduct an appraisal of the Farmers organisations to identify capacity- and productivity-gaps as well as monitor progress on the impact/result of previous trainings;
(viii) Develop flexible training manuals to address the identified gaps, train the farmers based on the needs and curriculum.
3.9.2 Qualification and Experience
The consultancy firm or individual shall possess or have personnel with:-
(i.) Masters or higher level University Degree in Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Education and other relevant discipline.
(ii.) Minimum of 5 years post-qualification experience including at least 2 years in implementation of projects integrating strengthening of Farmers organisations and gender issues.
(iii.) Knowledge in participatory approaches, and gender mainstreaming.
(iv.) Proven record in the field of project implementation integrating strengthening of FOs and Gender mainstreaming activities/strategy. Good writing skills and computer literacy.
3.10 General services
3.10.1 Specific tasks include:-
(i). Security Services
(i.) Provide security services to the office accommodation of the VCDP-NPMU on every hour basis. The firm must be registered with the Nigeria Civil Defence Corps and certified to carry out security function in the country. It must have a minimum of five years’ experience handling corporate security arrangement.
(ii) Catering / Hospitality Services.
Provide feeding and hosting during/of events such as trainings, workshops, meetings, and supervision missions especially in programme areas of Abuja, Anambra, Benue, Ebonyi, Ogun, Niger and Taraba states. Hotels must have various categories of halls and located in the state capitals. It must be decent, accessible, and adequately secured. The hotel must be certified by the relevant agencies to operate in Nigeria.
(iii.) Cleaning Services.
Carry out general cleaning of entire office accommodation (including refuse/waste disposal handling) using approved standards with environmentally friendly chemicals and methods. The company must have a minimum of five years’ experience in handling corporate cleaning services assignments.
(iv.) Information Communication Technology services
Provide an efficient internet service/connectivity within the office premises of the VCDP. Support the networking of the various platforms of the VCDP using a central server system. Provide regular upgrade and maintenance of ICT equipment
(v.) The firm must have a minimum of three years’ experience in providing ICT support backbone to corporate organisations.
(v) Printing and publishing services
Support the VCDP in producing printing materials such as files, dossiers, fliers, manuals, magazines, banners, certificates, log/records books, store receipts, vouchers etc. and branding items.
The Following criteria will be used in evaluating the Consultants
(i.) Adequacy of the assignment
(ii.) Qualifications and years of Experience
(iii.) Participation in similar assignments in IFAD and other donor projects
(iv.) Financial Capacity.
(v.) Adequate knowledge of the terrain.
Eligible firms are encouraged to express interest in providing services as only firms will be qualified to compete for certain assignments instead of individual consultants. Firms should submit their corporate profile indicating certificate of registration with Corporate Affairs Commission and documents satisfying the evaluation criteria.
Individual Consultants should submit their detailed Curriculum Vitae with covering letter indicating area of interest.
Interested individual consultants and firms should submit electronic copy and two hard copies (by hand or post) of their Expression of Interest (EOI) in sealed envelopes with the interested area of specialization clearly marked on the top left hand corner of the envelope.
Interested Hotels seeking patronage should send two hard copies of their hotel profile (by hand or post) indicating facilities and services available with covering letter.
Electronic copies should be forwarded to This submission should be addressed to the undersigned and submitted on or before 2nd of March 2017 at 12pm at the stipulated address. Hard copies should be sent to the address below.

Signed: Management
FGN/IFAD Value Chain Development Programme
38, Karibi Lake Close,
Off Mississippi Street,
Maitama, Abuja.


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