procurement adverts


The Nigerian Pipelines and Storage Company (NPSC) a subsidiary of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation intends to carry out the procurement, supply and commissioning of Six (6 nos.) Triple Agent Firelighting Trucks for NPSC operations.
In this regard, NPSC hereby invites suitably qualified, experienced and reputable prospective Contractors to submit their pre-qualification documentation, which shall be in English Language
The Procurement Contract scope of work shall cover but not limited 10 the factory inspection of existing facilities, engineering, detailed design, construction, procurement & supply of 6 nos. triple agent firelighting trucks, testing, commissioning and training of NPSC HSE Staff at the Manufacturer’s facility/location.
The firefighting truck units are expected to be delivered at NPSC Mosimi Central Warehouse
In line with the above, the following shall form part but not limited to the scope of work to be executed:
(1) Numbers: Provision- Procurement of 6 nos. new triple agent firefighting trucks
(2) Model: Mercedes Benz Actross 3331 Triple Agent
(3) Engine: Diesel 4 strikes direct injection turbo – charged and intercooled V6 230Kw (313H P) @ 1800rpm with max for que 2000NM
(4) Drive: 6×4 rear wheels drive, G120- l6(Manual – 16speed+2 reverse) transmission
(5) Cabin: Single type – Hydraulic lilt forward, two doors, three seals (driver + 2 firemen)
(6) Suspension: Leaf springs – Parabolic (front and rear – cantilever)
(7) Tyres: 12.00R20 (on and 08 road), Rims – drop center 8.50 X20
(8) Brakes: MB Telligent braking system
(9) Battery: 2 x 12V 165AmH
(10) Water Tank: Minimum 9,000 litres (AIS1316L stainless steel, 3mm thickness)
(11) Foam tank: Minimum l,000 litres (AIS1316L Stainless steel, 3mm thickness suitable for synthetic and protein foam compound)
(12) Fire pump: Centrifugal single stage water booster pump (rear) 5,000L/min @ 10 bar (at 3m suctions height) impeller made of bronze, shah of stainless steel wish mechanical seal Driven by truck engine through suitable Power-Take off
(13) Powder: Minimum 1,000kg dry chemical powder
(14) Throw:
(a) Water-Minimum 75m
(b) Foam – Minimum 65m
(c) Powder – Minimum 25m
(15) All other works required to complete and achieve overall project objectives
(16) Provision of as-built documentations, operations and maintenance manuals
(17) Training of 12 nos of NPSC HSE personnel at the Manufacturer’s facility/location
(18) Delivery and commissioning of the 6 nos. new triple agent firefighting trucks at NPSC Mosimi Central Warehouse
(A) Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
(B) OEM Country Representatives/ Affiliate
(C) Other Companies with previous and in-depth experience in procurement, supply and commissioning of Triple agent firefighting trucks

In compliance with the Public Procurement Act 2007 and NNPC’s policies, NPSC invites interested competent and reputable Contractors /Companies to submit Comprehensive technical and financial information as follows:
(41) Full details of company profile with Certificate of Incorporation in Nigeria, certified true copies of memorandum and article of Association of the company and CAC form C02 and C07 (Particulars of Directors)
(4.2) Company Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years (2013, 2014, 2015)
(4.3) Provide details of partnership with certified true copies of Memorandum of Understanding and or any other legal documentation
(4.4) Evidence of VAT registration and remittance
(4.5) Evidence of compliance with part IV. 16(6d) of the Public Procurement Act 2007 as it relates to PENSION (Certificate or exemption from PENCOM) and section 1 (2) Pension Reform Act 2004.
(4.6) Evidence of compliance will the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Amendment Act 2011 by inclusion of copy of Compliance Certificate from the Industrial Training Fund (where applicable)
(4.7) Audited Accounts for the past three (3) years (2013, 2014 and 2015) which must bear the stamp and seal of an Audit Firm.
(4.8) Minimum Turnover of US$3Million or Naira equivalent and net worth of US$3.5Million or Naira equivalent for the Financial Year Ending of 2015.
(4.9) Evidence of procurement, supply and commissioning of Triple agent firefighting trucks within the last five years (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015).
(4.10) Evidence of relevant verifiable experience on similar works in Nigeria over the past five (5) years. Please attach reference letters.
(4.11) List of verifiable similar works detailing companies that the works were rendered to. Include company full contact details (Not P.O. Box), functional phone numbers and e-mail address.
(4.12) Confirm willingness to commence with the execution of this work on tire basis of a Letter of Intent (LOI).
(4.13) Company’s CASHES and QA/QC policy & details of safety records for accidents, incidents, injuries and damages for the past three (3) years. E.g. Lost time incident, Down-Time. etc.
(4.14) Relevant Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) permits.
(4.15) Evidenced registration with NIPEX
(4.16) Copy of Contractor’s registration certificate with NNPC or any of its subsidiaries.
(4.17) Evidence of registration on the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP’s) National Data Base of Federal Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers (NDCCSPs) by inclusion of interim Registration Report (IRR) (for Nigerian companies).
(4.18) A prospective bidder shall make provision of sworn affidavit to support actions as follows;
(a) To allow NNPC verify all claims made in your submission.
(b) To allow NNPC verify that your organization is not in receivership, nor the subject of any form of insolvency of bankruptcy proceedings or the subject of any form of winding up petition or proceedings.
(c) To confirm that the Bidder is not a replacement for a hitherto tax defaulting company.
(d) To confirm whether or not any of the members of relevant committees of NNPC or Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) is former or present Director, shareholder, or has any pecuniary interest in your Company.
(e) A written statement confirming that your company does not have any Director who has been convicted in any country for a criminal offence relating to fraud or any financial impropriety or criminal misrepresentation of falsification of facts relating to any matter.
(4.19) Compliance with the Nigerian Content Act: Nigerian content plan that demonstrate full utilization of Nigerian Labour and services with detailed description of role, work scope and man-hours in order to achieve minimum target as set out in the requirements of the Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry Content Development (NOGICD) Bill, 2010. (Where applicable)
(4.20) Current in-place organizational structure with detailed experience and skill of key management personnel with names. Provide evidence (personnel list and position organizational chart) percentage of management that are Nigerian Nationals and the percentage of the total workforce that are Nigerians
(4.21) Detail past/present commitment to staff training and development of Nigerian personnel.
(4.22) Certificate of Incorporation, certified true copies of memorandum and article of Association of the company and CAC form C02 and C07 (Particulars of Directors)
(4.23) Any additional information that will enhance the potential of the company.
The pre-qualification documents should be sealed and dearly marked
“Pre-Qualification Of Contractors Through Open Tender For The Procurement, Supply And Commissioning Of Six (6 Nos.) Triple Agent Firefighting Trucks For NPSC Operations
Prospective companies shall submit relevant documents tor pre-qualification in ONE original plus TWO hard copies and one electronic copy (CD ROM) to reach the address below not later than 12 noon, Wednesday 26th April, 2017.
The Nigerian Content requirement as stated above (Nos. 4.19 – 4.22) must be submitted in a separate envelope and clearly marked Pre-Qualification Of Contractors Through Open Tender For The Procurement, Supply And Commissioning Of Six (6 Nos.) Triple Agent Firefighting Trucks For NPSC Operations”,- Compliance with the Nigerian Content Act”
The Secretary
Downstream DEXCOM Tenders Board
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
The Bid Management Room
Room 45B, 1st Floor, Block D, NNPC Towers,
Herbert Macaulay Way,
Central Business District,
Abuja, Nigeria
(5.1) The Bids shall be opened and endorsed immediately thereafter in the presence of invited observers and prospective bidders. All bidders are invited to attend the bid opening session holding at:
The Amphitheatre
First Floor, Block A
KNPC Towers,
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
Garki, Abuja.
This advert supersedes all earlier publication in respect of the above subject matter
Bidders who have previously submitted bids may retract their documents and resubmit as they deem fit
(6.1) This advertisement shall not be construed as commitment on the part of NPSC, nor shall it entitle potential firms to make any claims whatsoever, and/or seek any indemnity from NPSC by virtue of such firms having responded to this advertisement
(6.2) Late submission shall be rejected.
(6.3) All Submissions should be arranged and numbered in the order listed in 4 above.
(6.4) All cost incurred as a result of this pre-qualification invitation and any subsequent request for information shall be to the responding firms accounts
(6.5) NNPC shall deal directly with only authorized officers of the interested companies and not through individuals or agents.
(6.6) All information must be provided in English Language



The University of Lagos a Federal Tertiary Institution established by the University of Lagos Act, 1967 (as amended) CAP U9 Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 2004 and having its main campus at Akoka, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria is desirous of embarking on the under-listed projects to be procured with Auxiliary Funds. Interested and reputable bidders are hereby invited to indicate interest in the tender exercise for projects as described hereunder:
S/N Projects Contract No. Scope Non-Refundable Prequalification Fees
1 LOT 1 – Procurement of Lecture Room Furniture for Distance Leaning Institute. UL/AUX/17/PU/04 Supply and installation of composite metal/ HDF student chairs and table for lecture room. N 20,000.00
2 LOT 2 – Replacement of Damaged External Ceiling And Fascia of Makama Bida Hall of Residence. UL/AUX/17/PU/05 Wood and Metal Works with all associated installation inclusive of steel scaffolding. N 10,000.00
(a) Evidence of Certificate of Incorporation with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Memorandum and Article of Association of the company along with Particulars of Directors (Form C07) and up to date Annual Returns with CAC.
(b) A Sworn Affidavit certifying as follows:
• The company is not in receivership, insolvency or bankruptcy.
• The company does not have any director who has been convicted by any court in Nigeria and any other country for criminal offences in relation to fraud or financial impropriety.
• That no officer of the University of Lagos or BPP is a former or present director or shareholder of the company.
• That all information presented in the documents are true and correct in all particulars
(c) Company Audited Accounts for the last three (3) years (2014, 2015 and 2016) duly signed and stamped by a professional accounting / audit firm and signed by the Client.
(d) Evidence of Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years (2014, 2015 and 2016).
(e) Pension Clearance Certificate valid for 2017 issued by the National Pension Commission (PENCOM).
(f) Industrial Training Fund (I.T.F.) Certificate valid for 2017 in compliance with Section 6 of the Industrial Training Fund Amendment Act, 2011.
(g) List of key personnel stating their role, designation qualification and years of experience. (copy of certificates are to be attached).
(h) Company’s Health Safety and Environment policy.
(i) Satisfactory bank reference from a reputable bank stating the Company’s creditworthiness and ability to be granted financial support for the project execution if the need arises.
(j) Evidence of registration on the National data base of Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers by inclusion of Interim Registration Report valid for 2016 issued by the Bureau of Public Procurement. (BPP).
(k) Evidence of payment of non-refundable pre-qualification fee at the Cash Office of University of Lagos with a certified bank cheque.
Other requirements for each of the projects are listed as follows:
In respect of LOT 1-
(a) Bidders shall have an average annual turnover of not less than N 60,000,000.00 (Sixty Milton Naira Only).
(b) Evidence of work experience as the main contractor executing or having executed a minimum of two (2) contracts for the supply and installation of lecture room furniture for tertiary institutions in the last five (5) years. Copy of award letters, last interim certificate of valuation for on-going projects, completion certificate and final maintenance certificates where applicable are to be enclosed.
In respect of LOT 2 –
(a) Bidders shall have an average annual turnover of not less than N 50,000,000.00 (Fifty Million Naira Only). Evidence of work experience as the main contractor executing or having executed a minimum of two (2) contracts for the rehabilitation and construction of a minimum of 2-storey buildings in the last five (5) years. Copy of award letters, last interim certificate of valuation for on-going projects, completion certificate and final maintenance certificates where applicable are to be enclosed.
Tender documents shall be made available to interested bidders on presentation of the receipt issued at UNILAG Cash Office in respect of the Tender from the office
The Ag. Head, Procurement Unit
Room 806,
8th Floor, Senate House,
University of Lagos,
Akoka, Yaba, Lagos.
(a) The Tender documents should be arranged in the order listed above and three (3) sets should be submitted, an original and two (2) copy version in A4 sized paper, spiral bound, numbered serially and duly signed by your Company authorized signatories.
(b) The three (3) sets of the under-listed Tender documents should be packaged in separate envelopes, clearly labeled with the bidder’s name and the name of the project boldly marked on all envelopes as:
FINANCIAL DOCUMENTS FOR……………….. (Title of Project)
The Prequalification document envelope (containing the technical bid) for each project shall be boldly marked with the name of the bidder, project name and contract number and the Standard bidding document envelope (containing the Financial bid) for each project shall be boldly marked with the name of the bidder, project name and contract number. The two envelopes shall be enclosed and sealed in a third envelope and boldly marked with the name of the bidder, project name and contract number, to be submitted not later than 11a.m. on Thursday, 27th April, 2017 to:
The Registrar
5th Floor, Council Affairs Office
Room 524
University of Lagos,
Akoka, Yaba, Lagos,
The Prequalification documents shall be opened immediately following the deadline for the submission of bids at the University Council Chamber in the presence of all bidders and interested members of the public.
(a) Failure to comply with the above requirements shall automatically result in the disqualification of a bidder.
(b) The University Management reserves the right to verify the authenticity of any claim made in the Tender documents submitted by bidders.
(c) The University Management reserves the right to annul the selection process at any time without incurring any liabilities and attributing any reason thereof.
(d) The University shall not be responsible for any cost incurred by the bidders in connection with response to this advertisement.
(e) Participation in this process and any related process neither creates any commitment nor establishes any legal relationship with the University of Lagos. It is merely a precondition for further consideration of the Tender.
Dr. (Mrs.) Taiwo F. Ipaye, FNIM
Registrar & Secretary to Council


WHO is seeking the services of a construction company for the construction and renovation of Kano state office buildings.
The general work summary includes:
• Renovation of block A and B (Office Blocks)
• Construction of block C- (Office Block)
• Construction of block D – (Warehouse)
• Construction of block E – (Security House)
• Construction of block F-(Generator House)
• Construction offence and concrete jersey barriers
• Construction of car-ports
• Water Supply
• External electrification
Completed RFP forms are available at the UNGM website with the following links:
Click on documents
Click on ‘business opportunities’
Proposals are to be submitted as indicated in the bid documents. Deadline for submission is 28th March, 2017. Other instructions are stated in the bid documents.

The Federal Government of Nigeria is promoting an accelerated utilization of coal for power generation (C2P) along the Enugu Axis.
A Feasibility Study on Nigerian Coal Resource Development was prepared for the Ministry of Solid Minerals Development by Behre Dolbear in February 2006. The report recommended that the Government of Nigeria should initiate and fund a Coal Exploration Program to define the resources and, thereby, provide the private sector with information required to determine the bankability for economic development. Part of the conclusion was in identifying the Enugu based coal deposits to have a high potential to economically supply coal to a mine mouth coal-fired power plant.
In 2011 the Federal Executive Council approved the preparation of a Feasibility Study for a Coal-To-Power in Enugu Axis and appointed consultants with expertise in Mining and Coal Power Generation to prepare the requisite documents.
In June 2016 the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing (FMPWH) published “the Nigerian Power Sector Investment Opportunities and Guidelines”.
In order to further the ongoing works towards the development of Coal Mines and Coal-Fired Power Plant(s), the Project Consultant on behalf of the promoter was instructed to advertise for a reputable and experienced investor, or a consortium of investors to finance, build, operate and manage coal mine(s) and coal-fired power plant(s) under an Independent Power Producer (IPP) framework in Enugu Axis, Nigeria.
The Federal Government has retained licences for a number of coal blocks in the Enugu Axis and designs for 3 power plants located in North, Central and South of Enugu state have been prepared for the FMPWH by STEAG encotec GmbH (Germany) together with Coal Exploration Programme developed by International Mining Corporation (UK).
The investor may consist of a single firm or a consortium of firms with the necessary financial and technical competences to develop the coal resources from their present state and build, operate and manage coal fired power plants as the independent power producer for the duration of the concession period. In the case of a consortium, the members of the consortium must jointly submit the required information and must clearly identify one of the consortium members as the lead firm.
Expressions of Interest (EOI) by a prospective investor should include the following:
(i) In case of a consortium, evidence in form of an agreement (joint venture agreement or articles of association) must be presented, describing the members, roles/responsibilities and the lead member;
(ii) Evidence of Company Registration;
(iii) Company’s profile including full name of contact person, postal address, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses; technical and operational capabilities indicating a number of years of experience financing, developing, constructing and/or owning, operating and maintaining coal mines and coal fired power plants with at least two reference projects of at least 150MW (with verifiable references);
(iv) Audited financial statements prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) of the prospective investor or members of consortium for the last three (3) years.
Each Applicant’s minimum qualifications in relation to the above Qualification Criteria will be evaluated on the basis of PASS-FAIL approach.
EOIs must be submitted in three (3) sets (one original and two copies) in sealed envelope clearly marked “Investor’s Expression of Interest for Coal Mining and Coal Fired Power Plant(s) in Enugu Axis, Nigeria”.
EOIs should be addressed and delivered not later than 4.00 pm Nigerian time on
Thursday, March 30, 2017 at the Project
Consultant’s office at the following address: 15, Lake Chad Crescent Maitama, Abuja, FCT
All EOIs will be opened the same day after the submission. Interested bidders are welcome to attend.
Please note that:
Only short-listed firms will be invited for further consideration.
Late submission will be rejected.
• This advertisement shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of FMPWH to appoint any firm nor shall it entitle any firm submitting documents to claim any indemnity.
• Interested applicants may obtain further information vide email – please send your enquiries to
• Submissions via courier will be accepted if delivered within the submission time shown above.
• Expression of Interest via email will NOT be accepted.
• All submission must be made in English.


The Kaduna State Government (KDSG), through the Kaduna Facilities Management Agency (KADFAMA), is determined to confront the ineffective management and maintenance of assets owned and controlled by the State Government.
In line with this, KADFAMA seeks to outsource some services in order to further deliver efficient and enhanced facilities management services to the state.
KADFAMA hereby invites experienced and reputable companies to express interest to provide such services as detailed below.
Facility Management Services include the following;-
(a) Cleaning services:- Provision of a hygienic and decent environment for enhancement of hygienic and health standard, as well as maintaining general cleanliness of all facilities and spaces within the premises.
(b) Landscaping services:- Provision and maintenance of all soft as well as hard landscaping to enhance the beauty, scenery and aesthetics of the environment as well as ” green – house” effect.
(c) Security services:- Provision of adequate and well equipped manpower to secure State government premises. Installation of security gadgets for protection of staff and State Government assets.
(e) Fumigation Services:- This service is to be provided every four months. The target pests to be controlled include: Rodents, Rats, Mice, Safari ants. Cockroaches, Houseflies and Blue Flies, Mosquitoes, Bees and Wasps, Spiders, Bedbugs, Fleas, Sugar ants, Termites, Woodworms, Bees, Weevils, Snakes and Bats.
(i) LOT1 – Cleaning and Landscaping of Government House (Sir Kashim Ibrahim House).
(ii) LOT2 – Cleaning and Landscaping of all State Government Guest Houses/Lodges.
(iii) LOT 3- Provision of Security Services for State Government Secondary Schools.
(iv) LOT4- Fumigation of Ministries, Departments and Agencies
(v) LOT 5 -Fumigation of the whole buildings and premises within Government House (Sir Kashim Ibrahim House).
(vi) LOT 6- Fumigation of State Government Guest Houses/Lodges.
The prequalification submissions shall include the following:
(i) Corporate profile of firm and/or company indicating history, organisational structure, area of specialisation, key competencies and resources;
(ii) Key details of the company indicating experience and competencies that are relevant to the assignment including curriculum vitae, academic and professional qualification (please indicate where available evidence of membership of Professional Bodies)
(iii) Certified true copy of certificate of incorporation of firm as applicable.
(iv) Certified true copy of particulars of Directors
(v) Certified true copy of Tax Clearance Certificate for the last three (3) years (2014, 2015 & 2016).
(vi) Evidence of Value Added Tax registration and remittance with Tax Identification Number;
(vii) Three (3) years (unabridged) Company Audited Annual Report (2014, 2015 & 2016) Certified by a Chartered Accountant/Auditor.
(viii) Certified true copy of three (3) years company annual returns to the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
(ix) Letter of reference from bankers and Current Statement of Account for the last one year.
(x) Letter of reference from clients from whom similar assignments have been carried out and delivered within the last (3) three years. Please provide sufficient details for ease of validation.
(xi) A sworn declaration that neither the consultant nor any of its Management staff is a staff or Director with KADFAMA.
(xii) Evidence of registration with PENCOM and remittance of pension deduction to Pension Fund Administration (PFA) if applicable (PENCOM letter of compliance)
(xiii) In the event of a joint or consortium bid, a signed and independently verifiable agreement between the parties indicating terms and conditions and identifying the principal and subsidiary parties in the joint bid/consortium.
(xiv) Original documents should be available for sighting on demand during or after the opening of the prequalification document.
(xv) Evidence of compliance with the amended Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Act, 2011.
(xvi) Evidence of registration with Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria (FRCN)
(xvii) Evidence of registration with the Kaduna State Tenders Board and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
(xviii) Evidence of Registration with Environmental Health Officers Council of Nigeria for pest control.
(xix) For fumigation services: Evidence of registration with Kaduna State Environmental Protection Agency (KEPA).
(I) This request for expression of interest is not an invitation to bid.
(II) All costs incurred in the preparation of and submission of expression of interest is to be borne entirely by the applicants,
(III) Late submission will not be accepted.
(IV) The Company will be pre-qualified based on the provision of the Public Procurement Act, 2016.
(V) KADFAMA reserves the right to verify the authenticity of and accuracy of claims made in the submission.
(VI) KADFAMA reserves the right to accept or reject any application for pre-qualification if deemed necessary to do so.
(VII) Only pre-qualified company will be short listed and contacted.
(VIII) The requirements listed under 3.0 (iii, vi, vii, xvii) are MANDATORY and failure to produce any will lead to automatic disqualification of the firm, company consortium.
(IX) This advertisement shall not be construed as a commitment on the part of KADFAMA to contract any company submitting documents to claim any indemnity.
The expression of interest (EOI) should be in six (6) bound copies in sealed envelopes and submitted on or before 12:00 noon on 28TH March, 2017 clearly marked “EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) FOR:
(I) LOT1 – Cleaning and Landscaping of Government house (Sir Kashim Ibrahim House)
(II) LOT 2 – Cleaning and Landscaping of all State Government Guest houses/Lodges.
(III) LOT 3- Provision of Security Services for State Government Secondary Schools.
(V) LOT4- Fumigation of Ministries, Departments, and Agencies.
(VI) LOT 5 – Fumigation of the whole buildings and premises within Government House (Sir Kashim Ibrahim House).
(VII) LOT 6- Fumigation of State Government Guest Houses/Lodges.
Submissions should be addressed to:
The Executive Director Finance & Administration
Kaduna State Facilities Management Agency (KADFAMA),
C/OSSG’s Office
Kaduna State Government House
Sir Kashim Ibrahim House,
Interested consultants may obtain further information from the Executive Director, Finance & Admin during working hours 8:00am – 4:00pm. Monday to Friday at KADFAMA, Government House, Kaduna State
All Expression of Interest (EOI) received will be opened at 10am on 29TH March, 2017 at Public Procurement office (former Tenders Board) Kaduna State. Members of the public and interested companies or their representatives are invited to witness the opening exercise.



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