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The National Authorising Officer (NAO) for the European Development Fund (EDF), Ministry of Budget and National Planning, Abuja – Nigeria is seeking proposals for projects contributing to the reinforcement of democracy in Nigeria through improving the quality of electoral administration and citizens’ participation in the electoral process in Nigeria, with financial assistance from the EDF.
The full Guidelines for Applicants are available for consultation at Room 202, 2nd Floor, Ministry of Budget & National Planning, Plot 421, Constitution Avenue, Central Business District – Abuja, Nigeria and on the following internet site:
The deadline for submission of concept notes is 14th August 2017 at 16:00 hours Abuja time.
An information session on this call for proposals will be held on 17th July 2017 at the Golden Hall, Chelsea Hotel, Central Business District, Abuja. Registration of confirmed participants holds 9.00am-10.00am. Main session holds 10:00am.

Nipex Tender No: NEWCROSSEP.00000012

Newcross Exploration and Production Limited (NewcrossEP), Operator of NNPC/NewcrossEP Joint Venture in OML- 24, located offshore in Rivers states, (referred to in this publication as “Insured”) hereby invites suitable and reputable vendors to apply for the Engineering Design; Construction and Installation services for building/accommodation structures with an anticipated contract term of eighteen months. Contract is expected to commence in 2017.
The Contractors shall provide engineering design, construction and installations services at the Company’s Flowstation locations at Ekulama and Awoba. The services shall include the engineering Design of Pile foundation and Piles supports structures at Awoba Flowstation, construction of Pile foundation for the proposed building at Awoba Flowstation, Construction of walkway pavement and fabrication of and installation of walkway sheds at Awoba Flowstation, Provide and Construct the staff buildings, as designed on the foundation support, Fabricate and install steel pipe pontoon at Ekulama 2 Jetty, Construct Concrete shore protection with Pile foundation for Ekulama 1 Attendance hut, Rehabilitate the Hilton accommodation at Ekulama 2 Flowstation.
(A) To be eligible for this tender exercise, interested bidders are required to be prequalified in any of the following 3.05.08; 4.03.01; 4.03.12; 4.04.08; 4.04.01 category in the Nipex Joint Qualification System (NJQS) database. All successfully pre-qualified suppliers in this NJQS category by the advert close date will receive Invitation to Technical Tender (ITT) for this service.
(B) To determine if you are prequalified, please view the product/service category you are listed for: visit and access NJQS with your log-in details. Click on continue Joint Qualification Scheme tool, click check my supplier status and then click supplier product group.
(C) If you are not listed in this product/service category and you are registered with DPR to do business, contact NipeX office at 30, Oyinkan Abayomi Street, Ikoyi, Lagos with your DPR certificate as evidence for verification and necessary update
(D) To initiate the JQS pre-qualification process, access to download an application form, make necessary payments, and contact the NipeX office for further action
(E) To be eligible, all tenders must comply with the Nigerian Content requirements in the NipeX system
In consonance with Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Development Act, Newcross Exploration and Production Limited (NewcrossEP) is committed to providing opportunities for indigenous Nigerian capacity development and utilization. In pursuant of the aforementioned, the prospective bidders must therefore, comply with the following criteria:
• Demonstrate that the entity is a wholly owned Nigerian company.
• Provide a verifiable local involvement plan through employment and sub-contracting plan for Nigerians.
• Provide details on location of Project Management Team and Procurement Centre in Nigeria.
• Provide information on training of Nigerian employee and company plan for technology transfer.
• Submit an organizational structure to substantiate the information and address of location.
• Provide information of in-country facilities.
• Explain further innovative proposals that would enhance and sustain Nigerian Content on this project.
• Provide what other information, innovation or plans you have that will increase Nigerian content development in the contract.
• The successful contractor will be adjudged on its commitment to comply with the NIGERIAN LOCAL CONTENT requirements within optimal and practical use of Nigerian resources on the project.
• Demonstrate evidence of having obtained Nigerian Content Equipment Certification (NCEC) from NCDMB for all the equipments to be deployed in the execution of the contract.
Only tenderers who are registered with NJQS Product/Category for EPIC Building services, 3.05.08; 4.03.01; 4.03.12; 4.04.08; 4.04.01 as at 7th July, 2017 being the advert close date shall be invited to submit Technical Bids.
(A) Interested Companies must be prequalified for this product/service category in NJQS.
(B) Full tendering procedure will be provided only to companies that have been successfully prequalified in NJQS.
(C) This advertisement shall neither be construed as an Invitation to Tender (ITT) nor a commitment on the part of Newcross Exploration and Production Limited (NewcrossEP) to award a contract to any company and/or associated companies or agents.
(D) This advertisement shall not entitle prequalified companies to make any claims whatsoever, and/or seek any indemnity from Newcross Exploration and Production Limited (NewcrossEP) and/or its partners by virtue of such companies having been prequalified in NJQS.
(E) All costs incurred in registering and prequalifying for this and other product/service categories in NJQS shall be borne solely by Company.
(F) Companies that are prequalified for this product/service category in NJQS must ensure that the name and contact details (physical address, email address and telephone number) of their company and authorized/responsible personnel is up-to-date in their company profile in NJQS database.
(G) Newcross Exploration and Production Limited (NewcrossEP) shall communicate only with the authorized/responsible personnel of prequalified companies and not through unauthorized individuals or agents.
Please visit the NipeX Portal at: for this advert and other information


ECOWAS Parliament has allocated funds for the procurement of three (3) lots of Vehicles and invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for the supply of the vehicles. Bidders may submit bids for each and/or all the three (3) lots.
Bidding is open to all accredited vehicle dealers who can demonstrate that in the past five 5 years preceding the beginning of this contracting proceedings, they have not been temporarily excluded from participating in any contracting proceedings pursuant to a decision rendered by the Sanctions Committee, or any other national, foreign or international organization, on grounds of misrepresentation in relation to a false statement as to their qualifications to enter into a public contract.
Interested bidders may obtain further information and inspect the bidding document at the Address indicated below between 9AM and 5 PM daily during the bidding period. Bidding documents may be purchased upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000).
Bids must be delivered to the address below on or before 12 noon on July 20, 2017. All bids must be accompanied by:
Bid Security of One Million Naira (N1,000,000) for lot 1, Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500,000) for lot 2 and Two Million Naira (N2,000,000) for lot 3; A valid 2016 Tax Clearance Certificate; and A Manufacturer’s Authorization.
Bids will be opened on 20 July 2017 at 12.00 noon, in the presence of bidders/representatives who choose to attend, at the address below.
Late bids will be rejected and returned unopened to bidders.
The Secretary
General ECOWAS Parliament
International Conference Centre,
P.M. B 576, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria


Country: NIGERIA
Credit No.: 52200 NG
Assignment Title: Training on Contemporary Teaching Skills Development for Secondary School Teachers in Anambra State.
Reference No.: ANSEPIP/CON /CQBS/001/11
The Federal Government of Nigeria (hereinafter called “Borrower”) has received financing from the International Development Association (IDA) (the “Bank”) in the form of a “credit”(hereinafter called “credit” toward the cost of State Education Program Investment Project. The Anambra State Education Program Investment Project, an implementing agency of the Client, intends to apply a portion of the proceeds of this credit to eligible payments under the contract for which this Expression of Interest is issued.
The consulting services (“the Services”) include:
(a) To build the capacity of selected Secondary School Teachers in Anambra state on contemporary teaching methods for improved teacher performance and enhanced student learning outcomes.
(b) Introduction to teaching methodology, effective Lesson planning, Learner VS teacher centered approaches to teaching and learning, improvisation and effective teaching and learning Resources mobilization for effective classroom teaching and Effective classroom/pupil management strategies.
(c) To Prepare a Training Manual on a subject basis.
(d) To conduct training for selected participants
(e) To conduct course and participants evaluation for all the sessions and provide client with feedback
(f) To Issue certificate of attendance to all participants at the completion of the course.
(g) The Subjects to be covered during the capacity building assignment includes all subjects being taught in our public Secondary Schools.
The Anambra State Education Program Investment Project now invites eligible Training Institutions /Consulting firms to indicate their interest in providing the Services. Interested Training Institutions /Consulting firms are hereby requested to expresses their interest indicating relevant experience in similar assignments in Nigeria or elsewhere.
The Consultant will be selected in accordance with Consultant’s Qualification procedures set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers (January 2011). Expressions of interest in 3 copies must be delivered in a written form to the address below not later than 14th JULY, 2017.
Please visit, setting forth the World Bank’s policy on conflict of interest.
Further information can be obtained at the address below during office hours, 0900 to 1600 hours (local time) on week days.
The Project Coordinator
Anambra State Education Program Investment Project ((ANSEPIP)
Government House Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria
DuPort Midstream Company Limited (hereafter referred to as the “Employer”) is a leading crude and natural gas marketing and processing Company. The Company intends to develop a fully integrated midstream refinery, gas processing plant and storage facility in Edo State, Nigeria with details as stated below:
(i) 2,500bpd Modular Refinery (scalable to 10,000bpdover5years)
(ii) 20mmscf/d Gas Processing and 6 -8mmscf/d Compressed Natural Gas Plant
(iii) 30,000MTRefined Product Terminal and Loading Gantry
The Employer hereby seeks for Expression of Interest from industry expert companies for the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of any or all of the facilities stated above.
(2) The Project Location and Description: The project site is located in Edo State, Nigeria.
(3) Submission:
The details of the information required are as stated below:
(i) Reference to the facility for which interest is expressed.
(ii) Company Profile (Management team. Corporate Structure. List of Services, Key Personnel, Evidence of related experience in Africa, West Africa and/or Nigeria etc)
(iii) Details of related projects (description/scope, location, Client, year of award, year of completion, contract value) executed within the last five (5) years.
(iv) Evidence of Financial Capability and Audited Accounts for the last three) years.
(v) List of technical partners, manufacturers, suppliers and country of origin
(vi) List of subcontractors if any.
(vii) Evidence of requisite Insurance Policies relating to the nature of the project
(viii) Letter of commitment to global best practices
(ix) Evidence of registration with Directorate of Petroleum Resource. Nigeria
(x) Contact details (name, organization, phone number and email address) of three (3) Client referees, able to provide written reference as to the satisfactory delivery of related projects.
(4) Date and Time of Submission: 6pm, 14th July, 2017
(5) Mode of Submission:
The submission shall be sent by email to
The subject pane of the submission email shall read:
“Expression of Interest for DuPort Midstream Company Limited (state the facility for which interest is being expressed) Project, Edo State”
The submission shall be delivered by hand in a duly sealed envelope addressed to:
The Tender Board
DuPort Midstream Company Limited
42, Alexander Avenue,
Ikoyi, Lagos.
The top of the envelope shall reflect: “Expression of Interest for DuPort Midstream Company Limited (state the facility for which interest is being expressed) Project, Edo State”
(6) Queries:
All queries relating to this RFP shall be sent by email to
All queries should be received on or before 28th June, 2017.
(7) Important Information
It must be noted that:
(i) Late submission shall be rejected
(ii) All cost incurred to your company as a result of this Expression of Interest and other associated cost in respect of this exercise shall be borne by your company.
(iii) This process of pre-qualification neither creates any commitment nor establishes any legal relationship with The Employer.
(iv) All information must be provided in English Language
The Employer


The Federal Government, of Nigeria has provided funds in the 2017 Appropriation for the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMA&RD). The Ministry, in pursuance of the Federal Government’s Agricultural policies aimed at improving the lives of ordinary Nigerians, desires to utilise part of the funds to procure Goods, Works and Services in various parts of the country. To this end, experienced and reputable Suppliers, Contractors and Consultant/Service Providers are hereby invited to tender for the under-listed projects:
1 AB GO1 Equipping of the One Stop Agribusiness Investment Resources Centre.
2 AB G02 Equipping of the Agricultural Market Information Centre.
3 AB G03 Procurement of Bake Sure Catalyst Bread Improver (for the Nationwide Implementation of the Policy of 20% Inclusion of Cassava Flour in Bread and Confectionary).
4 AH G01 Procurement of Concentrate Feed and Mineral Salt Block to Farmers for Selected States.
5 AH G02 Procurement of Productivity Enhancers for Selected States.
6 AH G03 Procurement of Operational Kits, Straws of Jersey Breeding Semen, Procurement of Nitrogen Tanks, Measuring Sticks and Refills for Selected Pilot States.
7 AH G04 Procurement of Complete Artificial Insemination Kits and Semen Tanks Four (4) Pilot States.
8 AH G05 Procurement of Synchronization Hormones in Adamawa State.
9 AH G06 Procurement of Hydraform Block Making Machines and Equipment for Pastoralist Resting Points in the FCT.
10 AH G07 Procurement of Starter Packs for Bee Keepers in Four (4) States.
11 AH G08 Procurement of Micro-tracers and TATU hay balers.
12 AH G09 Procurement of Improved Inpigs for Selected Pig Breeding Farms.
13 DA G01 Procurement of Bales of Carbon Free Jute Bags.
14 DA G02 Procurement of Solo Pumps /Thormbo Sprayers for Tree Crops
15 DA G03 Investment in Cashew Processing Equipment: Procurement of Cashew Processing Equipment for the Six (6) Agro-Ecologicl Zones.
16 DA G04 Procurement of Cotton Harvest Sacks.
17 DA G05 Procurement of Cattle Fencing Wire and Angle Bars for Gum Arabic.
18 DA G06 Procurement of Bagco Bags with Inner Polytene Lining for Gum Arabic.
19 DA G07 Procurement of Digital Weighing Scales, PH Meters, Moisture Testing Kits for Village Level Processing of Gum Arabic.
20 DA G08 Procurement and Distribution of Soil Foliar and Translaminate Tuta Absoluta Treatment Parks for Tomatoes.
21 DA G09 Procurement of Honeybee Breeding Equipment, Materials and Accessories.
22 DA G10 Procurement of Honeybee Feeders for Pollination Services.
23 DA G11 Procurement of Farm Inputs for Ginger Farmers/Processors for Ginger Producing States.
24 DA G12 Procurement of Castor Processing Equipment for Five (5) Major Castor Producing States.
25 DA G13 Procurement of Row Seed Planting Machines and Motorised Hand-Push Weeders for the Six (6) Agro-Ecological Zones.
26 DA G14 Procurement of Small Scale Orange Flesh Sweet Potato Processing Equipment for the Six (6) Agro-Ecological Zones.
27 DA G15 Procurement of Motorized Sprayers and Dual-Powered Knapsack Sprayers for the six (6) Agro-Ecological Zones.
28 DA G16 Procurement of Puree Making Machine for Bread Making.
29 DA G17 Procurement of Multipurpose Threshers for Wheat Producing States.
30 DA G18 Procurement of Drip Irrigation Kits for the Six (6) Agro-Ecological Zones.
31 DA G19 Procurement of Wheat Reapers with Binders.
32 DA G20 Procurement of ATA Threshers and Cleaners/Multi-Purpose Threshers for Rice for the Six (6) Agro-Ecological Zones.
33 DA G21 Procurement of Small Rice Processing Equipment (Destoner and Winnower).
34 DA G22 Support for Processing: Procurement of Sesame Seed Cleaning Machines for Selected States.
35 DA G23 Support for Processing: Procurement of Motorised Acha Threshing Machines.
36 DA G24 Procurement of Mobile Sorghum/Millet Multi -Purpose Thresher.
37 DA G25 Procurement of Crocodile Cutlass for Cocoa Farmers.
38 DA G26 Procurement of Training Equipment for Crop Storage Unit (CSU), Ibadan.
39 DA G27 Procurement of Training Equipment for Crops Production Technology Transfer Stations (CPTTS) in Four (4) States.
40 DA G28 Procurement of Training Equipment for Agricultural Mechanics and Machinery Operator Training Centres (AMMOTRAC) in two (2) States.
41 DA G29 Procurement of Training Equipment for Blacksmith and Artisan Training Support Unit (BATSU), Ilorin- Kwara State.
42 DA G30 Procurement of Corn-Harvesters.
43 DA G31 Procurement of Maize Dehusk Shellers.
44 DA G32 Procurement of Agricultural Input Support for Selected Value Chains (Okro, Ugu, Onion, Fungicides, Herbicides, Insecticides and Improved Athemisia).
45 DA G33 Procurement of Work-Bull and Animal Traction for Selected States.
46 DA G34 Support for Army Worm Intervention Programme: Procurement of Army Worm Control Agro-Chemicals.
47 DA G35 Equipping of Starch Factories in Selected States.
48 DA G36 Procurement of Small Scale Groundnut Oil Processing Mills.
49 DA G37 Social Safety Initiative for Internally Displaced Persons: Procurement of Unconditional Micro-Nutrient Powder for Children under 5 Years.
50 DA G38 Post-Harvest Loss Reduction for Improved Nutrition: Procurement of Rigid Plastic Crates, Collapsible Plastic Crates and Polystyrene Fruit Boxes.
51 DA G39 Supply of Certified Kenaf Seeds.
52 EX G01 Procurement and Distribution of Motorcycles to ADPs in the North Central Zone.
53 FH G01 Procurement of Charcoal Chamber Smoking Kiln for Selected States.
54 FH G02 Support for Production and Quality Assurance:- Procurement of Laboratory Equipment and Materials for Fish Laboratories for one (1) State and FCT.
55 FH G03 Equipping of Fish Processing Centres in Four (4) States.
56 FS G01 Procurement of Personal Protective Equipment for Fertilizer Inspectors.
57 FS G02 Equipping of National Fertilizer Development Centre.
58 GS G01 Procurement of Office Equipment and Furniture.
59 LR G01 Procurement of Equipment and Laboratory Chemicals for the National Soil & Plant Laboratories in Selected States.
60 LR G02 Procurement of Lime for Selected States.
61 LR G03 Procurement of Data Capturing Aerial Surveying Equipment for Mapping Farm Parcellation.
62 LR G04 Production and Development of Land Management Extension Manuals in the FCT, Abuja.
63 QS G01 Procurement of High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) Machine.
64 QS G02 Procurement of Laboratory Standards for Ibadan Diagnostic Centre.
65 QS G03 Procurement of Laboratory Equipment.
66 QS G04 Procurement of Office/Automation Equipment.
67 QS G05 Procurement of Agro-Chemicals for Army Worm and Tuta Absoluta Management.
68 QS G06 Procurement of Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Machine for Analysis of Samples.
69 QS G07 Procurement of Microchips for identification of Animals at Ports and Boarders
70 SR G01 Procurement of Assorted Food Commodities.
71 SR G02 Procurement of Storage Chemicals.
72 SR G03 Procurement of Environmental Sanitation Chemicals
73 SR G04 Procurement of Digital Weighing Balances.
74 VT G01 Procurement of Disinfectants for ASF Control.
75 VT G02 Procurement of Laboratory Test Kits.
76 VT G03 Procurement of Cold Chain Facilities for Sample Collection Preservation.
77 VT G04 Procurement of Furniture & Equipment for Federal Veterinary Medical Centre Borno State.
78 VT G05 Procurement of Disinfectants for Avian Influenza Control.
79 VT G06 Procurement of Wild Life Capture Equipment and Disease Surveillance Materials.
80 VT G07 Procurement of Animal Health Communication and ICT Tools.
81 VT G08 Procurement of Modern Beekeeping Equipment and Inputs.
82 VT G09 Procurement of Laboratory Equipment and Reagents for Analysis of Honey and Honey Products.
83 VT G010 Procurement of Meat Inspection Inputs for Selected States.
84 VT G011 Procurement of Pesticides for the Control of Transboundary Pests.
85 VT G012 Procurement of Laboratory Equipment and Reagents for Veterinary Laboratory in Ogun State.
1 AB W01 Land Surveying, Parcellation and Beaconing in AITs within ABIR of SCPZ.
2 AB W02 Establishment of Cottage Groundnut Oil Mills (LIFE Program in Selected States.
3 AB W03 Establishment of Cottage Palm Oil Mills (LIFE Program in Selected States.
4 AB W04 Establishment of Cottage Palm Kernel Oil Mills (LIFE Program in Selected States.
5 AB W05 Establishment of Small Mill Processing Plants For Cluster Dairy Farmers in Selected States.
6 AB W06 Establishment of Agribusiness Incubation Centres in Selected States.
7 AB W07 Procurement and Installation of Equipment and Machinery in Agribusiness Incubation Centres in Selected States.
8 AH W01 Rehabilitation of Low Cost Elevated Goat House and Other Ancillaries in Selected States.
9 AH W02 Establishment of Milk Processing Plants in Selected States.
10 AH W03 Establishment of Apiaries for Bee Keeping and Honey Processing in Osun State.
11 AH W04 Provision of Windmill Powered Boreholes in Four (4) States.
12 AH W05 Establishment of Pasture Plots in Selected States.
13 AH W06 Provision of Irrigation Facilities in the Established Pasture Plots in Twelve (12) States.
14 AH W07 Commercial Pasture development in Four (4) States.
15 CO W01 Completion of Construction Works at the Integrated Cooperative Service Centre (ICSC) in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State.
16 CO W02 Construction of Drainages and Culverts in Cooperative Market in Mbaise Imo State
17 DA W01 Upgrading of High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF) Plants in Selected States.
18 DA W02 Upgrading and Infrastructure Development of Crop Storage Unit (CSU), Ibadan.
19 DA W03 Upgrading and Infrastructure Development of Crop Production Technology Transfer Stations (CPTTS) in Three (3) States.
20 DA W04 Upgrading and Infrastructure Development of Agricultural Mechanics and Machinery Operator Training Centres (AMMOTRAC) in Two (2) States.
21 DA W05 Upgrading and Infrastructure Development of Blacksmith and Artisan Training Support Unit (BATSU), Ilorin- Kwara State.
22 DA W06 Establishment of Garri and Odourless Cassava Flour (Fufu) Processing Centres in Selected States.
23 DA W07 Establishment of Cassava Chips Factories in Selected States.
24 DA W08 Establishment of Screen Houses in Three (3) Agro-Ecological Zones.
25 DA W09 Establishment of Fully Equipped Tissue Culture Laboratory for Seed Multiplications and Cleaning in the North-Central Agro-Ecological Zone.
26 DA W10 Construction of Units of Potato Cottage Processing Centres in Four (4) Agro-Ecological Zones.
27 DA W11 Procurement and Installation of 6 Puree Making Machine for Bread making in Six (6) Agro-Ecological Zones.
28 DA W12 Construction of Puree Making Processing Centres for Bread in Six (6) Agro-Ecological Zones.
29 DA W13 Establishment of Chocolate Cottage Factories in Selected States.
30 DA W14 Fabrication of Machinery & Equipment for Jute Bag production. (Kenaf Processing Machinery)
31 DA W15 Construction and equipping of Potato Processing Centres in Four (4) Agro-Ecological Zone.
32 DA W16 Establishment of On-Farm Demonstration Plots in 10 Major Producing States for Sweet Potato.
33 DA W17 Support for Processing Capacity: – Establishment of Primary Cottage Sorghum Processing Plant.
34 DA W18 Sensitization and Awareness Creation of the Public on the Health benefits of Cocoa Consumption: Printing of Booklets on Health Benefits of Cocoa.
35 DA W19 Upgrading of Starch Factories in Selected States.
36 DA W20 Bush Clearing, Land Preparation and Parcellation for Development of Cashew Plantation in Kogi state.
37 DA W21 Printing of Booklets on health Benefits
38 EX W01 Construction of Access Roads within the One Stop Agricultural Extension Delivery Centre in the Six (6) Agro-ecological Zones.
39 EX W02 Establish One Stop Centre for Agricultural Extension and Advisory services delivery in the Six (6) Agro-ecological Zones.
40 EX W03 Establishment of Farmers Helpline Centres: Renovation and Furnishing of Farmers Helpline Centres in LCRI Maiduguri and NIFOR Benin.
41 EX W04 Establishment of Farmers Helpline Centres: Procurement and Installation of Equipment, Software and 12-Months Subscription for Six (6) Farmers Call Centres and FDAE Weblink.
42 FH W01 Stocking of 30 Water Bodies (Lakes, Reservoirs, and Dams) to Enhance Productivity for Artisanal Fishermen nationwide.
43 FH W02 Establishment of Fish Farms Clusters for Young Graduates and Women, in each of the Six (6) Agro-Ecological Zones.
44 FH W03 Rehabilitation of Existing Government Farms in Tiga Kano State, Oluponna Osun State, and Panyam Plateau State.
45 FH W04 Establishment of Cottaqe Fish Farms in Unity Secondary Schools Nationwide.
46 FH W05 Establishment of Fish Market with Processing Facility in two (2) Agro-Ecological Zones.
47 FH W06 Supply, Installation and Commissioning of One Ton Fish Feed Machine in Selected States.
48 GS W01 Renovation, Repair and Upgrading of Selected State Offices and Headquarters.
49 GS W02 Procurement & Installation of Solar Energy at Ministry’s Headquarters, Abuja.
50 GS W03 Annual Service Maintenance of Generators.
51 LR W01 Rehabilitation of On-farm Run-off Water Harvesting Structures in Selected States.
52 LR W02 Construction of New Water Harvesting Structures in Selected States.
53 LR W03 Construction of Mini Earth Dams in Selected States.
54 LR W04 Refurbishment Works at the National Soil & Plant Laboratory in Three (3) States.
55 LR W05 Procurement and Installation of Automatic Weather Stations in Four (4) Agro-Ecological Zones.
56 LR W06 Rehabilitation of Mini-Earth Dams.
57 PP W01 Procurement and Installation of Servers (Hardware and Software) for the National Agricultural Database Abuja.
58 PP W02 Installation of LAN/WLAN infrastructure in Selected States and Regional Offices.
59 QS W01 Construction of 4 Nos 1 Bedroom Unit at the Seme Control Post Station.
60 QS W02 Renovation and Rehabilitation Works at Control Posts in Selected States.
61 QS W03 Printing of Information, Education and Communication Materials on Responsible Pesticide Use on Agro-Commodities.
62 QS W04 Construction And Renovation Works at Ibadan Diagnostic Centre.
63 QS W05 Renovation of Green Houses and Seed Testing.
64 QS W06 Construction of National Quarantine Services (NAQS) Laboratory in Lagos and Abuja.
65 RD W01 Construction/Rehabilitation of Rural Feeder Roads to Crop Production Centres.
66 RD W02 Construction of Surface Dressed Roads at the Rural Communities.
67 RD W03 Construction of Surface Dressed Roads at the Staple Crop Processing Zones.
68 RD W04 Provision of Mini Water Treatment Plants for Rural Communities.
69 RD W05 Provision of Solar Powered Boreholes for Rural Communities.
70 RD W06 Provision of Solar Operated Equipped Hand pump Boreholes for Rural Communities.
71 RD W07 Provision of Homestead/Backyard Irrigation Crop Production Facilities in Rural Areas.
72 RD W08 Construction/Rehabilitation of Farm Markets in Rural Communities.
73 RD W09 Procurement of Solar Household Street Lights within the Staple Crop Processing Zone, Crop Production Centres and Rural Communities.
74 RD W010 Promotion of Off-Farm Enterprises (Snailery, Rabbitary, Grass Cutter Rearing, Mushroom Production, Bee keeping etc).
75 SR W01 Provision of Access Road to Silo Complexes in Three (3) States.
76 SR W02 External Connection to National Grid Grain Silo Complex, Gusau.
77 SR W03 Construction of 3km Access Road to 100,000MT Grain Silo Complex in Gusau, Zamfara State.
78 SR W04 Rehabilitation of Warehouses/Silos in Selected States.
79 SR W05 Supply and Installation of Grain Weighing & Bagging System with Bulk Weighing Software.
80 SR W06 Supply & Installation of Grain Mobile Belt Conveyor.
81 VT W01 Construction of Primary Animal Health Centers in Selected States.
82 VT W02 Construction of Federal Veterinary Medical Centre at Borno State.
83 VT W03 Construction of Standard Live Bird Market (LBM) for Food Safety and Disease Control in Collaboration with Fowls Sellers Association in FCT & Imo State.
84 VT W04 Establishment of Demonstration Apiaries for Project Standardization in Selected States.
85 VT W05 Upgrading/ Renovation of Abattoirs in Plateau, Kogi and Bauchi States.
86 VT W06 Renovation of offices at BICOT, NVRI Vom, Plateau State.
1 AB C01 Designing of Infrastructural Facilities for the Establishment of One Stop Agribusiness Investment Resources Centre.
2 AB C02 Designing of Infrastructural Facilities for the Establishment of Agricultural Market Information Centre.
3 AB C03 Profiling Agribusiness Companies.
4 AB C04 Design, Development and Implementation of Anchor-Borrower Programme on National Egg Production Scheme.
5 AH C01 Capacity Building of Representatives of Registered Sheep and Goat Farmers’ Cooperatives in Selected States.
6 AH C02 Capacity Building for Dairy Farmers on Milk Collection Hygiene and Handling in Selected States.
7 AH C03 Capacity Building of Skin Buyers/Collectors and Butchers/Flayers in Selected States.
8 AH C04 Capacity Enhancement of Bee keepers on Apiculture (Bee Husbandry, Processing and Marketing) in Selected States.
9 AH C05 Capacity Building on Finished Leather Goods (FLGs) in Bauchi State.
10 AH C06 Capacity Building of Field Personnel on Micro-Tracer Technology for Mixing Efficiency Quality Assurance in Selected States.
11 AH C07 Capacity Building of Farmers and Feed Millers on Animal Feed Production and Control of Aflatoxin in Selected States.
12 AH C08 Capacity Building of Farmers on Low Cost Feed Technology in Selected States.
13 AH C09 Capacity Building of Pig Farmers on Improved Production Methods in Selected States.
14 AH C10 Capacity Building of Bee Farmers on Colony Management in Selected States.
15 DA C01 Establishment of Fresh Produce Marketing Information Platform.
16 DA C02 Inventorisation and Nationwide Rubber Processing Mills and Equipment Audit to Ascertain Current Processing Capacity in all Rubber Producing States.
17 DA C03 Development of Investment Plan for Production of Non-Tyre Products.
18 DA C04 Soyabean Mill Audit Nationwide
19 DA C05 Capacity Building on Good Agronomic Practices in Soybean Production in Four (4) Agro-Ecological Zones.
20 DA C06 Capacity Building on Integrated Pest Management/Surveillance in Soybean cultivation in Four (4) Agro-Ecological Zones.
21 DA C07 Soil Mapping and Geo-Reference of Cocoa Farmers in Cocoa Producing States.
22 EX C01 Feasibility Study for the Establishment of Extension Delivery Centres in the Six (6) Agro-ecological Zones.
23 EX C02 Development and Incorporation of Weather Monitoring Services in the Six National Farmers Helpline Centres for Broadcast to Farmers.
24 EX C03 Demonstration of Good Agricultural and Business Practices (GABP) and Group Dynamics for Farmers Across Value Chains.
25 EX C04 Demonstrate Best Practices for Home Stead Gardening and Small Scale Agro-Processing and Provide Inputs to 1200 IDPs in 6 States.
26 EX C05 Demonstration of Soil and Agricultural Assets Survey Skills and Capacity Building of N-Power Agro Beneficiaries Nationwide.
27 EX C06 Demonstration of Crop Protection Skills and Empowerment of Youth Training Advisors in 25 States.
28 EX C07 Baseline Survey on Livestock and Fisheries Extensions Nationwide
29 EX C08 Demonstration of Livestock and Fisheries Specific Technologies in Husbandry, Feeds, Reproduction, Welfare Hearth and Safety Standards Nationwide.
30 EX C09 Development of Guideline for Certification of Agricultural Extension Service Providers Nationwide.
31 EX C10 Training of Call Centre Operators for Six (6) National Farmers Helpline Centres.
32 FS C01 Training of Fertilizer Inspectors.
33 FS C02 Fertilizer Impact Survey to Measure the Effect of Growth Enhancement Support Scheme (GESS).
34 FH C01 National Fish Frame Survey, Catch Assessment and Fish Data Collection for National Planning Nationwide.
35 FH C02 Certification and Standardization of Aquaculture Farms in 36 States and FCT.
36 FH C03 National Fishery and Aquaculture Data Collection, Collation and Management.
37 FH C04 Diversification and Development of Culturable Fish Species Nationwide.
38 FH C05 Cage Culture Development in Marine and Inland Freshwater States.
39 HR C01 Capacity Building for Officers in the Agricultural Sector.
40 LR C01 Establishment of Pilot Demonstration Farms on Agro-forestry, Farmers’ Managed Natural Regeneration (Bamboo, and Conservation Agriculture in Three Selected States.
41 LR C02 Establishment of Pilot Demonstration Plots in Acid affected Areas
42 LR C03 Soil Survey along the Groundnut Value Chain in Selected LGAs of Yobe and Gombe States.
43 LR C04 Sourcing and Acquisition of all Analogue Legacy Data Existing in Nigeria Since 1945 to date in North Central Agro-Ecological Zone.
44 LR C05 Design of New Mini Earth Dams for Agricultural Resilience.
45 LR C06 Review and Production of NARF Documents.
46 PP C01 Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) of FMARD Headquarters, Abuja.
47 PP C02 Establishment of One- Stop Information Centre Utilizing ICT, Website, Portal and Local Dissemination, Information Machineries Headquarters, Abuja.
48 QS C01 National Sampling Survey of Arsenic in Rice in Selected States.
49 QS C02 Engagement of Consultant for Analysis of Sample for Boosting Quality and ensuring Aflatoxin-Free Agricultural Commodities in the Six (6) Agro-Ecological Zones.
50 QS C03 Research and Development on Arsenic Analysis in Local Rice.
51 RD C01 Community Welfare Index Studies: (Annual Rural Welfare Statistics) Nationwide.
52 RD C02 Rural Community Resource Mapping.
53 RD C03 Community Based Needs Assessment Survey.
54 RD C04 Annual Rural Infrastructure Survey
55 SR C01 Capacity Building for FSRD Staff on Grain Stock Management and Silo Maintenance.
56 SR C02 Design of Access Road and Ravin (Erosion Control at Grain Silo Complex Uyo).
57 VT C01 Capacity Building of Beekeepers on Management of Bee Diseases & Pests and Pesticides & Drugs Use for Beehive Products.
58 VT C02 Capacity Building of Field Staff on Bee Health Management Strategy Nationwide.
59 VT C03 Study on the Impact of Climate Change on Bees in Nigeria.
60 VT C04 Training of Livestock Investors (Farmers, Exporters and Processors) and Private Vets on Animal Health Certification Protocols, International Standards and Requirements of Trading Partners.
61 VT C05 Procurement of Flight Hours for the Control of Quelea Birds in the Frontline States.
62 VT C06 Conduct of Pesticides Quality Control and Certification.
63 VT C07 Development of Baseline Data on Apiculture in Nigeria.
1 DA PQ1 Support the Production of Breeder and Foundation Seed and Agricultural Equipment Hiring Enterprises (AEHE):- Procurement of Tractor with Complete Implement for the Six (6) Agro-Ecological Zones.
2 DA PQ2 Procurement of Agricultural Equipment (Bulldozers, Crawler Tractor, Grader, Hydraulic Excavator, Hydraulic Rotating Tree Saw, Stump Chopper, Pay-Loader, Rome Plougher, etc) for the Six (6) Agro-Ecological Zones.
3 RD PQ3 Support to Master Drillers: Procurement of Deep Rigs.

(2.0) Eligibility Requirements:
Interested and competent Contractors, Suppliers and Service Providers/Consultants wishing to carry out any of the projects listed under the Four (4) Categories above are required to submit the following documents in their Technical Proposals which will be subjected to verification and due diligence by the Ministry:
(A) Mandatory/Responsive Requirements: Failure to fulfill any of the under-listed requirements will render a bid, disqualified:
(i) Evidence of Certificate of Incorporation/Registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) including Forms C02 and C07;
(ii) Evidence of current Tax Clearance Certificate for the last Three (3) years ending December 2017;
(iii) Evidence of VAT Registration with TIN No. and up-to-date remittance(s);
(iv) Evidence of current Certificate of Compliance by the National Pension Commission (PENCOM) in line with the Pension Reform Act, 2014 (as amended);
(v) Evidence of current Certificate of Compliance by the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) in line with the amended Industrial Training Fund Act, 2011;
(vi) Evidence of Current Certificate of Compliance with the Employees, Compensation Act which requires that all Employers of labour must remit 1% of the total annual emolument of their workers to the Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF);
(vii) Evidence of registration on the National Database of Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers with the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP);
(viii) A sworn affidavit stating that none of the Directors has been convicted in any Country for any criminal offence relating to fraud or financial impropriety or criminal misrepresentation or falsification of acts relating to any matter; and
(ix) A sworn affidavit disclosing whether or not any officer of EMA&RD or Bureau of Public Procurement is a former or present Director, Shareholder or has any pecuniary interest in the bidder and confirm that all information presented in its bid are true and correct in all particulars.
(B) Evaluation Requirements: Bids that fulfills all of the requirements listed in 2A above, shall further be subjected to Technical Evaluation based on the under-listed requirements and only bids that were adjudged to be technically competent and meet the minimum qualifying score will be qualified for participation at the financial tender stage:
(i) Evidence of financial capability supported with Bank Statement and Commitment from a reputable Bank;
(ii) Detailed Company’s profile with Curriculum Vitae of Key Officers/Professional Personnel including photocopies of relevant Professional/Technical Certificates/Qualifications;
(iii) Unabridged Company’s Audited Annual Report for the immediate past Three (3) years, 2014, 2015 and 2016;
(iv) Verifiable evidence (Photocopies of Letters of Award and Completion certificates) of successful completion of similar jobs done in the last Three (3) years;
(v) Evidence of registration with relevant Professional/Technical bodies such as NIAS, VCN, COREN, ARCON, CORBON etc for Categories B&C;
(vi) Evidence of ownership of Equipment, or Lease Agreement notarized by Court of Law for Categories B and C;
(vii) Evidence of Technical Capability and Manufacturer’s Authorization for Accredited Representative/Dealership in Nigeria (applicable to all specialized Machinery and Equipment, moveable and non-moveable); and
(viii) Any other document as may be specified in the Bidding Document.
(ix) Company’s previous Contribution to Local Content Development and Proposed Contribution to the Local Community in the execution of the project under consideration (applicable to “Works” only).
(2.1) Interested and eligible bidders may obtain further information and collect Bidding Documents (for categories A & B only) from the Procurement Department between 9:00 am to 3:30 pm (Mondays – Fridays) except public holidays at the following address:
Federal Ministry of Agriculture & Rural Development,
Ministerial Tender Board Secretariat,
Wing F, Ground Floor, Room F001,
FCDA Secretariat Complex,
Area 11, Garki – Abuja.
(3.0) Collection of Bids Documents tor Categories A & B:
Interested Bidders are to collect Bidding Documents at the address in 2.1 above on submission of evidence of payment of a non-refundable Tender fee of N10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira), only per Lot to the Treasury Single Account (TSA). TSA Code Number is to be obtained from the Ministry’s Central Pay Office for the payment of the non-refundable tender.
(4.0) Submission of Bids Documents for Categories A & B:
The Completed Technical and Financial bids are to be submitted in Two (2) Copies Each Which Includes One (1) Original and One (1) Copy, The documents should be in Two (2) Separate Sealed Envelopes clearly marked ‘Technical Bid” and “Financial Bid” and both seated in a third envelope marked with the Appropriate Project Title And Lot No. at the top right hand corner with the Company Name written behind and addressed to the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, FCDA Complex, Area 11, Garki – Abuja and deposited in the Tender Box at the address in 2.1 above not later than 12:00 noon, on Thursday, 3rd August, 2017. Late bids will be rejected.
(5.0) Opening of Bids Documents for Categories A & B:
Technical Bids will be publicly opened immediately after the deadline for submission specified in 4.0 above by 12:00 noon, on Thursday, 3rd August, 2017 in the presence of Bidders or their representatives. Professional bodies, Non -Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and interested members of the public at the Conference Room, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, FCDA Complex, Area 11, Garki – Abuja. This advertisement serves as an invitation to Non – Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Anti- Corruption Agencies and the general public to witness the Bid opening. Only successful Technical Bidders will be invited for the opening of Financial Bids at a later date.
(6.0) Submission of Expression of Interest and Pre-Qualification Documents for Categories C and D:
Interested Consultants and Contractors shall submit One (1) Original and One (1) Copy of their Expression of Interest (EoI) and Pre-Qualification documents with the Project Category, Title and Lot No. clearly written at the Front Top Right Corner of the envelope with the Company Name written behind and addressed to the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, FCDA Complex, Area 11, Garki – Abuja and deposited in the Tender Box at the address in 2.1 above on or before 12:00noon on Thursday, 6th July, 2017.
(7.0) Public Opening of Bids for Categories C and D:
Expression of Interest (EoI) and Pre-Qualification documents for Categories C and D will be publicly opened immediately after the deadline for the submission of documents by 12:00noon on Thursday, 6th July, 2017, at the Conference Hall of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, FCDA Complex, Area 11, Garki – Abuja, in the presence of bidders representatives, relevant Professional bodies, Non-Governmental Organisations and interested members of the public. Only Shortlisted/Prequalified bidders will be invited to collect tender document upon payment non-refundable Tender fee of N10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira) only, per Lot to the Treasury Single Account (TSA).
(8.0) General Information
Interested bidders and the general public are invited to note that:
(8.01) Contractors/Service Providers who have worked for the Ministry and have history of poor performance, abandonment or prolonged contract execution/extension need not apply as they will be disqualified;
(8.02) Companies and Bidders shall not apply for more than two (2) projects in the same Category (i.e A- Goods, B- Works, C-Consultancy, D-Pre-Qualification);
(8.03) Further details on the Locations of the projects are as specified in the Bidding Documents and each shall be evaluated and awarded as a separate Lot/Project;
(8.04) The Principle of Domestic Preference for Made-In-Nigerian Goods will apply where necessary;
(8.05) All documents for submission must be transmitted with a Covering/Forwarding Letter under the Company’s or Firm’s Letter Head Paper bearing among others, the Registration Number (RC) as issued by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Contact Telephone Numbers, valid e-mail address and official Company/Firm’s address;
(8.06) The Letter Head Paper must bear the Name and Nationalities of the Directors of the Company/Firm at the bottom of the page;
(8.07) All Tender Documents must be properly packaged in line with Paragraph 4.0 of the advertisement;
(8.08) Non-compliance with the Conditions stated therein will lead to automatic disqualification of the bidder from the bidding process;
(8.09) The Ministry will not be responsible for any cost or expenses incurred by any interested party(ies) in connection with any response to this invitation and or the preparation or submission in response to an inquiry; and
(8.10) The Ministry is not bound to award contract(s) to any bidder and reserves the right to annul the procurement process at any time without incurring any liabilities in accordance with Section 28 of the Public Procurement Act 2007.
Permanent Secretary


DATE: 23/06/2017
Oxfam is a registered International Non-Governmental Organization. It is a member of Oxfam International, an international confederation of 18 organisations working together in 98 countries with partners and other allies around the world. Oxfam focuses its activities on providing a comprehensive response to poverty, working cohesively in the four areas that constitute its identity: development cooperation, humanitarian action, fair trade, social mobilization, campaigns and education for global citizenship.
Oxfam are conducting a tender process within Nigeria and invites your submission of a proposal to provide Oxfam, within their requirements, for:
Tree crops seedlings/Farming as per the conditions detailed in the Tender Dossier.
Tender dossier can be obtained by interested parties via email by sending a request to with ‘Request for Tender Dossier-TD 17/010/ABV-NG‘ as the subject of the mail while stating the name of the company and the details of the contact person in the body of the mail. Any request for the tender dossier made by other means will not be honoured.
The deadline for send the request for the collection of the Tender Dossier is Tuesday, 4th July, 2017 at 12noon.
Requests for clarification may be submitted by email to: until the 6th July, 2017 by 12noon.
The deadline for receipt of tenders is Thursday, 13th July, 2017, at 5pm upon conditions in the tender dossier.
Oxfam does not bind itself to award the tender to the lowest offer and reserves the right to accept the whole or part of the tender.
We look forward to receiving a proposal from you
Yours sincerely,
OXFAM Logistics Department


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