One major challenge to attracting foreign investment is the dearth of information on specific sectors and businesses the investors wish to participate in. Often Nigerians go through the difficulty of responding to investor enquiries with insufficient information from the specific responsible Ministries and departments. This scenario often relates to the important question of entry and licensing requirements for different business sectors in Nigeria. Our firm has developed a handbook that addresses this challenge.
It is with pleasure therefore that A&E Law Partnership introduces to you our recently published handbook “Doing business in Nigeria: Basic Entry/Licensing Requirements and Permits in Selected Sectors”. This handbook is an important resource material and reference guide for investors, business men and women, Chambers of Commerce, legal Practitioners and anyone interested in knowing the requirements for doing business in Nigeria.

This handbook captures in one Volume for the first time, the entry/Licensing requirements for establishing a business in a broad spectrum of sectors in Nigeria, such as Energy/power; Solid minerals; Immigration including obtaining visas, expatriate quotas and residence permits; Insurance, Aviation; Taxation; Banks, Telecommunication, Electronic money transfer/payment systems; Maritime, including Cabotage; Oil and Gas, Film & Distributorship Licenses, intellectual Property, NAFDAC etc. It simplifies seemingly complex procedures and makes reference to the relevant sections of laws in Nigeria on Permits and Licensing requirements within the listed sectors.

This handbook is quite detailed and very resourceful and will be a treasure in the hands of just about anyone.
Currently, the book is available globally and can be purchased online via:

• (Amazon) Doing Business in Nigeria: Basic Entry/Licensing Requirements and Permits in …
• (Author House)
• (Barnes and Nobles)

Copies can also be obtained directly from us at our Abuja office at the discounted cost of N5, 500.00 (instead of the $28.99 for which it is sold outside Nigeria). We can be reached by sending an email request to You may call us at 08161356398

Ours is a multi-disciplinary firm. We have experience supporting International businesses to invest and establish in Nigeria, and this book is a product of our experience supporting investors in many sectors. Our practice cuts across Litigation; Investment Advisory, Corporate and Commercial Law Advisory; Public Finance Management; Public Procurement; Public Policy, Governance & Anti-corruption; etc. We have developed expertise in these and other practice areas and have a robust profile that spans decades.

We trust you will take the opportunity of our discounted price to obtain this book for yourself.


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