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Ours is a development law firm. We have built a platform for specialized law professionals to meet client needs and deliver social good, we are dedicated to engaging emerging issues and furthering knowledge and expertise. To support our mission this blog will regularly educate and catalyze conversations on the Nigerian public procurement laws, system and practice, as well as the law , process and practice of privatization and public private partnerships, in the near future it will engage the very exciting developments in anti-corruption, e-commerce, e-discovery, privacy law, copyrights and enforcement of internet contracts, let us work together to improve each other’s knowledge and expertise and to engage the new unfolding reality of the law


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  1. I once had a chat with an elderly friend who was looking for help with pursing her right under the Public Procurement Act. She felt cheated in a public procurement process when she lost a bid. But challenging the process seemed a bit complex. If she challenged the bid in her name she stood the chance of being blacklisted after all no one wants to work with a tale-teller. An NGO can assist her write a letter but without the help of an NGO what rights do private citizens like herself have in protecting themselves under the Public Procurement Act?

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    1. The Public Procurement Act 2007 provides a mechanism for complaints, timelines for submitting complaints and strict timelines for the complaints to be treated in writing by both the MDA Accounting Officer, which is the first point of complaint and the Bureau for Public Procurement which is like an appellate body. So the law provides full protection for this lady and others like her. An NGO may assist her, but even better a law firm can represent her. However the challenge is that in practice people wishing to complain may sometimes be themselves accomplices in the same or similar infractions in the past, as a result they fear that if they complain today, they will no longer retain the illicit favor of the same people against whom they complain or that these people may use information on their previous dealings against them. Anyone who is certain that he or she is qualified and has done the right thing can complain without fear of being blacklisted but if you need the same illicit favors to remain in business, it takes a lot more courage to complain.The law offers protection and there are examples of people who have successfully complained, also there are others who claim their complaints have not received just treatment. But surely We help the system when we complain about wrong doing.

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